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Building Bonds with the Boss

Riding up in the elevator, Koki and Yuto exchanged glances before looking back at their boss, Miyoko Houjou. With her back turned towards them as she watched the elevator numbers, she didn’t notice, and they were still too confused and nervous to say anything.


With a soft ‘ding,’ the elevator reached the selected floors, the doors sliding open. Miyoko strode down the hall, her two staff members following uncertainly. Opening the room door, she silently gestured for them to walk in first.


Their confusion deepened when they saw it was clearly a love themed room, with lots of pinks, reds, and other such decoration touches. A suspicion was growing in both of their minds, but it was hard to believe that their man hating boss would really-




Koki jumped slightly while Yuto squeaked. They both turned around, blinking at the sight of their tall, self-assured boss…blushing?


“Recently, I’ve come to realize, with some help from a new friend, that I haven’t treated my staff properly,” Miyoko stated, sounding very formal. “I wanted to apologize to all of you, and I thought I would start with you two, as you have been working for me the longest.”


“Uh…it’s okay, Boss. I mean, I think all of us heard the stories about how the old cooks used to treat you.” Koki grimaced, and Yuto was scowling.


“After being treated like that, we don’t blame you for being…uh…kind of cold towards us?” Yuto had been about to say ‘bitchy,’ but he didn’t think that would go down very well.


Miyoko studied them, before relaxing a little. “Thank you, and I appreciate the understanding. However, I want to try and make amends, and get closer to my staff.”


“Okay…so why are we in a-” Koki choked on his words and Yuto stared as Miyoko started stripping out of her clothes, revealing her very voluptuous body. She was blushing harder than before, but never hesitated, only stopping when she was naked.


“After doing some research, I found that sex is one of the fastest ways to build up relationships between people. So…” Her usual frown went oddly with her blushing face and nude body, but she still looked incredibly sexy. “Are you two willing?”


Yuto and Koki looked at her, then at each other, the same thought in the front of both of their minds:




It was the fastest either of them had ever gotten their clothes off, and then it was race to see who would get to Miyoko first.


Koki made it, kissing her hard as his hands roamed over her body; he was thrilled when she did the same, her big tits pressed against his chest as her hand caressed his dick.


Not to be left out, Yuto embraced her from behind, kissing her back and neck. His rapidly stiffening cock rubbed against her round ass, turning him on even more.


Somehow the three of them managed to stumble over to the couch, with Miyoko in Yuto’s lap, still kissing Koki.


Yuto groaned as her fine ass ground against his erection. “Boss…I really need…”


Miyoko broke off her kiss to glance back at him; it only took her a moment to understand the problem. “I need it too,” she admitted, the huskier than usual tone of her voice making them both even hornier. “Just sit back and relax.”


Yuto did just that, looking forward to fucking Miyoko’s pussy. The look of shock on his face when she instead slowly lowered her ass onto it instead made Koki laugh. “OH, HOLY HELL!”


“Fuuuuck, you’re so big,” Miyoko half moaned, half groaned, biting her lower lip as pain and pleasure combined shot through her body. It only took a moment for the pain to pass; slowly, she began to bounce up and down, nearly driving Yuto over the edge.


“GODDAMN! Oh my God, this feels fucking amazing!” he almost shouted, arching his back and digging his fingers into the sofa cushions.


Miyoko actually chuckled lightly, surprising Koki, who had never heard her laugh before. All such thoughts were driven out of his head when she took hold of his cock, which immediately got harder, pre-cum dripping out of the head. “Oh hell yes!” he moaned, his balls resting on her massive boobs.


She smirked at him before a flash of realization passed over her face. “Oh yes, I almost forgot: I wanted to let my friend know how my efforts were going.”




“and then you wouldn’t believe what Soma did! He…Megumi-san?” Erina, in the middle of a good rant, looked back when she realized her friend wasn’t walking next to her anymore. She had a vague recollection of Megumi getting a text and checking it, but looking at her now, Erina felt her eyebrows rise.


Megumi was staring at her phone, eyes wide and mouth open, her face slowly getting redder and redder.


“Megumi-san? Are you okay? What are you looking at?” When she got no response, Erina huffed and walked back over to Megumi, snatching the phone from her hand. “What on earth is so interesting?”


That jolted Megumi out of her shock. “Wait, Erina-sama, don’t-!”


Too late.


Erina took one look at the phone, and her whole face instantly turned purple. The next instant, Megumi showed exceptional reflexes when she made a diving save, preventing a fainting Erina from collapsing straight to the ground.


As Megumi frantically tried to rouse her friend (and stem the flow of blood from Erina’s nostrils), her phone laid on the ground, temporarily forgotten, still showing the picture of Miyoko, getting fucked in the ass and about to deliver a blowjob to another cock.

(Story by User: S22132)

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4 years ago

Great Shokugeki no Soma artwork Rtnezo though I don’t know who this character is till now, since I never finished season 1 of the series. Also S22132, are Koki and Yuto original characters in the story? If so, I thought you don’t allow fanfictions with OCs and because I tried looking them up, but none turn out on Google and SnS wiki.

Anyway great image and the story, especially the end part with Megumi and Erina’s reaction to Miyoko’s photo message it was hilarious.

4 years ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

They were just 2 random guys the writer gave names. They’re not OCs in the sense that they belonged to anyone.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I’m confused explain more please

4 years ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

They’re random workers that Miyoko works with; I gave them names, since we aren’t given them in the manga.

I’m glad you liked the story.

4 years ago

Been quite a while since we’ve seen a SnS picture and one shot, and I have to say I really liked this one.

The picture itself is very nice and the story that came out with it was just as good too. Including how it began, how it was edited and of course how it ended.

Overall, I liked it. Nice work.

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks, I’m glad you thought it turned out well.

4 years ago

Hey! I was wondering when we’d see this picture! Miyoko was super hot for the short amount of time she appeared in the anime so I just had to request her. Rtenzo did a great job with the idea too.

The story was fun, the ending being a pretty funny moment. Great job, the both of you 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

I like to include some humor in a lot of my stories, so I’m glad you liked that part.