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Butt Fun at the Beach

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Ikumi practically skipped towards the beach, a wide grin on her face. In fact, the only reason that she wasn’t skipping was because she was still feeling a bit sore between her legs.


She giggled, drawing odd looks from the passersby. ‘Totally worth it though. I never imagined Daigo was that huge! I wonder if his friend Shoji is the same way? Definitely worth looking into…


Ikumi had planned on going back to the dorm after meeting up with Daigo, but now she found herself too full of energy, and still a little horny. She was sure she could find some more fun at the beach.




Slowing her steps, Ikumi listened more closely. Voice, coming from that way…and she was almost certain she recognized one of them. A grin appeared on her face; oh yeah, this could be a lot of fun indeed.


As she sneaked closer, Ikumi could begin to make out what they were saying.


“C’mon, man, I should get to go first! I’m older than you!”


“You always use that excuse and I’m sick of it! I want to be the first one to fuck her!”


“…you two are aware that I’m standing right here?”


Ikumi snorted; that was definitely Alice, sounding quite irritated. ‘Sounds like she went looking for some fun like I did. Now she has two potential fuck buddies, but they can’t agree which one should go first. Well, I can help with that…


Licking her lips, Ikumi sashayed out from the ferns and bushes, already pulling off her clothes. “Perhaps I can be of assistance?” she asked innocently, smirking as three pairs of eyes swung towards her. The two men gaped in amazement, while Alice started blushing, looking slightly put out.


Loving the attention, Ikumi made sure to really swing her hip with each step, causing her big boobs and enormous ass to sway and jiggle back and forth hypnotically. Alice had curves, it was true, but Ikumi easily outclassed her by a wide margin, and Alice knew it, starting to pout.


The taller, more well endowed man was the first to snap out of it. Clapping a hand on his friend’s shoulder, he said, “You know what, you’re right: you should be the first one to fuck Alice here first. I’ll settle for this new lady here.”


“…I fucking hate you sometimes,” his friend sighed over Alice’s sputtering and Ikumi’s giggles. A reluctant smile appeared on his face. “But well played.” Turning to the two sexy ladies, he gave her small bow, eyes locked on their tits the whole time. “I’m–”


“Nah, never mind all that. We’re all just looking for a good time, so I don’t need to know your names. Instead, I’ll call you you,” Ikumi took a moment to examine the two men’s package and pointed at the younger man, “Long Dick, and your friend there can be Fat Cock. As for me, I’m her friend, more or less.” She grinned at her pale friend, getting an eye roll in return. “I think I got the gist of what’s going on. So,” striking a pose with her hands on her hips, chest thrust out and legs apart, she winked at them, “anything else, or should we get right into having some fun?”






“Then just lay back and let us take care of you,” Alice told them with a sweet smile. As the two men scrambled to obey, the silver haired beauty turned to her blonde friend, pouting. “I could have handled them by myself,” she told Ikumi, and she was most certainly not whining, no matter what Ikumi said later.


“Sure you could.” Ikumi was proud of herself for keeping the sarcasm out of her voice. “But hey, I could use some fun too.” Settling over Fat Cock’s body, Ikumi wiggled her ass back, grinning as his big erection was squeezed between her ass cheeks. From the way he moaned, Fat Cock appreciated it as well.


“Fine, fine,” Alice sighed, doing the same to Long Dick, her huge ass wrapping around his dick, making her shiver.


“Damn girl, you have a fantastic ass,” Long Dick told her, looking as if he couldn’t believe his luck.


“Mmm, I agree,” Ikumi purred, grabbing a handful of Alice’s right ass cheek and squeezing it hard. The outraged look Alice shot her, complete with pout, blush, and blank eyes, only made her smile wider. “Not quite as great as mine, but a close second.”


“Fuck yeah,” Fat Cock groaned in agreement. “But enough talking; let’s get to fucking!” Grabbing hold of Ikumi’s hips, he lifted her up, just enough that she cleared his cock, before slamming her back down. “OH YEEES!”


Ikumi squealed happily as her pussy was penetrated, and it got even better when Fat Cock grabbed hold of her tits, pulling on them and tweaking her nipples. “AHH! YES, JUST LIKE THAT! PLAY WITH MY SLUTTY TITS!”


OH GODDD! IT’S SO BIG!” Alice screeched, Long Dick giving her the same treatment as her friend. Her pussy felt like it was about to split, his massive dick filling her completely. When he started to bounce her up and down, the red eyed beauty just about lost it. “AHHHHHH!!


Ikumi bounced along with Fat Cock, panting and moaning. While not nearly as big as Soma or Daigo, he was still very respectably sized; with her already being horny, it was more than enough to satisfy her. “Just a little more, stud!”


“How about you, baby? You feeling good?” Long Dick asked Alice, giving her boobs an extra hard grope.


Alice squeaked, giving him a weak glare, just before she had her first orgasm! “OOOOHHHH MY GODDDD!!!” she screamed, writhing on his cock, her pussy clenching hard around his cock.


That was enough; arching his back, Long Dick came as well, his seed spraying into her. A loud gasp and louder squeal from beside him told him Fat Cock and Ikumi had climaxed together too. A glance over showed that they were kissing as well; grinning, he pulled a surprised Alice down into one as well.


“That was great,” Ikumi sighed in satisfaction, sitting back up straight.


Alice nodded, trying to fight down her blush. “It was…quite the experience,” she agreed, looking over at Ikumi, which is why her heart sank when she saw the evil looking smirk appear on her friend’s face.


“But I’m betting you two still aren’t satisfied, and won’t be until you can fuck our stupendous asses.” Ikumi stood up, cum still leaking slowly from her pussy as she helped a confused and wary looking Alice to her feet as well.


“Fortunately, I have the perfect way to get you both ready to go again.”


With no more warning than that, she grabbed Alice’s head and kissed her deeply, smashing their tits together as her tongue plunged into her friend’s mouth. Eyes shooting wide open in outraged surprise, Alice was frozen for a moment; just when she was about to struggle, Ikumi grabbed her ass with one hand and her boobs with the other, making the fair skinned woman moan instead.


Then she screeched, as loud as she could, when a rock hard cock was abruptly thrust into her ass! It was Fat Cock, and if Alice thought her pussy was going to be split by Long Dick’s cock, she was positive her ass would never be the same after his much bigger friend got finished pounding it!


Ikumi moaned into Alice’s mouth as she was penetrated from behind; pushing a leg between Alice’s thighs, she started to rub her, delighted when Alice did the same to her.


“BEST DAY EVER!” Long Dick half panted, half shouted; he began kissing and licking the sweaty skin of Ikumi’s back and neck.


“HELL YEAH IT IS!” Fat Cock laughed, his balls slapping against Alice’s pussy.


Hee heh, you’ve got that right,‘ Ikumi thought gleefully as Alice shivered and shook, cumming again. ‘And maybe Alice will want to have some more fun back at the dorm! Either by ourselves, or with some friends!


Call her insatiable, but Ikumi just couldn’t get enough of sex!

(Story by User: S22132)

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4 years ago

Very impressive work with this chapter. The insatiable sexual appetite of Ikumi continues to grow!

Not only that, it appears that Alice is now caught up in it, as well as today’s sex buddies. It was all very spot on, from beginning to end.

Finally, the picture itself is great too. Very top notch.

Overall, I really liked this one. Nice work. 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks. This is a series I’m not personally familiar with, so I have to do research; I’m glad that it paid off.

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
4 years ago

This was a interesting but fun chapter, you got two of the hottest sluts in food wars with huge fat asses getting it on with some randoms. The art is something amazing and the story is very good.
Art 10/10
Story 8/10
Characters 7/10
Overall 7.9/10

4 years ago

Thanks, I’m glad you like the story.

4 years ago

The sex was fun, but I’m kind of hoping we get more actual story than just fucking at some point.

Also, I feel like both girls acted really out of character in this story. Like Ikumi doesn’t strike me as much of a giggler or Alice being much of an eye roller.

Pun intended, I do hope we start getting more meat to these stories to go with all the spiciness.

4 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Thanks for the constructive criticism. I’ll try and do better in the future.