Trying to Tame Saitama

(Note: This story is part of a short series of One-Punch Man stories)
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“So, why did you bring me out here?”


Fubuki glanced over at Saitama, a coy smile on her lips. “Can’t it simply be I wanted to spend time with you while admiring this wonderful view?”


And it really was spectacular: the northern lights in the night sky, the waves breaking on the peaceful beach, the-


“Nope.” Saitama’s blunt reply brought her train of thought to a crashing halt. “You always have some ulterior motive when you ask me for something. Usually something that will benefit you.”


Her smile frozen on her face, Fubuki stared at him for a moment before huffing and looking away with a scowl, folding her arms under her breasts. “Didn’t you ever learn some tact growing up?” she grumbled.


From the corner of her eye, she saw Saitama shrug. “You’re not denying it,” he pointed out mildly with a dull expression on his face.


“…fine,” Fubuki reluctantly admitted. “Do you remember the last time we had sex?” If he wanted to be blunt, she could do the same.


He nodded. “You were both exhausted and swore to kill me. Your sister actually tried; is that why you asked me out here, to try and kill me?” A normal person, even another hero, would have sounded nervous; Saitama sounded like he was talking about the weather.


Boring weather.


“No, I didn’t!” Fubuki snapped. Not that it would have mattered if she had; there was nothing she could to that would even inconvenience Saitama, he was that strong. It was a bitter pill to swallow, one she wasn’t sure Tatsumaki would ever be able to handle.


“I wanted to try fucking you again. And before you say anything,” Saitama’s mouth closed, “I need to work on endurance, and you need to work on moderation; right now, you either fuck your partner into oblivion instantly, or just lay there and let them do all the work.”


“…huh, good point,” Saitama agreed after a moment of thought. “All right, why not? This has all been kind of fun so far. How do you want to start?”


In answer, Fubuki dropped to her knees, already using her psychic powers to open up his jumpsuit and free his cock. Cupping his balls with both hands, she started kissing and licking the length of it, rolling her eyes up to see how he was reacting.


To her simultaneous lack of surprise and frustration, Saitama’s expression had barely changed, except perhaps his eyes were slightly wider.


Seriously, what the hell did it take to get a rise from this guy?!


Focus, Fubuki! Giving her head a slight shake, she lavished attention on Saitama’s cock, until it was dripping with her drool and hard as diamond. Remembering what had happened the last time they’d fucked, she had to swallow before ordering him, “Lay back.”


In that strangely passive way he had, Saitama did so, his cock pointing straight up like a flagpole. Using her powers again, Fubuki floated her body over him, straddling his big cock and moving her dress out of the way. Biting her lower lip, Fubuki slowly lowered herself, groaning as his dick slid easily into her.


“Now, very slowly, start moving your hips and thrust up into me.” Fubuki would have said more, but Saitama started right away and she had to bite back a gasp. He was doing what she asked, but god, the power behind each thrust! It was amazing, especially now that she had time to properly enjoy it. “Oooohhhh….~” she moaned, unable to help herself.


“I guess that means I’m doing a good job.” Saitama sounded amused, even as he lifted his hand to gently fondle her breasts. “That’s nice; I was getting a little tired of you both threatening me.”


“Sh-shut up!” Fubuki replied, blushing brighter at her stutter. “Just keep this up! You owe me, after all!”


“Yeah, yeah,” Saitama said with a roll of his eyes, though he didn’t stop. It was clear he was concentrating hard on keeping a steady pace. Holding back appeared to be more difficult to him than going all out.


Right now, Fubuki didn’t care at all about that. Finally, she was getting the fucking she had wanted for so long, and she intended to enjoy it to the fullest. “YES! This feels great! I love it; keep fucking me, Saitama! Just like this! OOOOHHHHH!”


Saitama had to chuckle at seeing the normally in control and calculating the Blizzard of Hell behave like this. It was kind of cute, and definitely sexy. He was tempted to go harder, but he really didn’t feel like getting yelled at again-




Fubuki had just an instant to realize what she had just said; her eyes, which had been closed in the throes of passion, shot wide open with horror. She was just about to open her mouth to say NEVERMIN-


0.00000000000000001 seconds later…


For some reason, Fubuki began to hear a familiar guitar melody playing nearby.


Saitama sighed, looking down at the cum soaked and borderline senseless woman lying on the ground. Her eyes rolled up into her head. “You’re probably going to blame me for this again, aren’t you?”


“…hate you…SO much…” Fubuki managed to gasp out.


Saitama, already putting his clothes back on, said… “Yeah, that’s what I thought.


The scene fades to black as the One Punch Man theme plays.



(Story by User: S22132)

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