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(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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In the dressing room behind the main performance stage of Busteez, Tsunade watched with mild amusement as Kaguya Otsutsuki struggled with yet another bikini top.  Shaking her head, she walked over to the ivory skinned woman and placed a hand on her naked shoulder.


“Let me help.” she offered.


“No, I can do this!  I was a goddess, I can handle a simple flimsy garment!” she said proudly.  She then managed to secure the two strips of purple fabric connected by a brass ring in the center around her enormous tits.  “I still don’t see why I need to wear this anyways, it’s all too small!”


“Men like tits, the bigger the better.” Tsunade said matter-o-factly as she casually put on a cream bikini top, the string digging into the flesh of her own even larger bust.  She turned to look at Kaguya, the white skinned woman giving her a dour look at how easily she’d done it.


Kaguya was one of several people brought back to life by Orochimaru’s now perfected “Life Revival Jutsu”.  Tsunade only knew a few of the details thanks to her former Hokage rank.  Only that it involved both the Impure World Reincarnation and the Body Recreation techniques.  The end result being a full body and soul revival of the dead.  The blonde still didn’t know what had possessed her old friend to bring Kaguya back from the dead, but at least he had the foresight to have done it with her powers forever sealed.


Now, less than a full year later, Tsunade would never have believed the woman across from her was the same fearsome foe Naruto had fought so hard against.  With Kaguya’s care entrusted to the current Hokage: Kakashi Hatake, she had taken to working at Busteez after seeing a show a couple weeks ago.  When asked why she chose to work there, Kaguya told others that she enjoyed seeing how all those men (and even some women) were enthralled by the performers on stage; tossing a small fortune in money at them as they screamed and hollered for them to simply shake their bodies more.


“Tsunade,” Kaguya asked as she looked at the walls of the dressing room, “I’ve been meaning to ask, who are these women, the ones on the paper tapestries.”  She pointed to a couple of the Busteez Promotional posters, “I’ve never heard of this ‘Karakura City’ before.”


“Neither have I,” Tsunade confessed, “I think those were a gift from the Busteez founder.  I’ve never met him, but I would guess those are women that work for him there.”


“Ah, I see then.” Kaguya said, nodding, then gasping as the purple strip of fabric around her tits tore free with a loud ‘RIIIIIIIP’!


Tsunade couldn’t help but laugh at how Kaguya’s tits bounced free, her own tits jiggling in rhythm with her of laughter.  “You had it too tight!” the former Hokage said once she regained her composure, “Here, let me help this time.” she said, grabbing a green top of similar design, though this one was a single band of fabric with a decorative magatama in the center.  Kaguya lifted her arms and Tsunade wrapped the top around her tits, being careful to make sure her nipples were completely covered by the band.


“The trick is to let it dig into your tits just right, but not having them tied so tightly that the fabric fails.  Trust me, I ruined several good tops before I figured that one out.” Tsunade explained.


“Thank you…” Kaguya said, still blushing as Tsunade fondled her tits in her hands.  The blonde could tell the other woman was trying not to moan as she gave her breasts several firm squeezings.


“Like a pair big giant marshmallows.” Tsunade commented.


“What’s a marshmallow?” Kaguya asked.


“Seriously?” asked a new voice at the door to the dressing room.  The two women turned to see Mei Terumi walking inside.  “You’ve been back what, a year now?  And still haven’t tried all the new kinds of food humanity’s come out with?”


“Wasn’t exactly a priority.” Kaguya confessed.


Mei shook her head as she began stripping casually, her heavy tits wobbling around as she shook herself out of her regular clothes.  “That settles it then,” she said as she went to the closet and selected a blue bikini from the bin marked with her name, “After work, Tsunade and I are taking you out to dinner.” she said, looking to Tsunade who nodded approvingly.


As Mei dressed, she looked at Tsunade with a dour expression.  “Hun, that bikini is way too plain; even if it is barely holding those tits in, find something sexier!  You do know who our client is today right?”


Tsunade nodded, stripping out of the cream colored top and tossing it in the hamper in one corner.  “I know,” she said, looking through the selection again, “By the way Mei, you got a package; it’s on the dresser over there.” Tsunade said with a gesture to an unassuming brown box sitting on the vanity.


Mei walked over to the box and tore it open.  Inside was a tiny cylinder of lipstick that she twisted open.  She then walked over to Kaguya and held it up to the pale skinned womans mouth before clicking her tongue in frustration.


“Tch! Ok, I give up Snow Princess,” she said, using Kaguya’s nickname amongst the girls, “What shade is that you use on your lips?”


Kaguya blinked in confusion, “Shade, what you are talking about?”


“Your lipstick color of course!  I’ve been trying to match it for weeks now!! I can’t find that shade of red anywhere!” Mei told her.


“I’m not wearing lipstick.” Kaguya said dryly.


Mei blinked her green eyes in shock as Tsunade giggled then fixed Kaguya with a cold stare, “I hate you so much right now.” said Mei as she reached up and grabbed Kaguya cheeks, pinching her lips into an ‘O’ shape, “I would KILL to have my lips this color naturally.  With a red like this I’d bag a husband in no time!”


Tsunade rolled her eyes at that one as she selected a new bikini from the closet, “Stop pining for what’ll never be Mei, we’ve got a client to satisfy, and it’ll take all we got to do that.”


The chains rattled and clanked noisily in Kaguya’s hands as she, Tsunade, and Mei walked out of the dressing room and into the V.I.P. area of the Busteez club.  The trio of women was clad in the skimpiest bikinis that would fit over their erotically curvaceous bodies.  Around Mei and Tsunade’s necks were a pair of slave collars attached to the chains Kaguya carried as they walked. Mei smiled as she spanked her own ass, loving the way her butt jiggled as the straps of her blue bikini bottom dug into her creamy flesh.


“So tell me again, Hinata booked this for him?  Isn’t she his girlfriend?” Mei asked as they walked down the hall towards the V.I.P. room that was  a full service outdoor hot springs, complete with a cherry tree enchanted with a jutsu to always be in bloom no matter what the season.


“You wouldn’t know it talking to her in a casual setting, but Hinata is an extremely kinky young woman.  I honestly think it gets her hot thinking of him with other women now that they’re dating.” said Tsunade.


“Huh, I guess it’s true what they say about the quiet ones.” Mei commented.


“I honestly don’t see the problem.” Kaguya commented.  “He IS the next likely Hokage is he not?  Shouldn’t every young lord have a suitable harem of women to ensure a line of succession?”


“That’s more for the Feudal Lords that runs the various nations rather than us Shinobi.” Mei said.


Kaguya shrugged, “So many new things to learn…” she said, shaking her head.  They reached the door to their destination and Kaguya gave both chains a yank.


“You both ready?” Kaguya asked.


“And how…” Mei said, squeezing her thighs together in anticipation.  Tsunade had told her stories, and she still scarcely believed them about the young man’s cock.  Since coming to work here though she’d service a number of dicks with size she hadn’t thought humanly possible.  And today, she was getting a session with the biggest dick in Konoha according to rumor.


She couldn’t wait.


Kaguya opened the door, holding a chain leash in each hand as they stepped through into the warm humidity of the bath lounge.  A light layer of steamy fog floated about as Kaguya led the three to the waters edge and squatted down.  Her legs spread wide to show off how her bikini bottom dug into the folds of her pussy.  Mei and Tsunade leaned down on either side of the ivory skinned woman, resting their hands on her thick thighs and bending forward to show off their heavy hanging tits.  Kaguya then recited her lines so perfectly; Mei thought the woman missed her calling as an actress.


“Master Naruto, I’ve brought you two slaves for your pleasure, please, feel free to use them to your hearts content.” she said to the young man sitting partially submerged in the water of the bath itself.


Taking their cue, Mei and Tsunade unclasped their tops, freeing their massive tits and displaying them for their ‘Master’.  Mei so loved these roleplaying sessions, they turned her on so much, and though she’d NEVER admit it aloud, she really enjoyed the ones where she was being forcibly taken as her village fell, a popular theme for the Raikage who liked to do things rough.


Naruto sat on the edge just below the waters surface, his thighs only half submerged, giving all three women a clear view of his cock swelling to full erection at the sight of their naked breasts.  Mei shivered, the crotch of her bottoms turning dark with juices as she licked her ruby painted lips erotically.

Story by Sailor Io

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