Triplet Hoedown Throwdown

“How are you adjusting to working here, Ikumi-san?” Nemu asked, toying with the zipper of her top, making a show of gradually pulling on it. Slowly it unzipped, until it was just barely hanging on, much to the lust fueled excitement of the onlookers. “I know from personal experience that it can be a challenge at first, and confusing.” Running her hands down her body in a slow, sensual manner, Nemu hooked her fingers into her thong, playing with it and pulling it down a little, adding another layer of teasing to her show.


Brandishing a short whip, Ikumi chuckled. Nemu was an odd one, even in this place, with her near emotionless way of speaking and acting. Of course, that was a huge turn-on for some people; Nemu’s fanbase wasn’t the largest, but it was certainly one of the most loyal.


“All the attention is still something I’m getting used to,” she replied, keeping her voice down. The boss man, Urahara, didn’t mind them talking while putting on a show, as long as they were discrete about it. “But the money is damn good, especially with the tips we get, and the sex is fantastic. Isn’t that right, Nel?” she asked, flicking her whip playfully at the greenette dancing next to her.


Nel giggled as she dodged, laughing harder when she saw a member of the audience almost keel over from excitement. Ah, her fans: they could get excited over the strangest things sometimes. “I can’t argue with that,” she agreed, shaking first her tits and then her ass. As the most voluptuous of the trio, her outfit was under the greatest strain, the specially made fabric digging into and sinking into her soft skin. It was a little uncomfortable, but the customers loved it; besides, she would be taking it off soon.


“I just love all the attention and having fun; the money is nice too though,” the former Arrancar admitted, perking up as the music suddenly picked up its pace and the lights changed. “And speaking of money, I think it’s time to ‘make it rain.’ I’m pretty sure that’s the expression.”


With the crowd finally allowed into the room, any reply Nemu or Ikumi might have made was lost under the roar of excitement as the customers piled into the room.


Each of them had their own unique way of moving to the music. Nemu was almost robotic, but the smooth way she kept her body moving, freezing in very sexy poses, was more than enough to keep the crowd happy.


Ikumi was much more wild and energetic, constantly bouncing and gyrating, deliberately rubbing up against the other two. That really got certain members of the crowd excited; constant lewd suggestions and orders rained down on them.


As curvy as her body was, Nemu barely had to exert any effort to enthrall the crowd. Simply twerking her huge ass and jiggling her enormous boobs had the people practically foaming at the mouth with eagerness.


Make it rain they did; it was like being in a blizzard of green, and the three women exchanged grins (well, at least Nel and Ikumi did). This might be one for the record books, but a little nudge wouldn’t hurt.


When clothes started flying off the stage, the crowd went wild.




Nemu wasn’t sure they had ever had identical triplets as customers before, but there was a first time for everything. And these three were loaded too, able and willing to pay for herself, Ikumi, and Nel to service them all night long.


Naturally, she and her friends were more than happy to earn their money.


Working her tongue around the hard, throbbing pole, Nemu moved her breasts back and forth, making sure they massaged the man’s ballsack while she sucked his cock. From the corner of one eye, she saw Ikumi straddling the oldest of the group. Bouncing up and down on his dick, Ikumi was making out with him furiously, tits smashed against his chest.


A squeal drew Nemu’s attention to Nel. The green haired beauty was bent over the bed, taking the third brother’s cock up her enormous ass. He had the biggest, veiniest cock of the trio by far. The occasional spank he gave her appeared to make it even more enjoyable for her, judging by the grin on her face and the way she would clench her ass.


Returning her attention to her own client, Nemu sucked harder, gratified to hear him moan in satisfaction. She could tell he was close to cumming; once this was done… hmm, should she request to be fucked in her pussy or her ass next?


Ah, of course: she would simply let him decide. That would make him even happier, and may even earn her an extra tip.


Quite a good night indeed.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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