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Looking for a colorist to color my artwork.

My colorist of 5 years AW08 is getting busier and busier with school and while he can still color for me now, he might not in the future.  Because of this, I am actively looking for an experienced colorist.



-Looking for a long-term colorist to color a certain number of pictures each month and can do it consistently.

-Must accept Paypal. (It is what I use to send payment)

-Must be experienced and able do a wide variety of backgrounds/accessories.

-Must be easily reached for communication (Skype or Email preferred).  I’d rather not to work with someone that is difficult to get in contact with.

-Must be okay with doing edits.  If there’s an error in the colors/background, or there’s a screw-up on my end with the lineart, it’s important we get it fixed.

-Must be reliable. The deadline to finish the pictures is usually 1 month from receiving the artwork.


Style of Coloring: 

-I prefer Cel-Shading style with multiple levels of shading and highlighting (like my gallery) but I am open to other styles of coloring like Soft-shading.



-If interested, please post here or send me a message on Tumblr/Hentai-Foundry.  Provide me a link to your gallery of samples and page with your pricing.


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6 years ago

Hello there.
I’m very interested on this job.
You can check my work at http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/wildfirestudio/profile and http://deviantart.com/kayzer
I could made you a color test if is necessary.
Also my prices is 20$ for 1 character , if the pic have more characters we can diguss about the price.

Thank you for all attention

7 years ago

I am interested in the offer
I don’t really have a color price list but i have charged before for it
Per page: 20$ (1-3Days)
Urgent per page: 35$ (Same day)

7 years ago

Thank you for your interest! I will add you to my list of people interested. My colorist returns to school in september/october so this helps.

When you say per page, I assume you mean picture? so 1 character coloring is the same price as 10 characters within the same canvas?

7 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Yes, if you can cram them in there I will color them