Winner Takes All of Naruto

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Thanks for your present Hinata, Samui and Tenten were both great.” Naruto said as he walked out of the small locker room next to the Konoha public pool. He was dressed only in a speedo that barely contained his cock when it was soft, let alone the half-mast it was currently in.


Hinata licked her lips, adjusting her bikini top that did nothing to hide her huge tits, the nipples clearly peeking out over the sides as the triangles of black fabric struggled in vain to hold them. The bottom wasn’t any better, little more than a thong made of a black cord that dug deliciously into her pussy. Naruto wanted to thank her for her gift on his birthday some weeks ago, and had used his connections and clout to clear out the pool for the day.


One night in bed, Hinata told him that one of her wildest fantasies was to be fucked in a pool by Naruto, the water made cloudy with their combined fluids. Even now, just thinking about it was making her hot as she bounced her tits for her boyfriend. She bit her lower lip as she watched his dick push out of his speedo as it rose to full mast.


She opened her mouth to speak when the door to the changing area opened and closed again, “Ah, so I heard right.” said Tsunade as she walked out and stood next to Hinata, dressed in a ten sizes too small yellow sundress that her breasts were already spilling out of.


“Granny Tsunade, why are you here?” Naruto asked.


“Why, to help give you a belated birthday gift of course. I was working that night, the Raikage and his brother can really wear me out sometimes.” She turned to look at Hinata, “You don’t mind if I join you do you Hinata dear?”


Hinata felt like a balloon having the air let out of it as she blushed and looked down at her tits, “Um, n… No… I don’t mind Lady Tsunade…”


“Great!” Tsunade said as she turned and called out behind her, “Sakura, hurry up, just forget the bathing suit already, we’ve all seen you naked like a thousand times!”


“Okay okay” Sakura called out, walking out of the changing room already completely nude, her tits jiggling and bouncing as she walked. She smiled at everyone as she walked over to Hinata and grabbed her tits from behind. The string holding her top together finally snapped, letting her huge tits spill out and into Sakura’s hands. “Didn’t think you’d have him all to yourself here did you?” Sakura whispered in her ear before nibbling on the edge. Hinata shuddered, after working together so many nights at the club, Sakura knew exactly how to turn Hinata on. She was even better at that than Naruto sometimes.


“Sensei, you go first, Hinata and I will take a dip.” she said as Tsunade shirked off her dress, revealing her naked body beneath. She slapped a hand on her hip, making her ass jiggle as she stared at Naruto like Choji did a freshly barbequed steak.


Hinata yelped as Sakura dragged her into the cool water of the pool. Meanwhile, Tsunade tackled Naruto onto one of the lounge chairs, impaling her ass on his cock and moaning loudly. Hinata swam up to the surface and looked at Sakura with open anger. “What’s the big idea Sakura?! I just wanted to spend the day getting fucked by my boyfriend.” There was no way Naruto could hear her over Tsunade’s panting moans as she rode on top of him, her giant tits bouncing wildly as she rolled her hips, stirring that huge cock inside herself.


“Relax…” Sakura said, moving to rub her own heavy tits against Hinata’s larger ones, hugging herself close until they mashed and squished together. She covered Hinata’s mouth with her own, kissing her lewdly as she snapped off the string that served as her bikini bottom, the piece of fabric floating off towards the filters. Hinata couldn’t help it as she got even more turned on. Even though he was fucking Tsunade, Naruto could see her doing dirty things with another girl. She moaned into the kiss, returning it in kind as she listened to Tsunade howl like a bitch in heat.


“UHHH!! NARUTO! YOU’RE SO BIG!! too big… AHHH!, It’s so deep in my ass!!!; your cock is stirring me up so much!!! yes… Yes, YES! YEEESS!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!”


“Look, I helped Naruto get this place cleared out for a day, when he told me what he had planned I wasn’t gonna let you hog his dick all to yourself. Sasuke’s always out of town, Kakashi’s always too busy, and aside from the occaisonal drop-in from the Raikage and his brother, there isn’t a single other cock in town that can get me off.” Sakura told her. The dark haired girl understood, she’d worked at Busteez as long as Sakura and Tsunade, enough to know nearly every dick in Konoha was average or below with three exceptions.


“So I propose a little contest, we’ll see who he fucks first when he finishes with Tsunade, winner gets to have him for the next week.” Sakura proposed.


“What, why!?” Hinata balked.


“What’s the matter, afraid you’ll lose? You’re tits may be a bit bigger than mine, but he’s been wanting me ever since we were kids.” Sakura teased, rubbing herself against Hinata more, sliding one thigh between her legs and making the dark haired girl moan softly.


Hinata nodded, agreeing and rubbing her naked body erotically against Sakura as they waited for Tsunade to wear herself out. It didn’t take long as it turned out, the blonde screaming in orgasm as Naruto flooded her ass with the first of many loads. When the young man extracted herself from her he came to the pools edge to see the two of them looking up at him and his still throbbing erection.


“Come on in Naruto-kun, the water’s fine.” they said in perfect synch.


“Winner gets two weeks.” Hinata whispered, feeling confidant in her chances.


“You’re on.” Sakura whispered back.

Story by Sailor Io

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