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Big Band Banging

(Disclaimer: The following one-shot is a commissioned story and thus contains Canon x OC shipping.)


Nonon Jakuzure laid back on her bed in her home in Honno City’s elite district. It was the weekend and Satsuki had gone back home for the weekend. Things were always so boring when she was away. Sighing in boredom, Nonon reached over onto her nightstand and pulled up her list of new members of the Band Club. With all the attention the Matoi girl was grabbing, the regular and more respectful Transfer students were getting overlooked.


“No, no, no, no…” Nonon said aloud, flipping past the images of the female students, all on wind instruments. Why was it girls loved the ones you had to blow…? Nonon giggled and shook her head, having answered her own question as she thought about it.


“Oh, hello, what have we here?” she said aloud as the next profile showed a young man who played the cello. “Jesii eh, who spells that name with two ‘I’s?” she said aloud as she skimmed his information. “Eh, he’ll do.” she said as she tapped a few buttons on her screen, sending him an email.



Sitting in her bedroom, Nonon leaned back on her bed as Jesii was shown inside. She frowned as he moved to stand in front of her. He was fairly plain, a dirty sandy blonde hair, glasses, and from the look of it, a relatively average build.


“You requested to see me Ms. Jakuzure?” said Jesii.


Sighing again, Nonon reached over to a cup on her nightstand and withdrew a single lollipop from it. She unwrapped the candy and placed it in her mouth. “Haaah, normally I wouldn’t be doing this, but you’ve caught me on a dull day, and if it’s one thing I hate, it’s dullness.” she told him.


“Um, alright, miss… I…” he began, but Nonon pulled the lollipop from her mouth with a soft ‘pop’.


“Save it, strip.” she told him.


“E… Excuse me?!”


“Did I stutter?” Nonon asked in a flat tone, “This is a surprise inspection transfer student, now, clothes, off!” she told him.”


Jesii gulped, but began doing as told. Nonon smiled and crossed her legs as she began sucking on her lollipop again. ‘Let’s hope you have something impressive to show me.’ she thought, ‘The last guy I called in here was such a bore…’


The pink haired girl licked her lips slowly as she watched Jesii take off his shirt. He wasn’t exactly cut, but at the very least he wasn’t sucking in a gut. So that was a plus. She smiled as she admired his bare chest, then frowned as he stopped.


“Hmmm, what are you waiting for?” she asked him.


“Well, ma’am, you see…” Jesii began, but Nonon fixed him with a fierce glare as she crunched down on the lollipop hard, shattering it easily. She then smiled as he gulped again and began to undo his belt.


“There’s a good boy.” she said.


WHAT THE FU—!!!” Nonon cursed as she jumped back onto her bed. Triggering her Symphony Regalia Mk3 as she did so. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!?!?” she asked as what looked like a wrinkled up fire hose flopped out of his pants as they dropped. Her first thought was that he might have been some kind of Life Fiber creature, but how!?


“Uh… Um, this is what I wanted to warn you about Jakuzure, ma’am…” Jesii said nervously as he stood there with his pants around his ankles. “I’m um, a bit big for you…” he said, then tilted his head, “Is that what they were talking about with the Uniform powers?” he asked.


Nonon blushed, then stood up straight on her bed, coughed into her hand once, then sat down again calmly. “I, was just testing your reaction to an unexpected situation.” she said in a haughty tone. She then looked at him with another firece expression in her pink eyes. “And I will be the judge of what I can handle, thank you very much.” she said as she gestured for him to step closer.


As he came closer, Nonon gulped at the sheer SIZE of the young man’s cock. Hanging limp it was nearly as long as her entire torso! She couldn’t even begin to imagine it fully erect. She then looked up at him and felt a surge of annoyance at the sympathetic expression he was giving her. Grabbing her baton, she used it to lift up his limp dick.


“I’ll have you know I will have NO trouble attending to this dick, none what-so-ever.” she said in the same haughty tone as before. She then reached her hand down to cup around one cantaloupe sized ball. ‘How does he even walk with these?’ she thought to herself as Jesii groaned at her touch. Nonon gasped as his cock swelled almost instantly, the sight somewhat reminded her of a balloon being rapidly inflated.


“Haaahh…” she gasped as his dick suddenly towered over her. “Wow…” she whispered softly.


“Uhhh, Ms. Jakuzure…” he began, but Nonon cut him off.


“Quiet!” she told him, “I told you I’ll be the judge of what I can handle!” she said as she gripped his cock in both her hands. She was amazed by the sheer size of his cock, it easily was as long as her entire body from her ass to the top of her head! She never even thought anything like this was humanly possible!


“I will admit, I was a little surprised. Most of the men in my clubs aren’t quite so well endowed. But this,” she said as she began kissing her way up his shaft from his balls, “Will be no trouble at all.” she told him, then smiled at the way he groaned as her lips gently caressed the underside of his cock.


“Hooh, someone likes this?” she asked. He nodded and she smirked, “Well, keep your groaning to a minimum!” she said as she continued making her way up the length of his shaft. She moved her hands up and down his length slowly, feeling it throbbing under her fingers as she kissed her way up the underside of his cock. As she neared the tip, she noticed that he was uncircumcised, it was her first encounter with something like this, and Nonon found she rather enjoyed it, especially the smell as she peeled the foreskin back. A heady musky stink filled her nose and made her feel almost dizzy with arousal as she slowly licked her way around the tip.


“Ohh.. Ahhh…” Jesii groaned as she did so. Nonon gave his balls a warning smack with her hand as she moved her head up to the tip and lightly kissed the very tip. Her hands then continued moving up and down the sides of his cock as she swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock before teasing the opening at the end with her tongue. “HAAAHHH!!” Jesii groaned loudly as a flood of thick, hot cum washed over her face and uniform as the dirty blonde haired man came HARD! Spurt after spurt of hot cum sprayed all over Nonon as her hands continued pumping up and down his length.


When it finally stopped, Nonon found herself covered from head to toe in thick, strong smelling cum. She licked a glob of it from her hand, shuddering in arousal at the flavor. So delicious, she wanted more! But her regalia was so completely soaked that she had to deactivate it in order to get the outfit off as the thick fluids began to cool rapidly, turning from a warm feeling to a cold one. She then sat back down on her bed, completely naked as she held his still hard cock in both hands, looking down at it longingly.


“It’s still hard…” she whispered. Then cleared her throat. “Ahem, well done, most men go soft after a small blast like that.” she told him, emphasizing the word ‘small’. “Consider me marginally impressed. Now, get down on the bed!” she ordered him.


Jesii did as told, moving to sit on the bed slowly. Nonon stood up and crossed her arms over her tiny breasts, “I told you to get DOWN on the bed, as in lay down baka!” she berated him.


“Y… Yes ma’am.” he said as he laid back among the plush stuffed animals that adorned her bed. Nonon licked her lips as she stared at the man’s gigantic dick.


So biiiiig…’ she thought to herself as she climbed onto the bed with him. She carefully sat herself down on his lap, careful not to put too much of her body weight onto his balls.


Slowly, Nonon ran her fingertips up and down the length of his cock. She loved the feel of it as she traced the line of his veins bulging along the shaft before wrapping her slender arms around the massive girth. She hugged the throbbing length against herself, letting out a soft moan as she felt the heat against her body. The pink haired girl then began rubbing herself against his dick, her cum soaked body making everything all slick and slippery as she moved her head up to kiss the very tip.


Jesii groaned beneath her as she moved to wrap her legs around the base of his shaft. Her pussy felt hot and wet with her own arousal as she humped her entire body against him as she gently licked at the opening at the tip of his cock. ‘Oh fuck this cock is so huge! Ahhh, I want it in my mouth!’ she thought as she continued rubbing herself against him. The entire shaft was nearly as tall as she was as she began licking and kissing the tip.


She then gently shifted her position, careful not to let her weight fall on his balls as she moved to straddle his thighs. She pulled his cock down towards her slightly and opened her mouth wide.


HUUUGUGH GUH UGH…!!” Nonon gagged as she felt her jaw aching painfully as she struggled to just get the tip of his cock into her mouth!


“Ms. Jakuzure, are you…?” Jesii began to ask, but she looked up at him with a fierce expression in her pink eyes, silencing him.


She’d never had trouble with any of the boys she played with, and she would be damned if she was gonna let some overgrown dick defeat her now! Nonon gagged loudly as she forced the tip past her lips and down her throat. She could feel her neck stretching as she pushed herself down on his cock.


GUUUUH GUH GUH GUH GUH!!” she gagged loudly, moving her head up and down, managing to take just another couple inches down her throat with every downstroke.


“Ahhaah…” Jesii groaned as Nonon gag moaned on his cock.


HUGUUUUUUH!!!” Nonon gagged as she closed her eyes and forced herself down harder. She could feel his cock in her stomach now as strained tears ran down her cheeks. She then opened her pink eyes and they went wide when she saw she’d only managed a third of his length!


“AHAHHHHH I’m cumming!!!!” Jesii groaned as Nonon’s eyes rolled back in their sockets. Nonon felt her cheeks bulge and her stomach fill as hot, rich, and THICK cum began coating her throat and stomach. Streams of cum shot out her nose as she moaned in her own orgasm at the feel of so much thick dick milk filling her belly! The sheer force of it eventually pushed her off his cock and Nonon gasped for air as his cock continued shooting his cum into the air like a fountain. The smell of it made the pink haired girl dizzy as she hugged her naked body against him again, rubbing herself up and down, wanting to see just how much of that delicious cum she could squeeze out!


“Ohhhh, senpai… that feels so good!!” Jesii groaned as she humped her cum soaked body against him.


“Quiet Baka-Jesii!!!” she told him as she slowly licked her tongue around the tip of his still cumming cock. Slurping up a mouthful of cum and moaning as she relished the flavor for a long moment, swirling around in her mouth with her tongue before swallowing with a loud gulp.


“Delicious…” she purred as his orgasm finally began to subside. The pink haired girl began rubbing the heady smelling cum into her skin. She loved the texture and heat of it as she scooped another mouthful between her lips with one finger.


Jesii chuckled lightly and Nonon glared at him again, then blinked as his cock stood still fully erect! She could hear a cavalry horn playing as she looked at the throbbing shaft still needing attention. “Just how many times do you need to cum!?” she shouted at him.


“Ma’am I’m sor—” Jesii began to say, but she grabbed her baton and aimed the tip at his face, silencing him.


“No excuses Baka-Jesii!!” she told him as she got off of his legs and turned around to kneel on all fours in front of him. “Now, rub that overgrown dick against my ass!” she ordered him. “And no complaints!” she added when she saw him open his mouth to speak.


Jesii did as told and Nonon licked her lips as she felt the tip of his cock rubbing against her butt. She shivered in arousal, having taken a couple thick cocks up her ass before, but never one THIS thick. She loved being fucked up her ass, it always made her cum so hard, more than she ever had when she played with her pussy! She let out a soft moan as he began pushing against her gently. Nonon reached her hands back to pull the soft cheeks of her ass apart for him as she felt his cock slide inside her hole.


“Heeeee…” she groaned as her asshole was spread wider than she could ever remember, “Bhiiig…” she moaned as the first ten inches went up her ass easily, “Ahhhh, yes, that’s the way!” she moaned as she began rocking herself back and forth gently, her butt making rude wet noises as Jesii’s cock slipped in and out of her slowly.


“Ahhh, Ms. Jakuzure, your butt, feels so great!” Jesii groaned.


“Of course, now thank me for being kind enough to let you fuck my ass!” she ordered him.


“Th… Thank you, Ma’am…!” he groaned.


“Mmmmmmh, that’s a good boy…” Nonon moaned as she pushed herself back on him more, feeling her belly distending in the shape of his cock as his length plunged her deepest depths! “AHHHH, YESSSS, I LOVE THIIIISSSS…!” Nonon moaned, rocking herself back and forth on his cock harder now, loving the feel of it reaching ever deeper inside her, “MY ASS!!!! MY ASS IS SO FULL!!!!


She listened as he groaned and began moving with her slowly, she could feel his cock sliding back and forth inside her and moaned at the sensation. “AHHH, I’M CUMMING, YOUR BIG FAT COCK IS MAKING ME CUM SO MUUUCH!” she screamed.


She loved the feeling of his massive cock stretching her ass as she felt him begin cumming in her stomach now. “Ahhh, that’s iiiit…” she moaned softly, ready to pass out from so many orgasms. Jesii then pulled free of her with a loud wet sucking noise like when a clogged drain was suddenly cleared.


“Ahhhhhaaaa…!” Nonon gasped as she fell forward onto the bed. She panted hard as the very air itself seemed to caress her naked skin it was so sensitive. She took several long deep breaths before trying to move again, pushing herself up onto her knees gently and turning to face him. Her pink eyes then went wide at the sight of his still standing erection leaking a slow trickle of cum from its tip.


“Wow…” she said as she turned her body around to face him, lying back on the cum soaked sheets slowly. She then used her finger to beckon him closer. She made a show of spreading her legs wide, showing off the folds of her pretty pink pussy. They glistened with her overflowing juices still trickling forth like a leaky faucet.


“More, I haven’t had enough yet… I wanna feel that big dick inside me more.” she told him.


“Ahh, sempai…” Jesii began.


“No complaints Baka-Jessi! I want to feel that big dick stuffing my pussy now!” she berated him. She then began to lay back, “But, um, go slow at first, it’s my first time, in there…” she said with a soft blush,


“Eeeh!!!???” Jesii gasped. Nonon glared at him again, her lips pressed together so tight she could feel them trembling. She saw him gulp as he moved in closer, pressing the tip of his cock against the hot moist folds of her pussy. Nonon then leaned her head back and moaned as he pushed inside her. Her virginity was obliterated instantly, though she barely felt anything even close to pain as her stomach instantly tented up from just the top few inches of his cock pushing inside her!


“Ohhh, yessss…” Nonon screamed, her pussy gushing instantly again as she began cumming immediately. Jesii stopped for a moment, looking down at her as she panted hard, her mouth hanging open as she grabbed her own tiny tits, playing with her nipples as her legs shook with pleasure. “Nhoooo,” she whined, “Dhon’t stop, push your cock in me more!” she begged.


Jesii nodded and began moving slowly again, pushing only the top half of his cock in and out of her. Nonon had never felt anything like this, her pussy felt so good, so full, she could feel her sanity slipping away every time he pushed back inside her, making her belly stretch upwards again.


“Ahhh… My pussy is making so many sloppy noises… Your cock is stirring up my insides and it feels good!” Nonon moaned, “Ahhh, more, I want more!!!” she moaned as she began rolling her hips to meet his thrusts. Jesii groaned as she clenched the muscles of her pussy.


Nonon moaned in ecstasy as her entire body seized in pleasure. Why had she never let any of the boys fuck her pussy before!? The feeling was so amazing, she loved it! She could already feel herself cumming again then screamed as Jesii shoved half his cock inside her!


AHHHAA!! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!! MY PUSSY, MY PUSSY IS GOING CRAZY!!!” she moaned as her pussy gushed and gushed every time she felt his cock plunging back into her cunt. “YOUR COCK, YOUR COCK IS PUSHING INTO MY WOMB, IT’S SO GOOD!!! WHY, WHY DOES IT FEEL SO GOOD!?! I JUST CAME SO MUCH, BUT I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!!” Nonon moaned, her hands gripping the sheets tightly now as she arched her back.


Jesii groaned and she could feel his cock throbbing inside her as he pushed in even deeper, stretching her belly out even more. “AHHHHAAA, YES, YESYESYESYESSSSS…!!! MORE, FUCK MY PUSSY MORE, PUSH THAT ENTIRE MONSTER DICK INSIDE ME, MAKE ME INTO YOUR FUCKING COCK SLEEVE!!!” Nonon moaned.


The dirty blonde haired youth groaned again as he pushed all the way inside her. Nonon could feel his massive balls pressing against her rounded ass as she let out a silent scream as she teetered on the edge of orgasmic madness. She felt her body lifting up off the bed as he leaned up on his knees lifting her with practically just his cock! He then put his hands on her hips and began moving her up and down on his dick! Her stomach stretched with his length as his cock filled her womb.




“I’m going to cum again, senpai…!” Jesii groaned.


YES! PLEASE CUM, PLEASE CUM INSIDE ME!!!! FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR CUUMMM!!!” Nonon begged, locking her legs around his waist and pulling him deeper inside. She then got her wish as she felt hot, thick, liquid cum filling her womb! Her entire body felt numb and alive with pleasure at the same time. “AHHAH, I’M BEING CUMMED INSIDE AS I CUMMMM!!! I FEEL IT SOAKING INTO MY PUSSY!!!” she moaned as Jesii groaned with her. Her vision doubled as her eyes went cross, her tongue felt dry as it hung from her like while she panted hard for every breath.




Nonon whimpered at the sound of his cum draining out of her as Jesii slowly pulled his cock free of her pussy as her legs went limp. His cock was still cumming hard and she quickly found herself covered from head to toe in his cum again as his cock spurted like a fire hose, coating her room and everything in it with thick white spunk.


“Nhoooo, don’t waste iiiitt…” Nonon whined as she grabbed his cock and pulled the tip to her lips. She wrapped her mouth around the opening at the end and loudly gulped down his cum as it continued pumping out at a high rate. She felt her stomach filling up even moan as her eyes rolled back again in sheer bliss.


When he finally stopped cumming, Nonon watched in awe as his cock shrank like a balloon, his stamina finally spent and he fell onto the bed next to her. The sun had gone down outside, and the cool night air flowed in through the open window, making all the hot cum begin to steam lightly, filling the air with a heady smelling mist.


“You came inside me so much… So muuuch cum, it feels so warm and good…” Nonon panted as she lay back on the bed, too drained to move even as the cum began cooling against her skin. When she finally found the strength to move again, she pulled Jesii closer to her, cuddling her naked body against his. She then pulled his face closer to her own, leaning her head up to kiss him deeply, gently sucking his tongue back into her mouth. She moaned softly into the kiss, wishing this moment would never end.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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3 years ago

Beautifully made both in story and drawing, gotta say though that the over the top exaggerations of your writing Sailorio is the reason why I like your writing so much

3 years ago
Reply to  Bakayaro

Thanks, it wasn’t an easy one to do because reasons, but Im glad everyone enjoyed it

Smiling Fiend
3 years ago

Good job, for the first “Nonon focused” pic and story this is pretty good.

The bit where she goes “No, no, no, no…” Nonon said aloud” made me giggle because of the sheer quantity of “NOs” in a sentece.

3 years ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

lol, yeah, she’s a fun little tsundere to play with.

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
3 years ago

Ooooh a interesting chapter love seeing nono get some action! The art is on point she looks amazing and she has quite the challenge ahead of her. The background is quite good with all its color and it just jumps out at you and brighten things up. Solid 8.5
I love how nono is pretty much her anime self here as she acts so bored and the way she just makes sure that she is in control most of the time even making fun of the guy who is gonna be fucking her. Nice 8
The story is quite enjoyable and pretty hot when the action starts. The chapter opens on nono sitting on her bed looking at her phone with new members until she finds a guy she likes. She calls him up and makes him come to her room cause she hates things that are dull. He arrives and as she is sucking on a lollipop she orders him to strip and then she got a glimpse of his monster cock. She then gets to work on suckinf his cock and making his balls feel good as nono does some blowing on his flute. The story picks up when she is covered in his cum before fitting his cock between her asscheeks and taking it straight up her ass! It’s really hot as her voice and the pounding picks up which is super hot. The story gives us some pussy pounding in which nono is a virgin? So they slowly go deep in her pussy and the pleasure is too great they fuck like crazy before he finishes inside nono. They fall to each other and kiss as the chapter ends. Amazing 9
Overall: a great chapter and it’s short but still amazing!

3 years ago

really glad you enjoyed the story, as I said earlier it wasn’t an easy write, but im glad it came out alright.