Two Ninjas Teaming a Master

“I’m pretty sure no real ninja ever dressed like this,” Isane mumbled, doing her best to keep her arms at her sides instead of using them to cover her breasts. The halter-type top did very little to actually cover them; only her nipples were fully concealed, and she was very much aware that if she moved too fast, her tits would pop free.


“Probably not,” Hikifune agreed, the small blush on her face matching the one Isane was sporting. She had it even worse than her silver haired friend, as her tits were even bigger, straining against the twin strips of fabric holding them in place.


And of course their tiny thongs were fully visible as well, clinging to their pussy lips and wedged snugly between their ass cheeks. The rest of their clothes were just small, extra touches, meant to make them look more like ninjas.


If ninjas dressed like hookers.


“Still, it’s what he wanted, and he’s paying good money, so…” Hikifune shrugged, her enormous breasts bouncing and jiggling with the movement. She smirked at her younger companion. “Besides, it does sound fun and exciting, don’t you think?”


“The evil ninja master defeats the two busty defenders and takes them as his prizes?” Isane deadpanned back at her. Against her will, she found herself blushing harder and looking away from Hikifune’s knowing look. “…maybe a little,” she admitted in a barely audible mumble.


Chuckling, Hikifune gave Isane a light swat on her booty, her chuckles turning to outright laughter when Isane jumped and squeaked, tits wobbling wildly. “That’s the spirit! Just have fun with it and enjoy yourself. If all else fails, just think about what you’ll do with all the money you’re earning.”


Rubbing her butt, Isane glared at the older woman, a small smile tugging at her lips. “Maybe I’ll get the chance to pay you back later on; that would make me happy.”


Hikifune leered back at her. “Promises, promises…”

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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