Two Beauties, Relaxing and Playing

“Do I have to be like this?” Sakura said, as she blushed while topless. “I don’t see the problem, it feels great,” Ino replied. “That because you’re naked in the middle of a pool…” Both girls were having a good time, relaxing and having fun, away from all the jobs they did. “Why did we agree to do this again?” Sakura asked. Ino replied, “Sasuke wanted to have some fun, so we agreed”


Hours before this, Sasuke and Sakura were in their room, spending time together as a couple. As soon as they were getting ready, Ino came in drunk. “Hey guys!”, she said while waving a bottle. “Why are you here, Ino-pig? Shouldn’t you be with Sai?” Sakura asked. At that point, Ino started to sob because Sai was on a mission and wasn’t coming back until next week. “Sasuke!” she said as he hugged him, “At least you’re here to help comfort me in my situation.” At that point, Sakura got mad and tired to pull her out of the room, but Ino wouldn’t leave. Then they began to fight as usual; Sasuke knew it was gonna get ugly as some point. “Okay, how about this…” he said to them as they stopped.


That leads us to now as both of them waited for Sasuke to join them. Once he did, they headed into the pool and started to drink. “I think you had enough, Ino-pig” Sakura said. “I’ll have enough when I say I have enough” she replied back. After a few minutes passed, both Sasuke and Sakura kissed while Ino watched in jealousy. “What the heck was that? You call that a kiss?!” she said, now drunk. “Like you know?” Sakura replied back. “I bet a can kiss Sasuke better then you.” As both girls began to argue again, Sasuke knew it wasn’t gonna end well.


Once he heard them say that he can fuck them better, he got up and tried to leave, but both Sakura and Ino pulled him back. “Okay, how about this? If he can fuck me better than you, I get to have sex with him whenever I like” Ino said to Sakura. “Fine, but if he fucks me better, you have walk around the Hidden Leaf naked for a month, Ino-pig”, Sakura replied back to her. Sasuke didn’t want to be part of this, but had no choice.


“Looks like I can finally feel what is liked to get fucked by the great Uchiha,” Ino said to him while wrapping her arms around him, her tits on her face. Once that happened, Sasuke became hard, while Sakura took off her bottom and began to suck his cock. Ino let him suck on her tits and he began to suck them hard. “Oh god yes! Keep sucking them, Sasuke,” she said while moaning. Sakura was giving him a good blowjob, which then turned to a boobjob combo after she wrapped her tits around his dick.


“Fuck my tits good and my mouth again,” she said. Sasuke didn’t believe how lucky he was; sucking on big tits and having his cock fucked was the best for him.”Hmmm….looks like someone love my tits. I bet you wish they were on your cock instead,” Ino said, teasing him. Sakura heard that and slapped Ino’s ass, which made her yelp. “Don’t push it, Ino-pig… I can still do a better job then you with your saggy tits,” she said.


Sasuke knew he wanted to fuck them good. He started to move his cock faster in Sakura’s mouth, while she moved her tits more. Ino couldn’t take it and joined her as both girls let Sasuke fuck their tits. He knew he was gonna cum and with one thrust, he exploded over their tits. His cum was covering their faces and boobs. “My my, that was a great move,” Ino said while licking the cum off her tits. When Sasuke saw that, he tackled her and began to rub his hard cock on her wet pussy. Sakura was getting jealous, so she kissed him as he began to fuck Ino’s pussy. “Ah! So big and hard! I definitely want to be fucked by this big cock everyday!” she said, screaming in passion.


“Not so fast, I’m not letting you win that easily!” Sakura said. She began to lay down and spread her legs to show her wet pussy to him. At that point, Sasuke didn’t want to stop fucking and began to lick her pussy. Both girl, now horny, started to feel really good, thanks to Sasuke. “Fuck me harder, Sasuke! Make this pussy cum! Let me squirt over it like a slut!” she said as he began to move faster. Sakura didn’t want to lose and she let him lick and finger her deeper. Hours went by, and both girl still kept going. Sakura was getting fucked hard as his cock was hitting her deeper and deeper. Ino and Sasuke were kissing, but she was covered in cum after he showered her with it. “Ah! I’m gonna cum! Fill me up, Sasuke! Give me all of your hot cum!” Sakura said as he moved faster. “Let me help you with that,” Ino said to her, as she got on top of her friend and they started kissing.


Sasuke ended up fucking both of their pussies; to make sure they got it good, he first came in Sakura, giving her a huge load , and then Ino, who was already filled. She was screaming with passion. With everyone tired, both girls couldn’t move. Their pussies were leaking with so much cum, and they were covered in it too. Sasuke felt there was no winner, so he decided to leave, until… “Where do you think you’re going?” Both of them got back up and grabbed him; they knew one of them had to win. Sasuke wasn’t leaving until one of them was out of it or he was completely drained.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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