Zero-G Cherry Popping

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Sitting in his room, Izuku finished dusting off his All Might action figures, having been busy with his catch-up training, they had built up quite the layer of dust. With his task finished, Izuku moved over to his bed to lie down. Resting his head on the pillow, he felt his eyelids getting heavy almost instantly as he drifted to sleep.


“Mmmh… Huh…?” Izuku murmured as he began to stir again, he blinked his eyes as he tried to bring himself to full consciousness. As his awareness slowly sharpened, he noticed a few things were off. For one thing the lights were on, also, his room smelled different, a flowery scent that his half-conscious mind couldn’t place. Lastly, he could feel something warm and wet slipping up and down the length of his half erect cock. Turning his eyes downward, he saw the distinct outline of a person under his blanket with him.


“Hmmm, Tsu… Is that…?” he began as he gripped the edge of the blanket with his scarred hand and lifted it up.


“Mmmmph… Mmmmph… Mmmmph, Hi Geku…” Ochaco slurred around his cock as she looked up at him with her big brown eyes. Her cheeks were pinker than usual as she worked to take his cock all the way into her mouth!


“Uraraka-san!” he gasped, yanking the bed spread off entirely, only to discover she was completely naked beneath! His eyes went wide at the sight of her suddenly voluptuous body. Her breasts and ass were several times bigger than before. “Wh… Wha… What are you…? Ahhhhhh…!” he groaned as she took him all the way down her throat. The sensation was so warm and welcoming, his cock hardened fully in an instant. Ochaco made a soft sound but she held him in her mouth for several moments before lifting herself off of him completely.


“I’m sorry Deku, I didn’t mean to get so mad and be so mean to you.” she said as she stroked his length with both her hands.


“Tha… That’s okay, but, wh… Why are you doing, that?” he asked.


“To apologize silly!” she told him, then began crawling up his slender frame, making sure to drag his cock between her gigantic tits as she moved. Her lips pressed to his as she wrapped her arms around him. Her mouth was soft and warm, and she smelled so nice as her tongue pushed into his mouth.


“Mmmmmh…” Ochaco purred as she sucked on his tongue for a long moment before finally breaking away. “I’ve wanted to do that for a while now!”


“Ahh… Haahh… Me, me, me too…!” he stammered nervously.


She giggled, “Everyone was right, I gotta be the one to make a move first.” she said as she hugged him tight, “Think there’s room for one more in your little harem?”


“Ha… Harem! I don’t know what you mean!” Izuku said with a gasp.


Ochaco laughed again, “It’s okay, I really don’t mind after all.” she told him before kissing him once again for a long moment. Izuku closed his eyes and returned her kiss, savoring the feel of her lips as his cock throbbed between their bodies. When she finally broke the kiss she lifted herself up, straddling his legs, the very tip of his cock reaching up between her tits.


“Urara…” he began.


“Ochaco.” she told him, “Please, call me by my first name from now on.” He nodded and opened his mouth to speak again, but she held up her hand, “I’ll explain later.” she told him before moving her hands to grab her enormous tits and leaning down to press them between his dick.


Izuku looked around more, his mind fully awake now. The first thing he noticed was he wasn’t in his room anymore, he was in Ochaco’s!


“H… How… How did I… Ohhh that feels nice…” Izuku tried to ask as the brown haired girl rubbed her soft tits up and down his enormous erection.


“You like that?” Ochaco asked with a smile, squeezing her tits around his cock harder. He nodded and groaned again as the brown haired girl moved to take the top of his cock into her mouth again.


“MMMMPH…MMMMPH…MMMMPH… ‘ou tashte sho guud Geku…” she slurred, “MMMMMMPH! sho guuud…” she moaned, taking his length in deeper and deeper, her throat stretching as his length slide down deeper.


“O… Ochaco-san…!” Izuku gasped as he watched, then groaned as his head leaned back on the soft frilly red pillow. The whole room smelled nice, he’d only been inside here once, back when they first moved into the dorms and held the room-king competition.


“MMMMPH…MMMMPH…MMMMPH… Sho guud, Geku… ‘our cawk… Pheels sho guud in muh mouph!!!” Ochaco slurred, bobbing her head up and down faster now as she kept rubbing her tits against the base of his dick.


“Ahhh, your mouth… So good… Ochaco-san… Slow down I…” he groaned, but instead the brown haired girl sped up, her lips making loud wet slurping noises as she let her tits slide away from his cock before she took him all the way down her throat! Izuku let out a low groan of pleasure as he began cumming in her stomach. Ochaco made a cute surprised sound, her eyes going wide as she gripped the sheets of her bed and held on tight. When the flood of cum finally let up, she slowly lifted her head free and gasped.


“Wow, thanks for the warning, I don’t think that would have been as sexy coming out my nose!” she said, and then waved her hands in the air, “…Not that I couldn’t handle it or anything! No, I’m practically a pro at this! I can deep throat with the best of them!”


She looked so flustered even Izuku couldn’t help but snicker slightly. Given the number of blowjobs he’d gotten in recent weeks, he’d give her a solid six, a seven if he counted the fact that she was able to take all of his length like she did. He pushed himself up into a full sitting position. He still had on his shorts and the shirt he wore to sleep and his blanket was the one on top of the bed but…


“How did we get here?” he asked as he looked around her room again, once more enjoying the soft girly scent that filled the air.


“Oh that, that was easy, I just floated us both through the halls. The floorboards can creak if you step on them!” she explained. “I thought about just doing it in your room, but the boys rooms have such thin walls, I didn’t wanna wake anyone.”


“Mmn, that makes sense,” he said with a nod. He then looked down at her and felt his face flushing pink as he looked not only at her naked body, but at a naked body with huge tits and large shapely ass. “Did… Did you get that body from the nurse?” he asked, trying and failing miserably to look away, but her tits were so beautiful, easily bigger than her head, capped with bright pink nipples already stiff from arousal.


“Hmmm? Oh this, nah, this is how I actually look!” she said with a sweet smile. “My quirk lets me use gravity to compress my body to a normal size.”


“Huh, how?!” Izuku asked his eyes wide with shock.


Ochaco pouted, “Is this really the time to discuss quirks?” she asked, tackling him onto his back again before she tore off his shirt and pressed those big soft tits against his chest. “I told you, I want in on your little harem, I don’t mind sharing you with the others, I really don’t!” she said as she hugged him tight.


“Ha… Ha… Hare, but I don’t…!” he began but she silenced him with a kiss, pressing her mouth to his and forcing her tongue into his mouth. His eyes went wide for a few seconds before he slowly closed them. ‘Mmmmh, she tastes so nice…‘ he thought as he pressed his tongue back against hers.


He nervously reached his hands out and grabbed the sides of her heavy tits. They were soft and warm, and very squishy. Ochaco made a soft sound against his lips and pressed her body against his harder. She then broke the kiss softly and moved to straddle his legs, his cock pressing up against her stomach and between her tits.


She the grabbed his wrists and moved his hands to grab her tits properly, his fingers reflexively gripped the soft heavy mounds. Ochaco moaned at his touch and he sat up slowly, leaning her back gently before pressing his lips to hers.


“Mmmmmh, Deku…” she purred against his lips as their tongue began slipping and sliding against one another once again. Moving his hands away from her breasts, Izuku wrapped his arms around her slender waist, hugging her close as he held the kiss with her for a long while.


“Ochaco…” he breathed, breaking away from her and looking into her bright brown eyes. She stared back at him and nodded once. Slowly, Izuku rolled her around so her back was on the pink comforter that sat on top of her mattress. Her skin looked smooth and soft as he looked down at her naked body. He felt his cock throbbing as he rubbed his length against the moist folds of her pussy.


“Please, hurry… I want you… I… I want you inside me…” she panted softly, her heavy tits heaving as she spread her legs wide for him, her face beat red.


“Okay…” he told her, moving back a bit to position his massive erection. He could feel the heat of her pussy against the tip as he pushed in slowly. There was a soft ‘pop’ and Ochaco winced, he almost stopped, but he then realized what that was. His cock tore through her virginity like a battering ram.


“Don’t stop…!” she pleaded, reaching her hands up to grip the pillow her head was resting on. “I want it, I want this so bad…” she told him as he continued sliding inside her. The lips of her pussy spread wide as he slid inside her. Izuku groaned at the hot wet feel of her pussy clenching around his cock.


“Mmmmmmh, so fuuuullll… Ahhh, this feels so good Deku… go deeper, deeeperrr…” she moaned, rolling her hips slightly, forcing his cock farther inside, “Ahhh, I… I thought… it would hurt more… But…. Mmmmmmh, more, push it in all the way!!!” she moaned, her hips moving faster now.


“You’re sure?” he asked, “I’m really big; I don’t want to hurt you Ochaco…”


“You won’t, now, hurry f… Fu… FUCK ME!!!!” she screamed as her pussy gushed around his cock. Izuku nodded and pushed his length in deeper, watching as her belly stretched around his girth. The brown haired girls eyes rolled back slowly as she moaned in pleasure. “AHHH, SO BIIIIG, I… I’M CUMMING!!!! YES!!! THIS IS CUMMING!? I LOVE IT!!! MORE, MAKE ME CUM MORE DEKU!!!”


“Ochaco…!” Izuku groaned, pushing his length in deeper, loving the way it made her moan as her stomach tented around him. He grabbed her legs, holding onto her thighs as he began thrusting in faster, his cock making wet squishing noises every time he pushed into her hot little hole. The lips of her pussy clung tight to him every time he pulled back as if her cunt never wanted him to leave.


“HAAAAHHH, SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOOOOD…! DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!” Ochaco moaned in ecstasy, her eyes rolling back as she panted for every breath. “THIS FEELS SO GOOD, I LOVE IT, MORE!!!! MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!!”


Groaning softly, Izuku held onto her thighs tightly, “One for All, Full Cowling: 5%” he hissed through clenched teeth as lines of energy glowed around his body. He then began swinging his hips faster, his thighs slapping against her ass with a loud smack smack smack sound.


“OOOHHHH FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!” Ochaco screamed, her tongue lolling out of her mouth now as her eyes turned almost completely white as they rolled back in their sockets. Drool trickled down her chin as she panted even harder, her heavy tits wobbling in opposing circles until he reached his hands forward to grab them. He was careful not to squeeze too hard as he pinched and tugged on her nipples, making her moan even harder.


“YES, DEKU, DON’T STOP, POUND MY PUSSY MORE, PLEASE, MAKE MY PUSSY YOURS AND YOURS ALONE!” Ochaco panted, rocking her hips against his thrusts as she gripped the bed sheets tight. Her pussy gushed with his every thrust inside her now, thoroughly coating his cock as he pushed in balls deep with every thrust. He then leaned back slightly, and blinked when he lifted her up like she weighed nothing. Which after a split second’s thought he realized that she did weigh nothing! At some point she negated her own body weight allowing him to lift her up with just his cock.


Before she could float off and away from his cock, he moved his hands to grab her waist, pumping her body up and down on his length.


“AHHAAHH… HAHHHAAA… YES, DON’T STOP, MAKE ME YOUR ONNAHOLE!!!!” Ochaco moaned as Izuku continued working her back and forth along his cock. Her pussy clenched him tighter and tighter and he bit his lower lip to negate some of his pleasure, he wanted this to go on longer, to hear her moan more. She was reminding him of that time in the bath with Mina, how she screamed and moaned and told him to stretch her pussy until it lost all shape forever.


He groaned again as he remembered that night while watching his cock stretch Ochaco’s stomach again and again, “Is that what you really want? To be my onnahole?” he asked.


“YESSSSSS, I WANNA BE YOUR ONNAHOLE!!!!” Ochaco screamed, her pussy gushing again with the admission. He pulled her close and kissed her hard, sucking on her tongue as she moaned with ecstasy into his mouth.


“Make me float too!” he told her.


Ochaco wrapped her arms around him, her fingers clawing at his back; he could feel her leaving long scratches there as gravity lost its grip on both of them. The two floated off the bed and Izuku groaned, “PLUSSSS ULTRAAAA!!!!”


Ochaco leaned her head back in a silent scream of pleasure as he began pounding into her harder. The entire room was filled with the wet SLAP SLAP SLAP of their bodies colliding over and over. The two of them drifted to the ceiling, but easily bounced off its surface, floating back down to the bed where it only creaked once and bounced them off in a different direction. Ochaco moaned as they bumped into her dresser, against her closet door, then against the wall, the floor. Several pictures on her nightstand were knocked over as the two of them bounced around the room like a bounce ball thrown really hard against the floor.


“O… Ochaco… I’m gonna…” he groaned as he began thrusting into her slower now, leaving his cock buried inside her longer.




“Ochaco…!” Izuku groaned as he slammed his cock all the way inside her again as he hugged her body close, her huge tits squishing against his chest.


“DEKU!!!! AHHH, I LOVE YOU!!!!” she moaned as his cum flooded her womb, filling her in an instant with the rest gushing back out around his cock and floating in the air with them in weird looking white globules. They floated about like the flakes in a snow globe. The analytical part of his brain figured that out in an instant. Ochaco’s powers applied to his entire body, including his body fluids, making them just as weightless as the rest of him.


The two of them held onto one another tight, still rebounding off the walls slowly as they floated around the room. Ochaco panted in his arms, her body shaking slightly for a couple of moments before she finally fell still save the steady rhythm of her breathing. Izuku looked around while waiting, doing some rough trajectories in his head. When they were about to hit the ceiling again, he kicked them towards the bed gently.


“Ochaco, release it now.” he whispered to her.


She gave a weak nod and he felt her bringing her hands together behind his back. “Release…” she whispered. Izuku felt gravity take hold again and the bed groaned in protest as the two fell on top of the mattress and bounced once.


Split, splat, splop, plit…


The sound of his cum raining down on the rest of the room made Izuku blush, that was gonna be hell to clean up. After a moment, he noticed Ochaco was shaking again. “Ochaco, are you okay?” he asked, lifting his head to look at her. When his eyes met hers, she blushed a deep red and buried her face on her pillow.


He pulled away from her gently, his cock sliding out of her with a wet squishing noise. Reaching his scarred hand up, he touched her cheek and traced his thumb around the pink spot, “Hey…” he whispered while having a major blush on his face, getting her to turn her face back. “I… Ah… I… I l…lo…” he stammered, his vocal chords locking suddenly.


“Ah!” Ochaco squeaked happily, pushing her face against his in another kiss as she hugged him tight. She held the kiss for a long while before breaking away and resting her head against his chest. “Can we stay like this for a while?” she asked.


He nodded, moving to hold her in his arms again, enjoying the way she cuddled into his. She then released a sigh of content. Izuku smiled and nuzzled the top of her head, loving the way her hair smelled as he felt himself drifting off to sleep.



Ba Ba Ba, bo be do, Ba Ba Ba, bo be do…


“Unnn…” Izuku groaned as the strange alarm woke him. ‘Huh,‘ he thought, ‘My alarm doesn’t make cutesy noises…


“Mmmmmh, five more minutes please…” muttered the naked girl next to him as she turned away to lay on her other side, tugging him arm around her like a blanket, “Mmmmh, so warm…” she purred in her semi-conscious state. Her other arm was slapping at the nightstand next to her bed until she finally hit the alarm and it fell silent. Cold sweat beaded all over Izuku’s body as he snapped fully awake! He lifted his head up and looked around; he was still in Ochaco’s room. Morning sunlight streamed in through the window curtains as she snuggled back against him.


“Ugh, sticky, no jam before bed now…” she muttered in her sleep as she wiped her hand on the bed sheets.


Izuku didn’t know which was worse, that he fell asleep in Ochaco’s bedroom, or the fact that it wasn’t jam making her alarm sticky! There was a soft knock on the door followed by the sound of the knob turning. Izuku looked around in a panic; his clothes were on the floor with his blanket, also covered in fluids. Ochaco’s hero outfit was on the bed, he hadn’t even noticed that earlier, but that wouldn’t do him any good.


Crap, crap, crap!!!!‘ he thought as he heard the door opening.


“Hey, Ochaco, you gonna sleep in again, gero?” asked Tsuyu’s voice.


“Yeah, outta bed sleepy head!!!” came Mina’s overly cheerful voice as the two girls walked into view. Both of them stopped cold at the sight of him lying naked next to the brown haired girl.


“Ahh heh heh, good morning…” he said quietly nervous.


“Morning, gero.” Tsuyu replied, her eyes wide with surprise.


Mina however was completely silent as she turned around and closed the door behind her before coming back into view, “ABOUT FRICKIN TIME!!!!!” she shouted, shocking Ochaco awake and making the girl fall out of bed with a shriek.




“Wow, you took our advice, I’m so happy for you Ochaco!!!” said Mina, practically bouncing up and down with excitement. “So how you feeling? I don’t know about you but my legs ached for a bit after that time we fucked in the tub.”


“I was fine afterwards, but then again my abdomen is more elastic than most girls.” said Tsuyu.


“Huh, what,” Ochaco asked, looking around, her eyes looking to Izuku on her bed, to Tsuyu and Mina standing by her door. Her entire body blushed a deep red as she waved her arms frantically, “Wait, no, this… This… This is… exactly what it looks like…” she finished lamely and she hung her head.


“So, are you two a couple now?” Tsuyu asked.


“Yes/No.” Izuku and Ochaco answered together, “No/Yes.” they answered again replying oppositely once again.


“I’m like all of you now,” Ochaco said as she got up and wrapped her arms around him, hanging herself off his shoulders. “I’m part of the harem too!”


“Oh, so he’s still free to do it with other girls, good to know, gero.” Tsuyu said with a smile and blush.


“Wa… Wait I…” Izuku began, but Ochaco covered his mouth with her own, silencing him completely.


When she finally broke the kiss she smiled at him and whispered so only he could hear her. “It’s okay, I’m happy with things like this, for now.” she told him, putting a little extra emphasis on the last two words.



After successfully keeping Mina from running around the entire dorm telling everyone what she and Tsu had walked in on, Izuku spent the next half hour helping Ochaco clean the mess in her room. He must have apologized over a dozen times, but she only blushed and told him it was okay.


Her room finally clean, he went to eat a quick breakfast before heading to the commons area to sit back on one of the couches and think about what to do with his day.


“Excuse me?” asked a sweet and slightly familiar voice. Izuku turned to see a young woman walking into the dorms. He blinked several times, not believing his eyes!


“Oh are you a student here? I’m Mitsuki Bakugo, I came to visit my son Katsuki.” she said as she walked over to him. She was dressed in a cute outfit made of a hip hugging purple skirt with a tan blouse that showed off her cleavage. A purse hung off one shoulder, but it didn’t look like it held much.


“H… Hi, Mrs. Bakugo-san… It’s so nice to see you again!” Izuku said in a rush. He hadn’t seen her in several years, but she barely looked as if she had aged at all! He knew it had to be something with her quirk. He mentally flipped through his notes, Kacchan’s Quirk was a mix of his parents if he recalled. His mother secreted a glycerin type substance that was more potent than any commercial moisturizer, and looking at her now it did wonders for her skin!


“Um, hello?” she asked, “Anyone home!?” she said, looking mildly annoyed, “You know it’s not polite to stare.” she said as she looked down at him.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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