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“Ooohhhh… ahhh… OH GOD!” Erina squealed as she bounced on the hard cock of her fuck partner. She could feel her big ass jiggling, and she had a really good view of her tits wobbling and shaking. It was mortifying, but at the same time, so exciting, and it felt so good!


Rindo chuckled, even as she made sure to keep her own sex buddy happy. Judging by how hard and hot his dick was as she hotdogged him, she was feeling secure in doing a good job. “See, what did I tell you? You needed something like this to help you unwind. This far from Totsuki Academy, no one knows who you are, and you can be as wild as you want!”


Erina managed to nod, before gasping as the man beneath her reached up and grabbed her tits with both hands, sending yet another wave of pleasure through her. When Rindo asked her to accompany her on one of her many exotic trips, Erina was reluctant to go, thinking it would be a waste of time.


Seldom had she been so happy to be so wrong. Sex was fantastic, almost as intoxicating as the sense of freedom she had. Sure, her duties and responsibilities would be waiting for her when she returned, but that just made Erina all the more determined to enjoy her time in the here and now.


And speaking of enjoyment…


With a wordless shriek of pleasure and plenty of shuddering and shaking, Erina came, the monster cock of her partner driving her over the edge.


Rindo stared at her, a rare expression of surprise on the normally playful woman’s face. “Wow. You actually came? I thought you would enjoy having sex, but you must have been wound up even tighter than I thought! Or your fuck buddy is a really good lay!”


The man in question laughed and gave her a thumbs-up, making her chuckle. The redhead laughed even harder at seeing the blissed out look on Erina’s face. “Excellent job, my friend. But,” she looked down at her own sexual partner, who leered back up at her, “I wouldn’t want to disappoint or seem lacking, so I had better step things up.”


Raising her lower body just high enough, Rindo bit her lower lip, pain and pleasure slamming into her, as her ass was speared by his enormous and rock-hard dick. God, it felt like she was filled all the way to her limits! But that wasn’t going to stop her; she started flexing her legs, twerking her ass at first, but quickly picking up speed.


She wasn’t going to let Erina show her up! She’s an Elite 10! She had a reputation to maintain!


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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