Undercover but Barely Covered

Given Fairy Tail’s notoriety and fame, not to mention their reputation for property damage, Lucy was surprised that they were still hired for undercover missions. And to do undercover at a school? Their client either discounted the rumors or had faith in them regardless.


Hopefully they wouldn’t end up regretting that…


Lucy needed the job though, and it appeared to be a simple one: infiltrate the school and investigate one of the teachers, a Miss Cooper, whom the client suspected was using some kind of magic on the students without their permission.


With Erza working with her, Lucy was confident that for once, a job would go smoothly and she would simply be able to collect her pay without ending up in life threatening danger or a horribly embarrassing situation.


In retrospect, she really should have known better.


“Um, Miss Cooper?” Lucy called from the changing room, still looking down at herself with a blush. Glancing over at Erza revealed that her redheaded friend was flush in the face as well, a rarity for her. Maybe it was because neither of them had expected to have to dress like fetish cosplayers on this job.


“Yes, my dear?” Miss Cooper answered back cheerfully. She had a nice voice, Lucy reflected absently, before shaking the thought off. That wasn’t important right now.


“Do you have any bigger uniforms? These seem a little… small on us.”


“Really? Come out where I can see you both and let me judge for myself.”


Erza and Lucy looked at each other, but they couldn’t think of a good excuse not to obey, not without blowing their cover. They emerged from the changing room, still blushing and trying not to look at each other. Lucy in particular was being very careful about the way she walked; if she jiggled too much, she would expose herself, again.


Miss Cooper, a short woman with dark, curly hair, beamed when she saw them, her green eyes lighting up. “You both look wonderful! I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully in gym class!”


“But…” For some reason, it was hard for Lucy to protest, not when Miss Cooper looked so pleased, but she managed it. “These outfits are so skimpy. The bottoms are more like thongs, and my boobs are barely covered.”


That was putting it mildly; the bikini style bottoms she and Erza were wearing exposed almost all of their ass and only just covered their crotches. Erza was a little more covered up top, but Lucy’s underboobs were exposed. She could barely walk without a wardrobe malfunction, and she was expected to run and jump like this?


“Nonsense, you both look fine!” Miss Cooper assured them, her smile growing wider as she walked towards them, her eyes leering over them both. Normally, they both would have gotten angry about that, but for some reason, Lucy and Erza let it happen as the woman got behind them and placed her hands on their asses.


“Our uniforms are one size fits all, and they fit you both perfectly,” she purred, giving them both a squeeze and making them squeak. “Now, let’s get you outside so you can meet your classmates and get started with class. You don’t want to be late, do you?”


A hard spank had Lucy jump forward with a squeal, her boobs jiggling wildly and almost popping out of her shirt. Meekly, she walked forward, wondering what was wrong with her, and with Erza. Why were they just letting this happen?




“Mind magic?” Levy asked, wide-eyed.


“Yeah,” Lucy sighed, leaning back in her chair and letting the familiar chaos of the Fairy Tail common room wash over her. “Miss Cooper could make people more submissive to her; her magic actually wasn’t all that strong, but once it got into you, it was hard to get rid of. Erza and I managed though; we kicked her butt and left her for the authorities.”


“What was she planning?” Levy wanted to know. “Was it some kind of conspiracy, or evil master plan?”


“No.” With a groan, Lucy let her head fall softly on the table. “She was just a pervert who wanted to watch and take pictures of hot women while making sure none of them said anything.”


“…Huh. Well, I guess not every job has to be part of an evil plot.”


“Yeah,” Lucy agreed, lifting her head and frowning at the knowing smile Levy was giving her. “What?”


“You kept the uniform, didn’t you?” her blue-haired friend asked knowingly, giggling when Lucy started to turn red. “Planning on being a naughty schoolgirl for Principal Natsu?” she teased.


Her face crimson, Lucy managed a smirk. “You’re one to talk; I saw you buying that harem slave girl outfit the other day.” Now it was Levy’s turn to blush heavily. “What kind of kinky roleplays are you and Gajeel getting into?”


A mostly normal job, only a little embarrassment, no dangerous battles, she got paid, and she got the last word in against her friend: Lucy could say this was a good day.


And she was sure that Natsu would, ahem, ‘appreciate’ the uniform and all the ideas she had for it…

(Story by User: S22132)

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