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Breast Growing Recipe

One day while waiting for Mito, Rindo was excited to see what Ikumi had planned for the two. “Hey! Rindo,” Ikumi said, walking toward her and waving hi. “Yo Iku- HOLY HELL?!” the dark haired one said, when she saw Mito’s massive sized titties. They were like G or I cup size and looked impossible for her to walk like that. She responded to Kobayashi, saying, “Ready to go?”


Rindo snapped out of it and replied,”U-uh… yeah…” As they walked, she couldn’t stop staring at her tits; she was thinking like how the hell they grew like that. Once they reached the park, she couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “Okay, be honest. What the hell are you doing to make your breasts grow into those monster sizes?” Ikumi replied, “Well, if you must know, let’s say I’ve swallowed some loads of meat. The ones I enjoyed were creamy.~” She said it seductively. Rindo couldn’t figure out what she meant by that until she realized what she meant by creamy; she knew Mito was talking about men’s cock.


Kobayashi felt a bit jealous and wanted a size like like that, so she asked Ikumi to teach her secret. At first, she was gonna say no to Rindo, but she was interested to see if she could handle it. They kept walking until finally they reached a hidden location. “Okay, we’re here, but first, we need to be prepared,” the busty blonde said. Rindo thought she was prepared already; however, that changed when Mito started to strip naked. “Wait! Why are you doing that!?” she asked Ikumi and she replied, “If you want to get this size, you have to follow my directions.”


She pointed Kobayashi at a sign that said ‘no clothes beyond this point.’ She felt really embarrassed to do that, but if she wanted her breasts the same size as Mito, she had to listen. Once they got naked and walked to the entrance, Ikumi knocked on the door and the bouncer let them both in. They saw like an underground motel; Rindo expected this was used for pleasure and sex. They walked down the hallway and reached the fourth door on the right; as they opened it, they saw a king sized bed and some champagne with two glasses.
“Okay, so this is gonna get crazy. Are you sure you want to do this?” Ikumi asked Rindo and she replied, “I’ve dealt with more difficult challenges, I can handle this.” She wasn’t sure if she was gonna regret that, but she was determined.


Hours later…..


“Man, this chocolate slut’s pussy feels great!” one man said, while fucking Ikumi hard. Another, whose cock was being shoved down her throat, responded, “With tits this big, she’s a mega slut. I can’t wait to fuck those good!” Kobayashi was giving one guy a boobjob while sucking another guy off. “Man, I don’t know where these chicks came from, but they know how to act like whores for our meat,” one replied, going faster into Rindo’s mouth. She looked to see the other two men fucking Ikumi’s titties; she moaned while they poke fucked her nipples. “Let see if your big cocks can handle these huge melons,” she said to them, teasing.


“Prepare to have your tits fucked good, slut!” As one of the men replied, he grabbed Mito’s right boob and fucked it good. The other was sucking her nipple and she began to moan louder. Rindo was getting her ass and pussy fucked like crazy. “Ah! Yes! Right there! Fuck my holes good!” she said, losing her mind. “God! This whore’s ass is so fucking tight!” said one of the men and his partner replied, “Forget her ass, this pussy is sucking me in and begging for another fucking!” Both girls were going crazy and asking to be fucked harder.


When it was over, the entire room was painted with cum. Rindo was on the bed with her pussy shooting the spunk out and her mouth drooling it out. Ikumi however…… she was such a wreck; her pussy was gushing cum and her now K size cup tits were completely drenched. She couldn’t move. Kobayashi was starting to regret this, but then she felt her chest grew two cup sizes. Maybe it was worth it then, but they knew this wasn’t going to happen again.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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