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Busteez Bikini Tester

“Ah, Rangiku-san! Always a pleasure, and thank you for coming to my humble shop!” Urahara proclaimed, his ever present fan in front of his face.


Rangiku snorted in amusement; his shop may have started out humble, but since opening Busteez, the high end gentleman’s club and strip club, he had become very rich indeed. “You said you needed a favor from me?”


“That I do. I require someone with your skills, grace, beauty-“


“You need someone with huge tits, don’t you?” she interrupted with a smirk.


Urahara briefly pouted at her for breaking into his speech before donning his usual smile. “Correct. I’m testing different materials for bras, swimsuits, and other tops; I need someone to model them and tell me how they feel, and if they feel comfortable on you and can withstand the strain of holding in your chest…”


“Then they should work for everyone,” Rangiku finished with a nod, before shrugging. “Sure, no problem; I’m getting paid a lot for this, right?”


“Only if I get to take pictures and video,” Urahara replied without missing a beat.




Stripping naked with casual ease, Rangiku struck a pose; this time it was her turn to pout when Urahara barely reacted. Of course, considering all the sexy girls he saw on a daily basis, he was probably pretty jaded.


The first one he handed her was definitely not going to work. She could tell that right from the beginning, but tried it on anyway. Sure enough, it dug into her breasts, not covering her nipples at all and drawing that much more attention to her enormous tits.


“Can I keep this one?” she asked him, posing for the pictures he was taking. “It’s not suitable for public, but I could have a lot of fun with it in private.”


“Sure, sure,” Urahara replied absentmindedly, picking through his prototypes, an excited gleam in his eyes. “I love a challenge.” He looked up and grinned at her. “And containing those mountains is definitely going to be a fun one.”

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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