Treats and Cherry Blossoms

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing short series of Naruto stories)
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It had been almost a week since Ino and Hana had gone to the forest to collect herbs; Ino was still feeling very relaxed (though if Hana didn’t stop giving her those smug smirks, Ino wasn’t going to be held responsible for her action). But now, they were finally back home; the blonde stepped through the gates of the Hidden Leaf Village. Everything appeared to be normal…mostly.


“Is it just me, or are there more people running around than normal?” Hana asked, cocking her head to one side.


“I was just thinking the same thing,” Ino agreed. The Hokage Tower was like a bee hive, with shinobi constantly running in and out of it. “Let’s go find out what’s going on.”


Inside the tower was even busier, but eventually they managed to talk to one of the chunin in charge of mission assignments. “Shizune-san has completed the herbal mixture; the two of you will be in charge of delivering it to Ranko Island,” Suika Kannonji announced briskly. “Hanabi, Sumire, and Wasabi will be assisting the two of you.”


“Nice,” Hana said happily, Ino nodding her agreement. “That didn’t take as long as I thought.”


“I’m really looking forward to seeing Ranko Island,” Ino said dreamily.


“Just seeing it?” teased Hana with a knowing look, chuckling as Ino made a face at her.


Suika gently cleared her throat, getting their attention again. “However, with the Festival of the Dead just around the corner, many people from the Leaf Village are planning on vacationing to the island to enjoy the festivities. As a result, the Kaminarimon Company has stepped up, unveiling a new line of luxury cruise ships.”


Now it was her turn to smirk as Ino and Hana’s eyes widened. “That’s right: you’ll be traveling in style to Ranko Island. Of course, you won’t be going alone. In addition to Hanabi and her students, a large number of people have already made reservations.”


She showed them the list and Ino pursed her lips in a silent whistle at everyone listed: Temari and Shikamaru Nara, herself and Sai Yamanaka, Hana Inuzuka, Karui and Choji Akimichi, Tenten, Shizune, Anko Mitarashi, Kakashi Hatake, Might Guy, Hanabi Hyuga and Sumire Kakei and Wasabi Izuno…


And there are probably more to come,‘ Ino thought to herself.


“Well, this definitely won’t be a boring cruise!” Hana laughed. “Oh man, I can’t wait!”


“I hope you all have fun,” the mission assigner told them with professional courtesy, already getting ready for her next task.


“Thanks,” the two ladies chorused; turning around, they almost bumped into two familiar faces.


“Hey ladies,” Kotetsu Hagane greeted them with a short wave.


“We couldn’t help overhearing your new assignment,” Izumo Kamizuki said apologetically. “It sounds like a really good time.”


“Hell yeah!” Hana said, holding up her hand for a high-five, to which Ino rolled her eyes but returned to her.


“Are the Eternal Chunins going?” Ino teased them with a smirk, which widened when they lightly glared at her.


“Nah. Someone has to hold things together while all of you are gone,” Izumo replied, still giving her a bit of a stink-eye.


“Maybe you can bring us back some souvenirs,” Kotetsu requested, unable to completely hide his jealousy and longing.


Hana and Ino exchanged glances before looking mischievously at the two chunins. “I think we have something better in mind,” Hana told them, the slightest hint of a growl in her voice.


“Meet us at the Sakura Field north of the village in an hour,” Ino ordered them. Without waiting for a reply, Ino and Hana sped off, leaving Izumo and Kotetsu blinking after them.





“You wanted to meet us here, so what’s up?” Izumo asked, feeling a little a little nervous. The surroundings were beautiful, and he wasn’t just talking about the blooming sakura trees, though those were breathtaking as well.


But most of his attention was on Ino Yamanaka; in her pink tank top with stutter inducing cleavage and very tight jeans, the blonde was showing why she was considered one of the most attractive kunoichi in the Hidden Leaf Village.


“And where’s Hana?” Kotetsu asked, looking around.


“She’ll be here soon, and thank you both for agreeing to come. I know you’re very busy.” Ino gave them a sympathetic smile, and the two men let themselves relax even further. They hadn’t thought that they were in trouble, but there was always a possibility. This, however, didn’t sound like the beginning to them getting yelled at for something they had or hadn’t done.


“And I know that you would both really like to travel on the cruise ship and go to Ranko Island,” Ino continued, her bright blue eyes fixed on first Izumo and then Kotetsu.


The two stiffened for a moment before shrugging; it wasn’t as if it was a huge or shameful secret. “Us and practically everyone else not going,” Izumo replied, a wry twist on his lips.


“We’re not exactly special in that regard, especially as the Eternal Chunin.” Kotetsu added, a hint of bitterness in his voice.


“Can’t argue with that, and while I can’t help everyone not going…”


Izumo’s eyes slowly widened and his jaw dropped as Ino teasingly pulled up her tank top, until her big breasts popped into view, jiggling slightly. Then she reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, and Izumo was abruptly sure he was going to have a heart attack.


“…Hana and I can at least give you two some good memories,” Ino finished in a husky whisper, staring at them with half-lidded eyes.


Izumo swallowed hard, a tent instantly rising in his pants, his cock surging to full hardness so fast, it was almost painful. “Are…are you sure?” he asked hoarsely.


Also staring at Ino, Kotetsu elbowed him in the side.


Irritation flashed briefly in Ino’s eyes. “I wouldn’t be offering if I wasn’t sure,” she pointed out testily, before smirking. “And if you don’t think you’re man enough…” she said as she began lowering her top slowly.


“Don’t even go there,” Izumo warned her with a grin, feeling a sudden rush of giddiness. Then Ino was right in front of him, kissing him as her bare breasts pressed against his chest. Reaching around to squeeze her denim covered ass, Izumo felt her inhale sharply. His satisfaction was cut off by his own gasp as she began pulling at his clothes. Unfastening his pants and reaching in to pull his cock out slowly. He returned the favor, peeling off her skin tight jeans.


Kotetsu was behind her in a flash, grabbing her breasts with both hands and carefully removing her shirt. Like everyone in the village, he knew how seriously Ino took her clothes; if he ripped or tore any of them, Ino would literally make him pay for it.


Izumo’s knees buckled when Ino grabbed hold of his cock, rubbing it in her hand. He fell to the ground, Ino on top of him and grinding against him. Releasing her hold on him, she slid her lower body down, and Izumo spasmed as her burning hot, wet pussy rubbed against his dick.


“Do you want it?” Ino whispered as she broke off the kiss, continuing to rub herself against him with agonizing slowness. Her pussy leaving a glistening coating of her juices running down his shaft.


Izumo nodded rapidly, his throat dry. He couldn’t remember ever being this horny!


“Don’t forget about me!” Kotetsu panted, only to stiffen when a hand fell on his shoulder.


“Don’t worry, I haven’t,” Hana whispered, already naked. She had come dressed, but since the others had gotten started without her, she had rapidly stripped and was now ready to pounce on Kotetsu. Now she pulled him up and kissed him hard.


Lifting up her hips just enough, Ino moaned as she impaled herself on his erection. Izumo arched up with a loud groan, his cock spearing into her cunt with a loud wet squishing sound. “Don’t you cum too quickly,” Ino half teased, half warned him as she settled down. “Mmmmh, I want this to be fun for both of us.~” she purred.


That said, she began to bounce on top of him, slowly at first, gradually increasing in speed. Her tits bouncing hypnotically as Izumo grabbed them with both hands before he could think about it. But since Ino moaned erotically, he was sure she was fine with it.


Ino rolled her hips as she moved her body with his. Izumu groaned at the feel and Ino grinned, she loved this move, the way it made his cock stir around inside her. “Mmmmmmh, yeah, nice and deep…” she moaned.


“So do you normally do it doggy style?” Kotetsu asked Hana teasingly, feeling only a little nervous when her eyes narrowed at him. He couldn’t help but grin when she turned around and got on all fours, wiggling her ass at him tauntingly.


“Well?” she demanded, hissing with satisfaction when he fell on her, his cock rubbing against her pussy. She grunted when he spanked her, looking back at him with a cocked eyebrow. “What kind of weak hit was that?! HARDER, DAMN IT!


“Yeessss ,that’s it, squeeze my big tits harder…!” Ino told Izumo in a husky voice, clenching her pussy around his cock. Ino arched her back, pushing her boobs even harder into his hands. Izumo squeezed with all his strength, beginning to pump his hips as well. Looking up at Ino, framed by the sun and the sakura petals, Izumo thought…


“I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful or sexy.”


It took him a moment for him to realize he had said that aloud, whereupon he promptly blushed hard. Ino laughed loudly, but not unkindly. “That’s very sweet of you,” she told him sincerely, leaning down for a quick kiss. “I think you deserve a reward.~ I was going to leave after a few hours, but now, I think I’ll stay the whole afternoon.”


Izumo was confused and disappointed when Ino lifted her pussy from his cock….before almost screaming in pleasure when she slammed it back down as hard as she could! “OH FUCK!”


“Even better, isn’t it?!” Ino giggled, swirling her hips around and almost driving Izumo over the edge. “Now FUCK ME! FUCK ME LIKE YOU’VE NEVER FUCKED A WOMAN BEFORE!” she ordered, bouncing as fast as she could on his dick.


“OH GOD!” Izumo groaned, struggling to match her pace even as he seized her nipples with both hands, twisting and pulling them. Ino squealed piercingly, her eyes rolling up.


PERFECT! YEEAAH, JUST LIKE THAT!” she told him happily, slamming her body down onto his hips, burying his cock deep into her. “I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU A TIME YOU’LL NEVER FORGET!” she moaned as she picked up the pace, her ass rippling with every loud smack against his thighs.


“You’ve already done that, but don’t stop!” Izumo begged her, sweat streaming down his body. He was going to remember this forever, he swore it.



(On the other side of the field…)


“You want it rough? I’ll give you rough!” Kotetsu growled, reaching out to grab Hana’s hair and pulling it. Hana growled back, before moaning as he pressed the tip of his cock against her ass before slowly pushing it in.


HMMMMMMMMMMMMMH!!!” Hana growled as she felt his long dick pushing far inside.


“You like that?!” Kotetsu demanded, spanking her much harder this time. Her ass jiggled from the impact as he left a perfect red handprint on her creamy skin.


“Heh, not yet I don’t! C’mon, SCREW ME!” Hana barked authoritatively, shoving her ass back against his cock, driving it in deeper. “POUND MY ASS WITH ALL YOU’VE GOT!”


Gritting his teeth, Kotetsu pushed his hips forward, not stopping until his balls were pressed against her pussy, before pulling back and then slamming them forward again. “TAKE IT! TAKE MY FAT COCK UP YOUR ASS!


HELL YEAH! THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!” Hana howled, loving the combination of pain and pleasure as her ass was fucked, her hair pulled, and the occasional hard slap to her butt cheeks. “NOW LET’S SEE HOW LONG YOU CAN KEEP IT UP, ETERNAL CHUNIN!


“…Oh, now you’re really going to get it!” he told her.


BRING IT ON!” she retorted. Hana then moaned in ecstasy as her body bucked back and forth as Kotetsu began piston fucking her ass. The loud smack smack smack of their bodies was only outmatched by the combined moans of both women.



(That night…)


“Hello, Beautiful; how was your afternoon?” Sai greeted Ino as she walked through the door, not stopping as he prepared their dinner.


“It was….quite enjoyable,” Ino told him with a content grin, sitting with a faint wince.


“Good; that makes me happy,” Sai told her simply.


Ino watched him fondly; yeah, Sai was a little weird, but after all he’d been through with Root, it was a miracle he was as normal as he was.


Plus he’s amazing in the sack,‘ Ino thought, already anticipating their upcoming mission to Ranko Island, not to mention the cruise beforehand.


“While we are staying in Ranko Island, Choji’s father will babysit Inojin and the others. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve begun packing,” Sai told her, interrupting her train of thought as he skillfully served the food. “Considering where we are going and our mode of transportation, I also made sure to pack your sexiest outfits, lingerie, and sexy toys.”


He briefly paused before nodding. “I also purchased some new items of clothing and some additional toys, just in case….why are you eating so fast?”


Swallowing her mouthful, Ino gave Sai a very hungry look. “I’ve just been reminded of how much I love you, so hurry the fuck up and eat your dinner so we can get to the bedroom!”


“…” Sai smiled, genuinely, and began to eat as fast as manners would allow

(Story by User: S22132 and SailorIo)

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5 months ago

This was a fun read from start to finish. I especially loved the ending with Ino and Sai. Picturing her rushing through a meal for some one on one with her husband was so easy.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago

Really sexy and nice artwork. Seeing Ino flashing her tits combined with her embarrassed and yet inviting look is really something else and really makes me wanna fuck this blonde bombshell. I also love the fact that we got a version with clothes after quite some time again (sadly but understandable in exchange for a cum version). Although the bra isn’t that special or kinky I appreciate how squished her boobs look in it. And her purple lipstick looks perfect next to her platinum blonde hair. I still think the background can change more often from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, it is a really beautiful one but seeing the sakura trees/love hotel for the 100th time can become quite monotonous. Especially since I know you can draw incredible diverce backgrounds. But that is something REALLY nitpicky from my side considering the backgrounds aren’t what the people come for.

But the story is where the whole artwork really shines. While I’m not the greatest fan of the pairing in this chapter I can’t deny that I’m eagerly awaiting future stories with all those characters coming soon. Bringing all these characters to Ranko Island makes for some great potential pairings I can’t wait to see. I’m looking forward to witness some Tenten and Temari action in particular. And with what I can only describe with “Porn logic” I still wonder who will run Konoha when Naruto, Kakashi AND Shikamaru are gone lol. Speeking of running Konoha and the people who are left behind: While the sex scene comes practically out of nowhere it is really great seeing these two busty ladies help the “Eternal Chunins” who are trapped in Konoha for the time being. Out of the two pairings we had in this chaper (Izumo X Ino and Kotetsu X Hana) the later was the one I probably enjoyed the most. Just because of this awesome comedic moment with Kotetsu asking Hana if she normally does it doggy style and her just going with it and even scolding him when he didn’t spanked her hard enough. What can I say? I really like seeing so aggressive sex scenes even though the moment where Izumo complimented Ino for never before having seen someone so beautiful and sexy and her reaction on it is incredibly wholesome. But the best thing no doubt is the ending with Ino coming home to her husband and their chemistry together. And with her thinking to herself how good he is down there really makes me wish to see some Sai action really soon.

All things considered a nice chapter with great future actions forshadowed (still looking forward to witness some potential spooky halloween stuff at this “Festival of the Dead”).

5 months ago

Cute expression. It feels rare seeing a more shy or bashful look on the girls.

5 months ago

Just to be clear, S22 did the massive bulk of the work here. I just added a minor bit of polish after. A couple bits of description here and there, and maybe a paragraph or two. Still, I think it came out really well. I hope everyone enjoys it.

5 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Thanks Sailor_Io. And your additions and polish made the story that much better.

5 months ago
Reply to  s22132

I believe in credit where it’s due