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A Lightweight Friend in Need

“You don’t have to do this, Hisako,” Erina told her friend/secretary once more, giving her one more chance to back out.


And just like before, Hisako shook her head. “No, I’ll go out with you, Erina-sama. You lost the bet with Rindo,” and goodness, the redhead could drink a lot of alcohol, “but where you go, I go. Maybe I can help take some of the attention off from you. Besides, I know you’re still dealing with the hangover from the drinking contest.”


Erina winced at the reminder, nervously pulling on her shirt, wishing it was longer. Though while she was wishing, she might as well wish she had never agreed to that stupid contest or that she had made that even stupider bet.


No way around it, this was going to be embarrassing…


“All right, if you’re sure. And Hisako,” Erina gave her friend a smile. “Thanks.”


Blushing and smiling back, Hisako turned to face the door; nervously adjusting her swimsuit (what very little of it there was to adjust), she stepped out into the public pool area.


Thankfully, there weren’t very many people there, but Hisako swore that she could feel each and every set of eyes lock onto her immediately, sending her blush into overdrive. She would have liked to have been angry, but honestly? She couldn’t really blame them. Her bathing suit was literally two lines of silver fabric that only just covered her crotch and nipples.


She had to walk very slowly to keep from exposing herself, and since her breasts had very little support, she kept bouncing and jiggling wildly even with her slow pace and small steps.


More embarrassingly, if that was possible, her nipple kept rubbing against the fabric, making them perk up and harden, which was clearly visible as they pressed against her suit.


And even then, Hisako considered herself lucky. After all, at least her swimsuit covered all of her naughty bits, if only just barely.


Poor Erina didn’t even have that luxury.


She could hear her friend and idol behind her, almost sneaking as she tried to avoid drawing attention to herself. From the corner of her eye, Hisako could see Erina grasp the hem of her shirt and, as slowly as she could, start to pull it up, gradually revealing her itty bitty bikini bottoms and start to show the bottom of her breasts. Erina, Hisako knew, didn’t have anything to cover her breasts once her shirt was gone, and she felt herself blushing harder in sympathy with her.


A small part of her mind hoped very strongly that this would teach Erina to avoid any future drinking contests, especially against Rindo.


In the meantime, they would both have to get through this incredibly embarrassing day.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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