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Anko’s Hypnotic Attractions

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Anko Mitarashi felt fucking fantastic! Better than she’d felt in years. It felt good to move like she had in her younger, more active days, before she’d let herself go a bit. She’d hit the dango a bit too much after she stepped down from active missions and began teaching full time.


But now, she felt like she was 21 again! Her body was so light, it was crazy! The massive boob augmentation she’d gotten when she came to the island only lasted a few days. But as her tits slowly shrank down, it was like her body fat had melted away with them. Now, her tits were still bigger than her head, but less than half as big as they were before. She absolutely LOVED the size, shape, and feel of them now. So much so she’d opted to just go around fully in the buff for a while to show off her sexy new figure!


She was currently walking through the main city area, enjoying the hoots, hollars, and stares she was getting from both men and even a few women! Anko smirked, ‘Yeah, get ‘em hard boys!’ she thought to herself as she went by a restaurant with an outdoor seating area. She’d already eaten lunch before, so she wasn’t hungry. Mainly she just wanted to explore the island a bit on her own. She had some loose plans to meet up with Shizune later, but knowing her, she was already on her back or on all fours by now. The woman was such a pushover. Probably came from not knowing just how attractive she really was.


The dark haired woman rounded a corner, still enjoying the feel of her tits bouncing with her every step. And spotted a large open lot with a bunch of cars parked inside. She’d seen this kind of gathering in a couple of movies, people getting together to show off their cars and car modifications for bragging rights. Seemed rather out of place for an island where people were boning right out in the open. But, one look at several of the fancier car owners, it made sense!


What was said about men showing off wealth in such ways was true! It was a shame too, as more than a few of the guys in the lot were exactly her type as far as facial and build type went. But since a good number of them were also naked or nearly so, they had a bit of, well… Shortcomings, fully on display, so to speak.


Anko walked onto the lot, looking around at the assorted cars everywhere. Cars were only a more recent addition to Konoha, and there were only a few paved roads available, so there weren’t many. There were the delivery trucks, but that was more about function. Here, form was clearly the theme at play.


“Heya babe, wanna have some fun? I got a loooot of nice room in the back here.” said a young man as she passed while slapping the side of a vehicle that looked like a cross between a cargo truck and a regular car. It was kind of boxy, with a large open sliding door on one side behind the area where the driver and passenger sat. The outside of the vehicle was painted a mix of beige and red, and was, in comparison to the more elegant cars around, rather plain looking. But on the inside, it looked like a compressed house! The large space in the back had a wide section of clearly padded flooring. There was a flatscreen monitor on the side opposite the door where a movie was being played. Anko didn’t recognize what the movie was, some fantasy setting was all she gleaned from the images.


The opening itself had a curtain of intricately woven beads that had been pulled aside to allow one to enter. She had to admit, it did look nice inside, but…


“Long hair, short dick, no thanks.” she told the owner. He ticked two of the boxes on things she DIDN’T like in a man, but the latter she could probably have gotten past if this were a regular dating scene. But she HATED long hair on a guy, because of the bad memories of Orochimaru it brought back.


“Doooooo, burned!” said another man who had watched the exchange. This one didn’t seem all that interested in Anko herself. He had close cut black hair and an alright face, but his dick was currently deep inside the mouth of a milk chocolate skinned woman with light lavender colored hair done up in a ponytail.


“Hmmmmmnph, mmmmmph, hrmmmmmph…” the lavender haired woman moaned happily as she bobbed her head up and down on the man’s length. Her slender throat bulged out visibly from the thickness of his dick as it moved in and out of her mouth. She moved quite well, a sign she was either well versed in blowjob technique, or she knew exactly what this man in particular liked.


Groaning, the man stroked the woman’s soft hair, leaning his head back as she took his cock all the way to the hilt! Just watching was making Anko wet! Fuck, it had been WAY too long since she’d truly attended to her womanly needs. She was one of the last few ninja fully trained in proper Injutsu from Konoha, so seducing a man was a simple matter, even at her former weight. She’d just been keeping herself so busy with other affairs.


Well, that ends today!’ she thought as she moved over to the man and his girl, while she swayed her hips hypnotically with every step. But, once she was within arms length of the pair, the lavender haired woman’s right arm shot out, a wickedly sharp looking kunai in her hand. She hadn’t slowed her movement’s even a tiny bit, her eyes were still closed even, but the tip of the kunai was aimed directly at Anko’s clit.


“Aisha, down girl.” the dark haired man chastised the woman servicing his dick.


She made a plaintive moan around his cock, then lowering her arm and the weapon it held.


“Sorry. Aisha here is very territorial on her day with me.” he told Anko with a genuinely apologetic expression even as he was getting a skillful blowjob. The dark haired woman took a casual step back and bowed in apology. She wondered what he meant by “Her day with him”, but decided she didn’t need or want to know as she moved on.


Anko walked away from the pair and looked around more. She was never much for automobiles, mainly because she couldn’t drive them, although she did take trains at most when it came to land travel. But she could appreciate the aesthetic taste some had put into the ones on display here.


At the far end of the lot, Anko saw a bit of a crowd gathering and a number of flashes going off. Curious, the dark haired Konoha Kunoichi headed over in that direction. She smiled not a little smugly as one man with a camera turned to get a new memory stick from one of those fannypack things and stopped dead when he saw her approach. He was dressed in a pair of loose fitting swimming trunks and an open button up shirt. Anko’s smug grin came from how she saw his dick shoot to full erection as she drew close.


He was fairly average, so Anko only teased him by tracing her fingers along his chin as she walked past. The next person in her path hadn’t turned to see her. It was a young man barely out of his teens with a lithe build and straight blonde hair cut in a bob. He was dressed only in a speedo, so Anko pressed her naked body against his, making sure he’d feel her stiff nipples against his bare back.


When he startled slightly, she slipped her arms around his waist slowly and spoke into his ear, her voice a soft purr, “So, what’s going on…?” she asked. She deliberately made her voice far more erotic than it normally was so that just the sound of it combined with the feel of her breasts made the man’s dick get hard so fast it ripped right out of the speedo! It was an advanced Injutsu that relied on a man’s sense of touch and sound, and was incredibly difficult. Be off by even one octave and it could have the opposite effect.


Anko however, had mastered this trick when she was fourteen, and some things, when you train hard enough, were never lost, so matter how out of practice you were. She smiled at the way the man seemed to just melt in her embrace as she grabbed his dick with one hand. He was impressively THICK though not overly long. Maybe nine inches, but she couldn’t hope to close her fingers around him. That alone had her at least moderately interested. If there wasn’t anything more impressive in this crowd, she’d take him.


“Ah, uh… The guy at the front, has a Grand Royale custom… Ahhhh fuuuuck, please don’t stop…” the man managed to groan out as Anko moved her hand up and down his dick. Anko giggled, gripping his cock tighter and stroking it faster while she used her lips to bite the edge of his ear. The man shuddered in her arms, his cock quickly shooting his load down at the ground with a SPLUUUUUT sound! He then went completely slack in her arms, passed out. When she lowered him to the ground, he had the dumbest look on his face.


Yep, still got it!’ she thought before slipping through to the front of the crowd. Once there, she winced slightly at the myriad of flashes that greeted her. The car the man had mentioned was parked in front of a hotel that this lot belonged to. It was a fancy looking cream colored vehicle with a silver hood with an ornament at the end. Currently, two pretty women were striking poses against the thing.


The first woman had navy blue, almost black hair that reached down just past her shoulder blades and green eyes like emeralds. Her tits were a nice size too, just slightly smaller than her entire head. She was dressed in a purple string sling bikini. Nothing was left to the imagination, and it reminded Anko of the suit she’d worn after having her tits boosted to a ridiculous size!


The other girl had bright orange hair that was cut fairly short. Her eyes were a deep blue and she had a noticeable tan to her skin. Her tits were the same size Anko’s had been just a couple of days before, with big fat nipples that screamed to be sucked and toyed with. She only wore a simple orange and black bikini bottom with a thong back.


The two women were taking turns posing with the car while the crowd cheered for them and snapped one photo after the next. Their posing was rather plain though, leaning against the car in various ways to show off their goodies.


“Amatuers.” Anko said.


She then stepped out into the clearing around the car, swinging her hips in the same way as before. There was an audible “Whoooa!” that moved through the crowd as the flashes picked up speed. Anko struck a sexy pose, turning to one side and positioning her body in a slight “S” curve to show off her tits and ass. The two girls looked at Anko in surprise, and now that she was closer, Anko could see they shared similar facial features.


Sisters maybe?


If so, then the ginger haired one clearly spent a lot of time in the sun. Anko decided it didn’t really matter as she stepped in front of the car and turned out to face the crowd. She then leaned back against the hood of the car, careful not to push against the hood ornament. She then thrusted her pelvis out, jerking her hips from side to side as if dancing. It wasn’t just an idle dance though, because her movements all had a specific purpose!


That purpose being to catch the eyes of every man here!


Anko turned around and pushed her ass out towards the crowd, bending forward and pressing her big tits against the hood of the car. Flashes went off in rapid succession as a murmur of awe rippled through the crowd. Raising a hand up, Anko smacked her own ass, moving her hips into the motion, making a loud SLAP sound that sounded a lot deeper than it should have. She then slowly pulled her hand back up along the curve of her hip. As she did that, she turned to face outward again, jerking her body in a way that made her big tits jiggle and wobble erotically.


More flashes, and Anko could see how the men at the head of the crowd had all popped wood. She smirked, having her tits this big made that little move a lot more effective. Spreading her legs wide, Anko moved her naked body in a slow, rolling, undulating motion, almost as if she were humping the very air itself. Through years of personal training, Anko willed her pussy to swell and open in deep arousal, the puffy pink lips glistening with her juices. Her clit had become equally swollen, peeking out from under its hood like a tiny pink jewel.


Anko then moved up onto the hood of the car, placing herself in a crabwalk position with her crotch towards the crowd. Still keeping her legs spread wide, Anko shamelessly began masturbating, pressing her index and middle fingers over her clit and swirling them in a circular motion. More camera flashes as the men and even a few women were murmuring in awe.


“Yes, everyone, look at me!” Anko moaned, using the same erotic purr she had on the man earlier. “Take a good long look at my beautiful pussy!” she told the crowd, now using her fingers to spread the lips of her pussy wider. The pink insides were all glistening and wet, her juices overflowing and hanging down from her labia in long wet stalactites. Anko then pushed her middle finger deep inside herself, moaning again.


“Oh, AHHH, HAH AHHA…” she panted, then moaned loudly, humping her crotch against her hand. “I’M SO HORNY!!! I NEED A DICK, SOMEONE, GIMME A DICK NOOOOW!!!” she moaned, stabbing her finger in and out of her pussy faster. She could hear her own juices squishing inside her pussy from her motions. It felt good, and there was such a thrill at doing this in front of a large audience.


NMMMMMMH, CAN YOU ALL SEE? SEE HOW WET AND HUNGRY MY PUSSY IS!?” she called out as the flashes were going off so fast now it was almost a steady light. “MMMMMMH, IT FEELS GOOD! LOOK AT MY PUSSY, IT’S MELTING EVERYWHERE…!” Anko panted loudly, her voice still that soft erotic purr even though she was calling out in pleasure.


HMMMMMMMMH, LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT MY SLUTTY PUSSY…” she moaned to everyone, “SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS?! ALL OF YOU, LOOK DEEP INSIDE MEEE…” she moaned, dragging out the sound from deep in her throat as she could feel her own pleasure mounting.


“Fuuuuuck! That bitch is so horny she’s begging for it!” said a voice at the head of the crowd.


“My dick, ahh, it hasn’t been this hard in forever…” groaned another.


“Ahhhh, she looks so erotic…” cooed a woman’s voice, it was the ginger haired sister with the gigantic tits. She was gripping her own huge nipples and stroking them as though they were short dicks! “My hands, ahhn, I can’t make them stop…!” she moaned, stroking her nipples more.


AHHHAAHNNNN, NMMMMMH, OH YESSS… DICK! I NEED DICK! DICK, DICK, DICK DIIIICK!!!” Anko moaned, masturbating furiously now, her fingers making loud SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH sounds that could be heard over the awe and flashes of the crowd.


AHHHHN, CUMMING… I’M CUMMMING… CUMMING, CUMMING, CUUUUUMMMING!!” Anko screamed, her voice sounding almost metallic as she used all of her vocal cords together.


I’M CUMMING!” the ginger haired girl screamed, milk actually spraying from her nipples like tiny fountains. All around the car, men groaned as their cocks all pushed out of whatever confines held them. All of them swollen in an almost painful looking way as Anko continued to moan as her pussy let out a hot spray when she finally let herself cum hard.


I’M… CUMMING!!!!” she screamed again, and all around her, the men’s dick all began spurting at once, flinging lines of white into the air that rained back down onto Anko’s naked body. It felt almost scaldingly hot, thick, and sticky. The smell of it all was so strong it made her feel more than a little dizzy. The dark haired woman actively willed her heart to slow down as she got up on her knees, cum dripping down her naked flesh slowly. Cameras were still flashing from the part of the crowd that were too far away to hear her moans or see her erotic little dance. She held up her left hand over her face in a “V” sign, sticking her tongue out and winking from the camera.


Yeah, I still got it!’ she thought triumphantly, ‘Now, is there anyone here that’ll be fun to play with some more?’ she thought as she surveyed the crowd.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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2 months ago

For those that could figure it out, she was using her own Injutsu, or testing it anyway.