Tsunade’s Fuck Tour

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Tsunade was never fond of trains, train stations even more. Everything smelled like dust and oil here, and the hustle and bustle made it so she had to keep alert for pickpockets. Naruto did well as Hokage, but even he couldn’t keep petty crime down. The only saving grace was that a train would cut her trip to Kumogakure from a few weeks to a couple of days. The only thing that still bothered her about this trip was that it was all business. The next Chunin exams were coming and Kumogakure wanted to host them after the debacle of the last one. It seemed that whenever Konoha hosted the exams, things got TOO eventful.


Sighing, Tsunade cursed the fact she wouldn’t be able to check any of the local gambling establishments recently developed in the village.


“Train 69 to Kumogakure now arriving from The Land of Waves on Platform 8, please wait for all passengers to disembark before boarding.” a man’s voice announced over the loudspeaker.


“Well, at least the train is on time.” said Tsunade as she looked at her pocket watch. It was a retirement gift from Kakashi and had a picture of her grandfather engraved on the cover. Returning the watch to her pocket, Tsunade grabbed her single bag of clothes and waited by the platform.


The train pulled into the station with a screeching metal on metal sound that made Tsunade wince. When it finally came to a halt, the doors all hissed open and the passengers began filing out. The already loud chatter in the station reached a low roar as people met with those waiting for them or began making calls from those handheld phone things that were so popular with children now.


Blinking her large brown eyes at the sight of a familiar face disembarking from the train, Tsunade made her way over to a dark haired woman.


“Hinata?” she asked.


Hinata looked up at her and gave a fatigued smile, “Lady Tsunade, you didn’t have to greet me.”


“Not quite,” Tsunade replied, “I’m on my way to Kumogakure for some meetings.”


Hinata nodded, “I’m just returning from the Land of Waves, I spent the last couple days there with, him.” she said her tone turning a little bitter on the last word.


Tsunade wince in sympathy, “How is that going?”


Smiling, Hinata held up two fingers in a ‘V’, “Only one ticket left and my penance is done, though it might be a while before it gets used.” Hinata explained how A had used two of his tickets to keep her with him during the trip. Tsunade had seen her that first night in the club after A won against Kaguya. How Hinata was still sane after several days of that was beyond her!


“Well, take this break to recover yourself. Kaguya told me about what A was doing, though I still find it hard to believe, ninja techniques centered on sex, sounds like something out of a dirty novel.” she told the dark haired woman.


“Believe me, it’s all very real.” Hinata said.


“Train 69 to Kumogakure is now boarding!” came the voice over the loudspeaker.


“That’s my cue, take care of yourself Hinata; I’ll see you again in a few days.” Tsunade said as she made ready to board the train.


“You too, take care.” Hinata said with a wave.


Tsunade boarded the train and made her way to the VIP cars. An upside to being a former Hokage, you got the best travel accommodations available. Humming softly to herself, Tsunade walked by one of the private car chambers when she heard a voice.


“Well, this is a surprise, didn’t expect to see you on my way home.” said A.


Tsunade turned to see the dark skinned man sitting in the private car, his artificial arm lying on the seat across from him as he rubbed some kind of ointment on the stump of his limb. She offered him a neutral smile, “Problems?” she asked, giving a nod to his synthetic hand.


“Hmm? No, just doing some maintenance. I never would have bothered getting this thing if I knew how much of a hassle it could be.” he grumbled.


“But now that you have it, it’s too useful to throw away?” she finished.


“Hmm.” he confirmed with a nod.


“Naruto said the same when I made his.” Tsunade told him.


“Ah yes, you did create these, didn’t you?” A said as he reattached his hand and testingly flexed the fingers before rewrapping the bindings.


Tsunade nodded, “May I come in?” A gestured to the seat across from him, and Tsunade sat down. She took his synthetic hand in hers, “The cells used to make these can be tricky to work with sometimes, which is why they need regular tending.” she told him as she pressed several points on his palm, causing his fingers to move out of reflex.


“I hear the ninja tool makers in your village are working on newer models that don’t require the Hashirama cells.” A said.


“I only know what I heard from Naruto in that they can absorb weaker Jutsu’s to some extent.” she told him.


“Could be useful if applied correctly.” A said with another nod. “So, what business do you have in Kumogakure?”


“Negotiations with Darui on the next Chunin exams.” she told him simply.


“Ah yes, those are coming up again soon.”


“Too busy humiliating Hinata to keep track?” she asked with a smirk.


“That Kono-slut got what was coming to her!” A snapped.


“I hope you aren’t actually trying to break her.” Tsunade said, “Naruto might take that personally.”


“Nothing she can’t fully recover from with time.” A said dismissively.


“I’ll take your word on that for now. I heard you only have one ticket left?”


He nodded again, “Yes, I’m waiting on something to be completed in my village before I return to use it. Shouldn’t take any more than a year, I figure she’d be fully recovered by then.”


“May I ask what that is?” Tsunade pressed.


“No.” A told her, “It’s something that will affect my villages economy, so I’m afraid I can’t disclose any detail until it is ready.”


“Fair enough.” Tsunade said, letting the subject drop, “Well, this will be my first real visit to Kumogakure, I only wish I had time to see some of the sights.”


“You mean the casinos.” A said with a smirking grin. Tsunade didn’t even bother trying to deny it, as she leaned back in her seat, “Hmm, I half-expected a denial, color me impressed Princess.” he said, using the nickname many referred to her with in days gone by.


“Why deny a truth?” Tsunade countered, “Though I can honestly say I’d like to see some of the natural beauty Kumogakure has to offer if I had time.”


“I can arrange that.” A said, “Darui may be busy as the Raikage, but I’m sure he can rearrange things to allow his predecessor to show a visiting Former Hokage the beauty of our village.”


“Why Raikage, are you asking me on a date?” Tsunade teased,


“Don’t be absurd!” A said, completely serious, “This is professional courtesy, nothing more.”


“Alright, I’ll leave it at that and thank you in advance.” said Tsunade. She then got up, “I’m gonna put my things away in my cabin, care to join me for dinner, train food is better if shared with a colleague.”


A only grunted in the affirmative as he looked out the window just as the train began pulling out of the station.



Tsunade let out a low whistle at the sight of where A had brought the two of them. “Wow, this place, it’s beautiful!” she gasped as she looked around. They were high in the mountains, after a rather quick series of negotiations; A had escorted her to a rather secluded area where underground springs burst through the surface to pour over a ring of stones to fill into a small crater making the pond. The water was so clear Tsunade could see through to the bottom!


“I often came here to meditate in my youth.” A told her as he followed her up the path leading to the spring.


“I can see why, this place is very serene.” Tsunade told him as she walked to the water’s edge and striped out of her regular clothes. Beneath them she wore a flower patterned sling one-piece that barely contained her already large tits. She smirked as she heard A let out a low grunt as he stared at her creamy ass, the back of her suit riding up the cheeks of her rump leaving the buns fully exposed.


“Mind if I take a dip?” she asked.


“Feel free.” he said as he moved to sit on some of the rocks that didn’t have water running out of them.


The water was cool and refreshing; Tsunade instantly felt her nipples tightening against the fabric of her suit. She swam from one end of the pond to the other then back again. On the return trip, she stopped at the center of the pond, easily treading the water with just her legs as she formed a series of quick hand seals.


She felt her tits swelling just beneath the water’s surface, shifting her center of balance dramatically. It wasn’t anything she hadn’t done before, so compensating was a trivial matter as she began slowly moving back towards where A was seated.


“I really should thank you again for arranging some free time for me on this trip.” she told him as she broke the surface of the pond. Water cascaded down her smooth supple skin as she closed the distance between herself and A.


“Ooooh…” A gasped then grinned approvingly, “Very nice. I like how you don’t play coy Princess.”


“Coy is for those who wanna play at being good little girls.” Tsunade replied as she walked out of the water some more, enjoying the way his eyes were locked on her now gigantic tits, now barely contained by the straps of her sling suit.


“Hmm,” A grunted, “If this is going to cost…” he began.


“I’m on vacation.” Tsunade interrupted, hooking the strings of her suit under her thumbs and tugging them off, exposing her titanic tits with their huge pink nipples now painfully stiff in the cool mountain air. “And if I wanna be perfectly honest, I haven’t had a good fuck in weeks. Naruto barely comes by the club, and Kakashi is all but impotent these days.” she said bluntly.


“HAH!” A laughed, “Too much poon can do that to a man.”


“Poon?” Tsunade echoed, lifting an eyebrow.


“Local term for pussy.” he explained.


“Whatever, I heard you had Hinata go this big on one of your ‘dates’. So you gonna grab these or am I wasting my time?” Tsunade asked him as she moved to where A sat, resting her massive knockers on the rocks in front of him.


A chuckled, “I like this direct attitude of yours, you should be this way more often.” he told her as he slipped down slightly. Tsunade parted her tits for him to slide between. Water splashed around them as A grabbed her breasts, his fingers sinking deep into the pliant flesh as their mouths connected. Tsunade moaned into the kiss as she felt an electric jolt running through both her tits as A hefted them both. The sensation ran from her breasts to her crotch and back again. Tsunade felt herself shiver in delight as she moved her hands to the dark skinned man’s waist, tugging off the shorts he wore and reaching down to grab his thick cock, already throbbing and fully erect!


“Mmmmmh, you have fun shoving this into that poor little housewife?” she asked teasingly while stroking his length. Not nearly as big as Naruto, but Tsunade did enjoy his raw girth as she ripped away her sling swimsuit, the thick pink strings snapping like cheap thread as she rubbed her massive tits against A’s torso. Tsunade then gasped as A gripped her tits tighter, gripping them as he whirled the two of them around so that he was pressing her back against the rocks.


“Yeeeaaahhh…” she moaned as he took a portion of one of her huge nipples into his mouth, biting her slightly as he moved his good hand down to grab her thigh. Tsunade offered no resistance as he lifted her leg high before she guided his cock inside her!


“Hmmmmm, fuck you’re hot inside!” A groaned as he pushed his entire dick deep into her.


“Too much for you?” Tsunade asked, “Maybe those skills of yours are only good for breaking in housewives!?”


“Why you…!” A growled, grabbing her other thigh and lifted the other leg, making her fall down onto his cock with a low moan.


“Mmmmmmmmh, yeah, fuck my pussy you home wrecker!” Tsunade panted, looking him straight in the eye.


“Cheeky Kono-bitch!” A shot back as he began thrusting his hips. The water churned around the two of them, making wet sloshing sucking sounds whenever their bodies pulled away from one another.


“You love it!” Tsunade said in retort as she leaned her head back and let out a long moan, “Yeahhhh… OH FUCK YESSSS!!!! OH I’VE BEEN NEEDING A BIG DICK LIKE THIS FOR WEEKS! DON’T YOU DARE HOLD BACK!” she screamed, “POUND MY KONO-CUNT WITH THAT BIG, FAT, KUMO-COCK!!!!!”


A laughed, “THAT’S WHY I LOVE KONO-SLUTS!” he roared, still laughing as he began pounding into her even harder as Tsunade wrapped her arms around his shoulders, digging her nails into his back as she panted for breath! She missed this feeling, being stuffed so full she might pass out from it as she felt his dick reaching depths only a handful of men ever had.


“AHHH! AHHHH!!! AHHHHHH YESSSSS FUCK MEEEE!!!! FUCKING MAKE ME CUUUUM!!!!” Tsunade screamed, already feeling her cunt spasming around his dick as her vision blurred when her eyes rolled back in her head. She panted for every breath as A more or less bounced her up and down against the rocks!


“Hurr, hurr, hurr, hurr…” A grunted over and over, the water splashing louder now as he pulled her away from the rocks and held her aloft.


“HARDERRRRR!!! HARDERRRRR!!! MAKE ME SCREAM MOOOORRRE!!!!” Tsunade screamed, still clawing at A’s broad back, her massive mammeries completely covering his head from view. “SHOW ME HOW YOU BROKE THAT SLUTTY LITTLE HOUSEWIFE!!!!”


“Heh, you sure you can handle it Princess?!” A asked lying her back on the rocks again, the water welling out from beneath them washing over her now sweaty body.


She turned to look at him and grinned, “Think I might beat you at your own game?” she asked, her voice almost completely calm if not for her rapid breathing. “Don’t you dare hold out on me! I want it ALL!!! FUCK MY CUNT STUPID!!!”


“HAHAA!!!!” A laughed, “You’re a true Kono-Slut Princess! I think I’ll call you Kono-Slut Hime from now on!” A said before reaching out to grab her tits again. His touch was almost electric like before, only this time it was like a fire burning straight through her core!


“OHHHH!!!! THE FUCK, WHAT THE FUCK!!!??? SHIIIT I’M CUMMING!!!!” Tsunade screamed, suddenly able to feel every micron of A’s kumo-cock inside her! Her pussy hadn’t felt so sensitive in years, but now, it was like she was a teenager again! “SHIIIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! FUCK! SHIT! FUCK MY PUSSYYYYYYY!!!!!”


“Like that Kono-slut Hime?!” A asked with a grin, then began slamming into her harder as he moved his hands to grip her hips, lifting her ass up for a better angle. “THIS is how I turned that Kono-bitch into my slave and made her forget all about her Husband’s limp dick!”


Tsunade clawed at the rocks, crushing several smaller ones with her bare hands! “FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” she repeated again and again, her mind blank of everything but the huge dick stuffing her pussy fuller than she’d ever felt even with Naruto! How? How was this happening? Tsunade couldn’t think as she babbled in ecstasy, “DICK! FUCK!!!! PUSSY CUM!!!!!!”


“Hmmmm, you know, it might be fun to make you a slave to my dick, what do you think Kono-Slut Hime?” A mused to her. Tsunade couldn’t answer either of him as her vision doubled when she went cross eyed in pleasure. She barely felt the rocks breaking against her back as her cunt clenched tight around his cock as if it never wanted to let go! Her giant tits wobbled in opposing circles with his every thrust as she dug her hands into the ricks and held on for dear life!


“AHHAAAHHHHH!!!! I’M GONNA DIIIIEEEEE!!!! I’M GONNA DIE, I’M GONNA DIE, I’M GONNA DIE, I’M GONNA DIE, I’M GONNA DIE!!!!” she moaned as every inch of her body seemed to cum all at once!


“That’s a good little Kono-Slut, now take THIS!!!!” A roared as he slammed his cock balls deep inside Tsunade. She could actually feel his cum painting the inside of her womb with its thick warmth as she let out a silent orgasmic scream before going limp on the now cracked rocks.


Tsunade didn’t know how long she laid there on the stones, cool water running over her naked body. The blonde woman made a plaintive noise when she felt A’s huge dick pulling free of her pussy with a lewd slurping noise. She let herself fall back into the water, dropping to her knees, her tits wrapping around A’s legs as she gripped his still hard cock in both hands.


“Ahhhaaaa…” she gasped weakly, leaning forward to take his entire glistening length into her mouth. Her jaw ached as she bobbed her head back and forth, her throat distending around his girth as she let out a long low moan.


“That’s a good Kono-slut, get it nice and clean.” A told her.


Tsunade blinked her big brown eyes once, her senses recovering quickly. Year of battles had taught her body how to use recovering Jutsu’s at a near unconscious level as she looked up at him sharply.


“Now,” she said, “Try that again in my ass this time!”



“Me and my big mouth…” Tsunade cursed herself as she stood at the Kumogakure Train Station. Her ass still ached three days later! The negotiations went smoothly, but the final arrangements, Tsunade didn’t think her butt could hurt so much as she suffered through an extra day of planning and collaboration for the exams.


“Well, did you enjoy your time in my village Kono-Slut Hime?” A asked as he stood by her in the station.


“Are you really gonna call me that from now on?” Tsunade asked, trying to sound annoyed, but failing miserably. She was too worn out to summon enough ire to snap at him.


“Hmm, you didn’t seem to mind it the other night.” A teased her.


“Shut up.” she shot back. “Still, thank you for making my trip so much less boring than I had thought it would be. And for showing me around.” Among the other things the former Raikage had done for Tsunade was give her a proper tour around his village. There were times he sounded more like a tour guide than a retired leader, something she jabbed at him with which led to a little fun in a back alley behind a restaurant that sold rather fragrant and spicy foods.


“You’re welcome.” A told her, “If you would, can you deliver a message for me?”


“Hmm?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Tell that Kono-bitch we’re not done, it might be a year before I’m free to visit the village again for more than a few hours, so enjoy this little respite.” he told her.


Tsunade smirked, “I’ll pass it on.” she said. Her time with A had helped her figure out most of what he was doing, and she already had a few countermeasures concocted, so when he did come back, things might not go as he planned. She couldn’t wait to tell Hinata. It proved useful in expanding her already vast medical knowledge.


“Train 260 to Konoha is now boarding on Platform 11!” came the announcement.


“That would be my cue, take care A, until we meet again.” she said to him with a bow.


“You as well, Tsunade-hime.” A said before turning to leave. Tsunade smiled, A could be almost pleasant when he wanted to be.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Uzumaki dragonslayer
Uzumaki dragonslayer
1 year ago

I saw the last Tsunade picture that was uploaded and it had been a while since Tsunade had gotten some love and I started seeing some stories with her and i don’t know if it had been mentioned before or not but there’s a part where it says “not nearly as big as Naruto”(referring to the Raikages dick) so for some clarification Boruto has the biggest dick with naruto taking second place and the raikage has the third largest without pills?