Tugging for the Captain



Nothing; Riruka narrowed her eyes.




Still no response. Her friend didn’t even bother to open her eyes, and Riruka felt a muscle twitch in her jaw.




Finally, a sign that Jackie heard her: one eye cracking open to give her an annoyed look. “What is it, Riruka? Can’t you see I’m concentrating?”


Hitsuguya watched with bemusement, wisely keeping silent. This was shaking up to be an amusing argument, and he knew better than to get caught in the crossfire between two women, especially when one of them had her teeth very close to his cock.


The maroon haired girl scowled at Jackie. “I can tell that you’re concentrating!” she snapped. “You’ve been concentrating for the last five minutes! How much longer are you going to keep his dick for yourself? I want to suck it and tittyfuck him too!”


A single white eyebrow arching up, Toshiro wondered if he should be offended that he was being argued about as if he were a toy, or flattered that Riruka was so eager to get a taste of him.


Flattered was safer, he decided.


“You’ve been glaring at me for the last few minutes, so yeah, I know you want it bad,” Jackie replied. “But…” she looked deliberately at Riruka’s breasts and then down at her own huge tits. “Do you really think that you can give him a better time than I can?”


Ouch. The sole male of the little group winced; those were fighting words, for certain.


Mouth falling open in outraged shock as she blushed in mingled anger and embarrassment, Riruka just stared and made wordless noises of disbelief as Jackie focused on her paizuri, closing her eyes again. Then the twin-tailed young woman’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Oh, it’s on now, bitch!” she hissed. “As soon as you’re finished, I’ll show you and him just how good a time I can give someone!”


“We’ll see,” was Jackie’s casual reply, cupping her tits as best she could with both hands and bouncing them up down to rub against Hitsguya’s cock. “Just so you know, you’re going to have a hard time competing against these big fat cow tittys and my thick, plump cock sucking lips”


Definitely not saying anything now, Toshiro thought, electing instead to focus on how damn good he was feeling. And if he played his card carefully, he could get the two ladies competing all day.


It was definitely risky, but the rewards would be very much worth it.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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