Wrestling for Hot Dongs

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“You’re going down, Unohana-sama!”


“In your dreams, Isane-chan. As the saying goes: the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”


“Oh yeah? Well, here’s another saying: age before beauty!”


“…now that was just uncalled for.”


Hanataro watched with wide eyes as his division’s captain and vice-captain pushed and shoved their big boobs against each other, seeking to knock the other one into the thigh high water of the hot spring. Currently, Isane had her enormous tits pushing against Unohana’s face, but the older woman wasn’t giving up, pushing back just as hard.




“Hmmm?” The young noble beside him had a huge grin on his face, matching his sparkling eyes and enormous erection as he watched the two nude beauties wrestle against each other.


“No offense meant…but you’re kind of evil.” Normally, Hanataro would never dream of saying anything like that, but since Yushiro had taken a shine to him recently, he had gotten slightly more accustomed to being around Yoruichi-sama’s younger brother.


Enough to know that he wouldn’t take offense to a comment like that.


And sure enough: “Evil? Me?” Yushiro gasped, a hand over his heart. “That hurts, Hanataro-kun! How could you ever think me as evil?” Tears glistened in his eyes, almost hiding the spark of mischief.


“You’re making Unohana-sama and Isane-san wrestle naked to see which one of them gets to fuck you first,” Hanataro replied dryly. “That seems pretty evil to me.”


“I prefer to think of it as entertaining.” The smirk on Yushiro’s face was so wide, it extended pass the borders of his head as he nudged Hanataro. “And besides, I’m not the only one getting excited.~”


The shy healer blushed; thankfully, he was saved from having to answer by a loud splash and a watery yelp.


“And once again, experience and wisdom win out over youth and determination,” Unohana declared, her usual serene smile taking on an edge of smugness as she stood over Isane.


For her part, Isane pouted, folding her arms under her tits. “Hmmph! I almost had you captain…”


“You did,” Unohana agreed, smile not wavering. “But almost doesn’t count in this contest.” She easily made her way over to Yushiro, who was grinning in anticipation. Then he moaned as she knelt in the water, her tits wrapping around his cock.


Hanataro was soon distracted by Isane making her way over to him; her disappointed expression pulled at his heart. “I’m sorry you didn’t win, Isane-san,” he told her earnestly, hoping to cheer her up.


Isane blinked at him, before making a face. “You really are too nice for your own good, Hanataro,” she warned him, before sighing. “And I’m sorry too; you’re more than just a second place prize, your my friend too. Tell you what,” her eyes gleamed. “Let me make it up to you.~”


“Um, okaaAAAAYYYY!” Hanataro ended up shouting when Isane darted forward, her mouth slamming down over his dick and deepthroating it in an instant, her nose buried in his crotch. Then she was pumping her head back and forth, sucking with all her might.


From the sounds behind her, Unohana was certain that her subordinates were both having a good time. That was a relief; it allowed her to focus on Yushiro and his monster cock. She rubbed and licked all over it, until it was hard as a rock and glistening with water and her saliva.


“Mount up, Unohana-san!” Yushiro half ordered, half pleaded, his golden eyes fixed on her. He giggled in excitement as she straddled him, going up on tiptoe to do so. “AHH, YES!” he hissed as she slowly lowered her body, his cock sinking into her pussy, which gripped and squeezed him so hard.


For her part, Unohana couldn’t help moaning, biting her lip as she was filled completely; Yushiro’s cock filled every inch of her pussy and more, stretching it widely to its limit. And when he began to pump his hips, she was soon begging for more. “YES! AH! FUCK ME WITH YOUR MONSTER DICK! POUND IT UP INTO MY SLUTTY PUSSY!


A loud shriek from Unohana made Hanataro twitch; darting his eyes over to his captain, he saw that Yushiro had seized her nipples and was twisting them. From the way Unohana’s eyes were rolling up into her head, she loved how it felt.


Hanataro was dragged back to his own fucking when Isane pulled her head back; with a loud ‘POP,’ his cock was released from her mouth. “I think you’re hard enough for what comes next,” she purred. Turning around, she grabbed her huge bubble butt and pulled her cheeks apart.


For just a moment, Hanataro gaped. But then, filled with resolve, he stepped forward…and rammed his dick into her tight asshole as hard as he could. By Isane’s surprised shriek, she hadn’t been expecting him to do that.




But it was clear that she loved it, and when Hanataro, emboldened, spanked both cheeks, she screamed with pleasure. “AAAAIIIIEEEE! YES, SPANK AND FUCK MY FAT WHORE ASS! HARDER, HARDER!” she demanded, bouncing back against his thrusts, her ass wobbling and shaking with each push and spank. Her dangling boobs threw waves of water in every direction as she was anally pounded.


MMMMM!” Unohana moaned and yelled into Yushiro’s mouth as he kissed her, his tongue pushing in deep. They were pressed tightly together, her boobs smashed against his chest as he continued to fuck her dripping wet pussy. It wouldn’t be long now…


Isane mewled in disappointment when Hantaro stopped spanking her, only to squeal in delight when he reached around to grope her tits as hard as he could. He even gave them light smacks, as if he were spanking them too! It felt amazing, and as she bit her lower lip, she knew she couldn’t last much longer…


As the four of them came at the same time, the sheer amount and volume of noise sent ripples and waves through the hot spring. The thrashing and writhing of their bodies made it even worse; it was several minutes before things calmed down enough for the pants and soft moans to be audible.




“Yes, Isane-chan?”


“I think we both won.”


A chuckle. “I agree.”


“You still cheated though.”


“…” A sigh. “Whatever you say…”

(Story by User: S22132)

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1 year ago

Not to be rude, but what’s with all the Yushiro stuff? He was in like, three or four chapters of the manga, but now he’s in almost every other Bleach picture you’ve drawn recently.

1 year ago

Yushiro, you really are kind of evil for making Unohana and Isane wrestle in the hot spring just to see who would fuck you first. Then again, this IS the brother of Yoruichi. Go figure. Haha. Though they did enjoy themselves.

And Hanataro being way more than just a consolation prize for the loser.

That said, this was another fun chapter, including the sex and the silly ending. The picture itself also helped with that as well.

Overall, nicely done. I can only wonder how the next chapter will be. 😀

1 year ago

Nice story i really like the side of isane and hanataro. I hope we will have the chapter after isane and rangiku boobjob contest for Yushiro

1 year ago
Reply to  Ikana

My mind is blank right now, can you remind me what chapter was after Isane and Rangiku boobjob contest youre thinking of?

1 year ago
Reply to  SumSkrub

I know chapter he is referring to, just not sure what he is wanting

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
1 year ago

(Mini review)
Not bad at all! I enjoy some sexy wrestling between two busty sluts! This is a short but pretty decent story nothing major happened but it was pretty hot. The art again was the best part as isane and Unohana were pressing there tits against each other in the water as it’s clear they both are enjoying it. Yushiro is quite evil indeed making these two busty sluts fight for first fuck. Unohana win and gets to fuck yushiro first while insane gets 2nd prize Hanataro equally huge cock. A good effort on all fronts.
Score 7/10

1 year ago

7/10 is a passing grade, I’ll take it