Uraharas Spontaneous Sex Play

“I still can’t believe you’re our client” Tatsuki said, crossing her arms under her bountiful chest, her martial arts gi doing its best to cover her body.


It was losing, badly.


“Or that you have such a fancy house!” Orihime chimed in, looking around in wonder. Privately, Tatsuki considered it a miracle that they hadn’t been arrested for indecent exposure on the way here. Her own outfit was bad enough, but Orihime’s schoolgirl costume…


She really couldn’t blame Urahara for leering at them.


“I’ll have you know that I can appreciate sexy young ladies just as much as the next person,” the former Shinigami captain told them, mouth hidden behind his fan. “And now that everything seems to have settled down, I can have some fun and relax.” Lowering his fan, his wide smirk was revealed. “And what better way than having you two perform a private strip show for me? Speaking of which…”


With a snap of his fingers, music started to play. “Whenever you’re ready, ladies.”


The two friends looked at each other and shrugged, small blushes on their faces. While they hadn’t expected to be dancing for Urahara, it didn’t really change anything. Standing next to each other in front of him, they got started, swaying to the music.


Orihime slowly unbuttoned her blouse, her massive mammaries pushing against the cloth, while Tatsuki pulled her top down, her own smaller but still impressive breasts bouncing to the music.


Then Orhime pulled Tatsuki into her arms, their tits squished together as they stared into each other’s eyes. The orangette’s hands slipped around their bodies, slowly pulling down her friend’s pants.


Biting back a moan at how good it felt to have her breasts rubbing against Orihime’s, Tatsuki mirrored her, unzipping Orihime’s skirt and letting it fall, revealing that her friend had chosen to go commando today.


Wearing only her stockings, high heels, and a smile, Orihime slowly turned Tatsuki around to face Urahara again, who watching raptly, a huge smile on his face.


With only her panties and a red choker covering her, Tatsuki spread her legs and bent her knees; the thin material between her legs was stretched tight, teasing and hinting at what lay behind it.


Positioning herself behind Tatsuki, Orihime bent as well, though not as far as her friend. Just enough so that her tits rested on Tatsuki’s head, like a sexy hat, and so that her pussy was hidden by Tatsuki’s voluptuous form, another tease for the clients.


The song ended and the two sexy dancers held their pose, smiling at Urahara.


The quiet was broken by his clapping. “Damn. I’ve lived for centuries, but that…” Urahara shook his head in amazement. “And that was just the warm-up.”


“Yep!” Orihime responded brightly.


“Now we’ll really have some fun….” Tatsuki agreed with a smirk.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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