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Blowing the Competition Away

Satsuki stopped in mid-stride, turning slowly to look at the human pig who had spoken under his breath as she walked by. “What did you say?” she asked coldly, arching an imperious eyebrow.


To his credit, while he swallowed nervously, the young man stood his ground. “I said you look almost as good as that other chick that walked by earlier. I mean yeah, that red sword of hers was kind of weird, but,” his eyes glazed as a lecherous smile spread across his face, “damn, she had a dynamite body.”


Satsuki felt her right eye twitch. All she wanted was some time alone, to relax and gather herself. The beach had sounded like a perfect spot for that, but even here, she couldn’t escape Ryuko Matoi’s irritating presence.


And although the aggravating woman was thankfully nowhere in sight now, Satsuki still felt the familiar burn of competition in her chest. Even if Matoi never knew about this chance encounter, Satsuki refused to come off as second best.


“Follow me,” she ordered the human pig, spinning on her heel and walking away. She had not the slightest doubt he would obey; sure enough she could hear his scrabbling footsteps as he hurried behind her.


Once they had reached an isolated area, Satsuki turned back around, meeting his confused gaze. “I,” she proclaimed, “am going to prove to you that I am superior to that other girl you saw.”


“Uh…okay.” The man scratched his head, looking even more lost. “How are you going to do that?”


Rolling her eyes, Satsuki pushed him to the ground, ignoring his yelp of surprise. Dropping to her knees, she pulled down his swimming trunks.


Satsuki blinked, a traitorous blush stealing across her face. His cock was enormous, easily a couple feet long and thick as well. Veins bulged along its length, and she felt a sliver of doubt creep into her mind.


“Holy shit!”


She jerked her head back up; he was staring at her in disbelief and wild hope. “Are you really going to blow me right here and now?!”


Eyes hardening, Satsuki grabbed her tits and lifted them; trapping his erection between her boobs, she started kissing and licking his balls and dick.


“OH FUCK!” He had no idea what the hell was going on, but if this smoking hot babe wanted to have her way with him, he wasn’t about to stop her. Hot damn, her lips and tongue felt amazing!


“I must admit…for a man, you’re a more formidable opponent than I originally thought…” Satsuki grumbled, rubbing her cheek against his now rock hard erection. Time for the next step.


No matter how big these pigs are…


Opening her mouth as wide as possible, Satsuki began swallowing his cock, working it deeper and deeper down her throat. Her cheeks were puffed up like a puffer fish.




I cannot lose,‘ Satsuki pushed through her limits, not stopping until the entire length of his dick was nestled in her throat.


To Ryuko Matoi!!!


The sounds of her gagging and struggle was loud, but that did not stop her.


Then his hands were on her head, pumping it up and down, face fucking her. And even as her eyes bulged and her face turned red, Satsuki knew satisfaction.


Once again, she had triumphed over her rival.

(Story by User: S22132)

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