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A Tale of Two Fuckings

With Erina


“Are you sure you’re ready for this, Princess?” Soma teased, getting a kick from the way Erina’s face darkened with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. “I mean, this will be our first time on a beach, where anyone could come walking up on us-“


“Sh-shut up, you idiot!” Erina shouted. She could feel how hard she was blushing, which only made her more irritated and embarrassed. There was also a small part of her that felt excited at the prospect of being found like this, but she ignored that aspect as best she could. “And don’t act like you’re not just as excited as I am!”


“Well, yeah, I’m really looking forward to fucking you,” Soma replied with his usual blunt honesty, before shooting Erina another teasing grin. “But it makes me really happy to hear you admit that you’re excited about it too.”


Sputtering for a few seconds, Erina eventually huffed. “Just stop admiring me already and get it over with!”


“By your command, Princess,” Soma chuckled, kneeling in the sand between her spread legs. Despite what Erina had ordered, he took one more moment to look her over; he never tires of seeing just how beautiful and sexy Erina really was. A beautiful face, a sexy body, and a sharp mind: she wasn’t perfect, but he loved everything about her.


Seeing how he was looking her over and noting the look in Soma’s eyes, Erina’s blush darkened; she was just about to tell him to quit it when he beat her to it. He slowly pushed his erection into her, his surprisingly large cock filling her pussy in all the best ways. Despite her best efforts, Erina’s mouth dropped open as the pleasure surge within her. Every time! How did he do this to her every time?! It would be mortifying… if it didn’t feel so good.


Then Soma began to thrust and Erina abandoned herself to the carnal delight. It was even better than eating gourmet food; the rest of her body hadn’t been trained like her tongue, so she could simply enjoy it without automatically finding the flaws in it.


It was wonderful!


With Hisako


“Don’t worry, Hisako-chan,” Satoshi said soothingly, giving her a charming smile. “I promise you that, if at any point you want me to stop, I will. I also promise to do my utmost to make you feel as good as possible.”


Hisako managed to smile back at him despite her nervousness. “Thank you, Satoshi-kun; that does make me feel better about this. It’s still embarrassing though…”


Satoshi shook his head, waving his right arm in a grand gesture, as if to dismiss her words. “Nonsense, you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. You are a lovely young lady, both in body and in mind. I am honored and privileged to do this with you now.”


Hisako could feel the blood rushing to her; hearing that kind of praise from Satoshi was very flustering, almost distracting her from the sight of his naked body. Somehow, she had never really noticed just how well-endowed he was, even with his habit of wearing nothing or very little on a regular basis.


She was certainly noticing now though and wondering if he would even fit inside of her.


“Are you ready?” His gentle question broke into Hisako’s thoughts; when she looked at him, she saw nothing but patience and kindness, which helped steady her. Taking a deep breath, she nodded and replied, “Yes, I’m ready.”


Giving her another bright smile, Satoshi put his hands on her knees. Moving very slowly, he pushed his dick into her damp pussy, letting out a soft sigh as he did so.


“Ooooohhhhh-!” Hisako squealed, watching with wide eyes. The sensation of being fucked was incredible; part of that was doubt because of Satoshi’s incredible size, but still! She hadn’t expected it to feel so good! And this was only the beginning…


Satoshi used slow, steady pumps to fuck her, his eyes flickering over her body, taking in every detail and nuance. It was a breathtaking sight, from the jiggling of her breasts to the adorable expression on her face. It was always a pleasure to help out his friends, and in this instance, he was getting just as much enjoyment from it as she was.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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