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Almost Nudist Bitch

Nonon sat in the comfortable chair, waiting as patiently as she could, idly swinging her legs.


(Yes, she was still so short her legs didn’t reach the ground when sitting in a normal chair)


She adored days like this. Even as busy as her Satsuki-chan was, between running her company and spending time with her long-lost sister, she still made time for Nonon, her girlfriend.


Feeling the smile spread across her face, Nonon shook her head. It was still hard to believe that she and Satsuki-chan were finally dating. She had loved her best friend for years, but Satsuki-chan was dedicated to her goal, and Nonon had done her best to support her.


Now they had won, and things were settling down; they could do normal things, like date, kiss, make-out…


Now she could feel herself blushing. It didn’t help that Satsuki had brought her to her private changing room, promising that she had something special to show Nonon. She had stepped behind the curtain, leaving Nonon waiting, but she should be finished soon-


The curtain opened; Satsuki slowly walked toward Nonon, who’s eyes had gone very wide and her mouth very dry; in contrast, her pussy got extremely wet, extremely quickly.


Thigh high boots. Wrist cuffs. A collar with a small red tie. An unbelievably small slingshot bikini, which completely exposed her nipples and cleaved deep into Satsuki’s crotch. A blush.


That was all her Satsuki-chan was wearing, and suddenly Nonon was very glad that she was sitting down. She probably would have fallen otherwise.


Stopping less than a foot from Nonon’s chair, breasts bouncing with every step, Satsuki dropped gracefully into a crouch, her long legs spread wide and her eyes closed. A small smile was on her face as she posed like that, the room silent except for Nonon’s heavy breathing.


“So… what do you think?”


A growl of pure need exploded from Nonon’s throat as she practically launched herself out of the chair. She collided with Satsuki-chan, kissing her wildly before they hit the floor, her hands all over the taller girl’s amazing body.


Nonon hoped that Satsuki had left orders for them to not be disturbed; she just might kill anyone who interrupted them.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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