Weekend Doing Choji

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Ahhh, that sun feels great!” Temari sighed happily as she stretched her arms out to her sides and walk out to the shoreline of the beach.


Sakura had to agree, the sun and salt air were so refreshing. To think Busteez had a private beach so close to Konoha. No one around for miles save a few crabs and some seagulls that squawked in the distance. It almost made up for the fact she had to fuck Choji Akimichi repeatedly here.




At least she wouldn’t be alone; the Akimichi clan paid handsomely well to celebrate Choji’s promotion to Jonin. Sakura enlisted three other girls to help her satisfy Choji fully. Temari was a new hire at the club, proudly displaying her body in a v-string swimsuit that left nothing to the imagination with the way it dug into her pussy while failing entirely to cover her nipples.


Karui, a girl sent by Raikage to learn everything she could about Busteez for a possible franchise in the Hidden Cloud. Sakura had met her a number of times, but didn’t think she’d be into this kind of work from what she knew of the girl. She was dressed in a simple, if skimpy, green bikini with a bottom that dug tightly into her cunt. While the nipples of her big tits were technically covered, the dark areolas were clearly visible beyond the edges of the square cut bits of fabric.


Lastly was Shizune, Tsunade had ordered her to start working at the club in which the poor girl reluctantly agreed. Sakura bit into her thumbnail as she looked at the dark haired womans round ass and the thong bottom strung around it. The nipples of her huge tits were covered by a pair of flower pasties. Likely Tsunade also picked out her swimwear as well. Shizune should really stand up for herself more. But what truly annoyed Sakura is that it was supposed to be Tsunade herself with them, but she weaseled out by having Shizune come in her stead.


“Oh hey, Sakura?” Temari asked.


“Yeah, what’s up?” Sakura replied.


“Didn’t you have bigger tits the other day?” the blonde asked, pointing down at Sakura’s chest with a smirk.


“Sh… Shut up!!!!” Sakura said defensively, hugging one arm over her breasts, which currently only looked to be as big as her head. “It’s just a Genjutsu is all; I didn’t want Choji seeing me in all my glory and suddenly get addicted to me! I mean yeah, he’s a friend and all, but I really doubt he’s packing all that much below the belt.”


“That’s cold.” Karui commented. “Then why’d you not bother with a bottom for that swimsuit?”


Sakura had intentionally foregone wearing the bottom to the blue Bikini she had on. She smirked at Karui and slapped a hand on her naked ass, making it jiggle enticingly. “The bottom leaves marks on my skin is all, and besides, I’d have to lose them in a few minutes anyway.”


“Speaking of losing clothes, here he comes.” Shizune said, still blushing as she looked shyly onwards from behind their group.


Sakura followed her gazed and steeled her resolve as Choji came running down the beach. Dressed only in a pair of swim trunks, his big belly bouncing as he moved across the sand. The pink haired girl pasted on a smile as she posed to give the husky young man a clear look at her bare ass. Temari followed her lead and called out, “Come on big boy, it’s all for you.” she called out to him.


“Got that out of one of Jiraiya’s books?” Sakura asked dryly.


“Yeah, so what?” Temari shot back, completely unapologetic.


“Whatever…” Sakura rolled her eyes at the corny line and smiled again as Choji came up to them. He panted hard for his breath for a few moments and Sakura sighed inwardly. Why’d she make that stupid bet with Hinata? It ended in a draw since Naruto used his shadow clones to take them both at once. So to settle the tie they had each agreed to one week alone with him. And she still had well over four days before she could even SEE Naruto again, let alone feel that huge dick filling her pussy to the brim! Instead she had pencil dick on fat boy here as Choji quickly shed his shorts, confirming Sakura’s suspicions at his slightly below average dick.


Seeing the looks on all the girls’ faces, Choji bent forward so he could see his dick past his belly. “Oh right, I forgot!” he said before performing several hand seals in the blink of an eye. “BAIKA NO JUTSU!”


There was a quick puff of smoke and Sakura felt her jaw drop.


“Hot damn!” Karui said with a wide grin.


“Nice.” Temari said with a small smirk.


Shizune simply shivered as she began slipping off her thong.


Sakura had to blink several times to confirm what her eyes were telling her. Choji had used his family signature jutsu to expand his cock to something a horse would be jealous of! She chewed her lower lip as she felt her cunt gush just at the thought of that huge thing stuffing her cunt.


Choji grinned wickedly at the four girls as he beckoned all of them closer. Shizune nervously smiled at him as she knelt next to the brown haired youth, mashing her heavy tits against him as he peeled off the panties covering her nipples. The older woman moaned as Choji turned and wrapped his lips around a nipple.


“Ooohmmmmmh… Ahhh… This feels great…” Shizune moaned as Choji tried to suck he entire tit into his mouth while Temari shrugged off her sling swimsuit and knelt on his other shoulder. Her tits weren’t quite as big as Shizune’s, but she still managed to entice him into sucking on her puffy pink nipples next.


Sakura meanwhile took the lead as the most experienced girl here, pouring a heavy glob of sun lotion into one hand, then rubbing it between both before she grabbed hold of Choji’s massive dick. She let out a hot breath; this thing was seriously no illusion as she rubbed her palms up and down the length. Had she known Choji had this trick, she might have actually dated him! Her fingers glided over the man’s throbbing erection as Karui quickly stripped out of her suit and knelt next to Sakura.


“God, it even smells great…” she said in a husky voice as she got down on all fours, lowering her head down to lick and suck at the man’s balls.


“Ooooohhooo yeah, you girls are great at this…” Choji groaned as he moved between Shizune and Temari’s tits, his hands squeezing both their asses as he watched Sakura from the corner of his eyes. She made a show of rubbing the lotion into his cock, her hands barely able to close around his girth as she stroked him up and down slowly. She stopped only long enough to take off her top and release her Genjutsu, her tits expanding out like a pair of balloons until they were a couple times bigger than her head!


“Hoohoo!!!” Choji grunted, “Oh yeah, wrap those puppies around my dick Sakura!”


She grinned, doing just that as she eyed the other girls with an expression that read; ‘Watch and learn.’ She delighted in making Choji groan with her pillowy soft tits wrapped around his huge prick. She pinched and twisted her own nipples, moaning in genuine lust as she savored the feel of his pole against her skin. Just for show, Sakura opened wide and took the top six inches of Choji’s cock down her throat like it was nothing. She loved the way it made him groan and she loudly swallowed the small spurt of precum before lifting her head back up and using her tits to rub even more lotion along his shaft.


“That’s a nice trick handsome.” Karui said as she moved to rub her tits in Choji’s face before pulling him into a deep kiss, sucking his tongue back into her mouth and making the heavy set young man shudder in delight.


“Hmmmmhmmmm, thank you.” he said, taking a suck on both the chocolate skinned womans nipples. Karui moaned in genuine lust, Sakura seeing a trickle of juices running down her thighs.


Choji quickly tired of the tittywank, ordering Sakura to turn around with her ass in the air. She did so, reaching behind to spread her pussy lips apart for him. Naruto may have chosen Hinata over her, but she’d be damned if her cunt didn’t get first taste of that beast Choji was sporting.


“I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw you shaking that ass on stage opening night!” Choji said, slapping both hands on Sakura’s ass and squeezing the cheeks hard.


“Have at iiiiiiIIIIIITTTT!!!!!” Sakura began, and then howled as Choji without warning plowed his entire length straight up her ass! Her vision doubled as her eyes crossed and she fell forward into the sand. “AHHHHHHAAAAHHH!!!!!! MY ASS!!!!! MY AAAASSSS!!!!” Sakura screamed, as Choji slammed into her over and over. The baby fat of her huge ass rippling with every impact. Sakura wanted to scream, to tell him to stop, but everything was a blur as the fat man was making her cum like an open faucet.


“OOOOOHHH FUUUUUUUCK!!!!” Sakura howled her voice deep and throaty as her vision cleared and the shock passed. Part of her wanted to yell at him to warn her before he went anal, but all she managed was, “Harrrrder…” as she began rocking her hips back against him.


Around them, the other girls watched, Shizune fingered herself as Temari and Karui oiled one another up by rubbing their naked bodies together. ‘How long was this assignment?’ Sakura wonder as it got harder to think straight. ‘Just the weekend? Hmm, maybe this job won’t be so bad after all…’


Choji pounded Sakura’s ass for what felt like an hour before she felt his cum flowing into her stomach. He then pulled out of her with a lewd wet sucking ‘pop’. Sakura tried and failed miserably to hold his cum shower inside, but her asshole was simply gaping too much to even hope to do that. Falling onto her side, too exhausted to even try and stand, Sakura watched as Shizune used a towel to wipe Choji’s giant rod clean before applying another coating of lotion.


Karui went next, the dark lips of her pussy spreading wide around his cock as she straddled his lap.


“Oooooohh fuuuuuck…” she sighed, moaning as she worked to take every inch inside her, “It’s like straddling a mountain…” she moaned.


Choji laughed, grabbing Karui’s tits as he leaned back against Shizune and Temari. Sakura could only watch as Karui claimed her prize, bucking her hips in Choji’s lap, her curvy ass jiggling with his every thrust.


“HOO YEAH BABY!! POUND MY PUSSY!!!” Karui screamed, her head leaning back as she gasped for breath. “AHHH! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I like this, I’M LOVING THIS COOOCK!!! OHHH DON’T HOLD BACK CHOJI!!! CUM ALL YOU WANT INSIDE MEEE!”


The sounds of Karui’s cries were the last thing Sakura was aware of before she promptly passed out from pleasure.


“She okay?” Temari asked a few minutes later as Shizune checked Sakura’s vitals. Her pulse was stead and her breathing fairly even. The woman rolled the pink haired girl onto her back, making her heavy tits wobble like jello. She made sure Sakura was as comfortable as she could be before looking back at Choji and Karui. The pair had shifted position, Karui on all fours with Choji on top of her, his hips a blur of motion as she bucked back and forth.


“YESSSS! HARDER!!… HARDEEEERRR!!!” Karui screamed, her tongue hanging from her lips as she panted heavily. Shizune gulped, looking down at her own body as she wondered if she could do this. Lady Tsunade had been so insistent that she couldn’t say no when she told her to join Busteez.


“AAAAHHAAA!! I’M CUMMING BABY!!! I’M CUMMIIIIING!!!! ” Karui screamed as Choji rammed his cock balls deep inside her. Shizune gulped again as she saw the dark skinned girls eyes roll back before she fell forward, drooling into the sand, her face a mask of pure ecstasy. Choji pulled his cock free with another lewd noise, Karui’s juices dripping off the massive meat rod as Choji roared, his eyes like a beast as he looked at Temari and Shizune.


The two women looked at one another and in silent agreement held their fists out towards one another. They pumped three times and threw a sign. Shizune went with scissors while Temari chose rock.


“Looks… like I’m next….” Shizune said nervously, running up to Choji and laying his back on the sand. She wrapped her huge tits around his cock like she’d seen Sakura do. His dick smelled of Karui’s pussy as she squeezed her tits tightly. The young man let out a low groan as Shizune worked up her courage. Opening her mouth, she tried to take the tip of his cock between her lips. How had Sakura done this!? The young man’s cock was so thick that Shizune couldn’t even get the tip into her mouth!


“Suck harder!” Choji growled, placing one hand on the back of Shizune’s head and pushing it down! Shizune thought she might have unhinged her jaw as Choji’s cock invaded her throat.


“Aaaggghheeeeeeeee!!!!” she gaged more in pleasure than pain as her pussy gushed like a burst balloon. Until this very instant, Shizune had never been more turned on her entire life. She released her tits, letting them wobble aside as she began deep throating Choji, she didn’t know or care why, but she WANTED this huge thing in her mouth, all of it!


“AGUH!…GUUH!…GUUUH!” she gurgled, rocking her body back and forth as she leaned her head back and relaxed her throat as best she could. She couldn’t think of anything other than sucking the boy’s huge cock dry, it was like every cell in her body was crying out for it! She tried to look up at Choji, but her vision was blocked by the underside of his belly. The dark haired woman let out another stifled cry as Choji grabbed the sides of her head and began fucking her mouth furiously.


“AHHGUUUHHHAAAAAHHHGUUUHHHAHHHGUUHHHH!!!!” Shizune choked and moaned, her entire body shaking with pleasure as she began cumming just from this alone. She distantly heard Choji grunting again just as a sense of fullness formed in her stomach. Sweet blissful salty air then filled her lungs again as Choji pushed her off his cock and she fell back on the sand.


Gasping for air, Shizune spotted Temari, looking more stunned than anything still standing naked a few steps away. “Aour… ‘urn…” she tried to say. A quick inspection of her jaw showed that she’d dislocated it, though there was no pain. In fact, she’d never felt better. Bracing herself, Shizune delivered a sharp slap to her chin, snapping her jaw back into place with a painful sounding crunch. She opened and closed her mouth several times, testing the restored hinge.


“Ahhhaaa…” she gasped, looking at Temari again with a smile, “Your turn.” she repeated.

Story by Sailor Io

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4 years ago

So full on explicit sex scenes are allowed? Oh, the possibilities. The endless possibilities.