Traveling for Tough Dick


(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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“Nnnnngh… YES!” Nami moaned breathlessly under the experienced doctors skillful hand movements. The way he massaged her body felt better than any sex with some random guy ever did. And all that without even touching her private parts or her uncomfortably stiff nipples. She shuddered in anticipation of what would happen if he finally did get serious.

Finding the island of Sphinx was no easy job but with Nami’s unrivaled navigational skills and the information Carrot got from her two dukes they managed to pull it off.


Nami still didn’t know what to think of the whole idea. On one hand, it was good to have someone who could help her to keep it together during sex. On the other hand, she didn’t really know if she could trust this guy or if Carrot simply exaggerated his skills.


Carrot wasn’t a big help during their trip to the island in that regard. All she talked about was this huge guy from Whitebeard’s crew who could turn into diamond, something that would have under normal circumstances, be really valuable information for her but even Nami knew when to put her greed aside.


They found the guy sitting on a rock, next to a giant waterfall, the water of which gathered at the foot of the mountain to form a huge lake. He wore a light, unbuttoned shirt, which revealed a strange blue tattoo on his muscular chest. His blonde hair blew in the soft breeze around them.


“Oh, you’re here. Inuarashi told me already that you were coming but I thought that he was joking when he said about what was going on-yoi.” he said with a knowing look in his eyes. “Either way, my name is Marco. How can I help you?”





After telling him in greater detail about what was going on, Marco dropped Carrot off, where this Jozu-guy was supposed to be. Apparently the once proud crew of one of the Four Emperors went somewhat different ways after the Payback War, whilst still staying connected due to the strong bond between them.


While waiting for his return, Nami prepared herself both mentally and physically for what was to happen next. She dropped her already pretty skimpy outfit to the ground, leaving her completely naked on an island she’s never been before, with no one around that she knew, making her tremble with arousal and anticipation about what will happen.


Suddenly she heard something plumb to the ground next to her, which made her jump out of shock.


As her tits still wobbled around uncontrollably and she tried to cover her private parts and stiff nipples, the young pirate turned around to see who it was.


Wait! Where did he come from? Can he fly?‘ those thoughts run through her head, once she saw that it was Marco who was now standing right next to her.


“I dropped her off safely. She will be back with us in about three hours.“ he answered Nami’s unspoken question, if everything did went alright.


“That’s good to know. Now, let’s get this started!”



His fingers kneaded Nami’s tensed flesh, basically sinking into her massive tits as he began to give them some attention.


“Mmmh… Oooh… Aaah…”


Her moans echoed through the area as his fingers practically danced over her sensitive skin, sending shivers down her entire body.


“Don’t be scared now, I’m gonna try something different.” Nami opened her eyes to look at him, to see what he was about to do. “Things will get a little hot from here-yoi.”


With shock in her eyes she saw how blue flames began appearing on his arms. But as he placed his burning hand on her sweat covered tits, she noticed that the flames didn’t really “burn”. A heat spread across her tits, unlike anything she ever felt before.


The pleasant warmth aroused her in such a way that she almost cum right then and there but, as she found out, prevented her from actually reaching that sweet, craved relief.


“These flames will heighten the sensitivity of your body.” the seasoned pirate explained to her. “To get better, you need to focus. Don’t get lost in pleasure, no matter what.”


She pulled herself back together and tried to get ahold of herself, something that was easier said then done. Marco moved his hands all across her body, massaging and kneading her tits, hips, thighs, feet,… everything with his hot, burning hands.


Wherever he touched her, arousal spiked in the young girl, even at places she didn’t thought of as erogenous.


“Yessss… Please… Nnnngh… MORE!


“Hahahaha. You asked for it…” as he finished massaging her feet, he slowly moved his hands higher, caressing her legs on his way upwards. His fingers encircled her now soaking wet pussy, spreading a warmth around the area.


Just as she was about to loose it, he stuck two of his fingers into the young navigators inviting cunt.


Wave after wave of pleasure came upon her just like that. His blue flames covered fingers let a unique warmth spread across her entire body, putting her in a state of complete lust and heat.


FUUUUUUUCK!!! Please fu- Oooohh… FUCK ME!” she begged him, tears began forming in her eyes.




‘Huh? What?’ the short answer put her back into reality, for the moment letting her forget about his fingers still playing with her pussy.


“If you want the relief you so hardily desire, you have to work for it. There’s nothing to be gained if you let others do with you as they please.” he told her “It sounds nice in practice but you saw how that ended with Boa Hancock.



Nami once again tried to pull herself back together, this time successfully. So far every time she had sex with a guy, it was he who did most of the work, using her like a cocksleeve, which left her completely out of action at the end.


This needs to change!!!


With much force and dislike, she pulled herself away from the former 1st division commander and rose to her feet, noticing that her blonde haired partner dropped his clothing sometime during their foreplay.


Then she took a look at his lower body to get a look of what she was dealing with. ‘Holy shit! That thing looks bigger than a giants. Is that thing real or has it something to do with his devil fruit?


His cock was easily twice as thick as her arms and easily twice as long too. Veins pulsated on it in a steady rhythm and a sweet smell emanated from it.


Nami went down from the boulder, that was by now covered in her juices. She was laying on and moved in front of the older man.


With shaking hands, she began stroking his monstrous erection. The warmth she felt in her hands almost made her forget about her still aching pussy. Even with both hands, she wasn’t able to get a real hold of it.


Her strokes were slow at first but then she picked up in speed as she realized that he wasn’t impressed with her more gentle approach.


Before long, Nami lowered her head down and began licking the underside of his impressive erection from his balls all the way up to his tip.




As she noticed that even that left him relatively unimpressed, she started plastering his phallus with kisses, all while her hands still moved up and down it’s length.


After doing that for a good while, she decided that it was time to show him, what she’s made of. She doubted that she could get all of his cock down her throat but that didn’t stop her from trying.


She gave the tip of his cock a long lick with her tongue before starting to swallow it. Her jaw stretched to it’s limit as she tried to get more and more and more inside her.


“Gumph, Gumph, Guh…” she gagged, tears began forming in her eyes once again. Even with her blurred vision she tried to get a look at Marco’s face, to see his reaction regarding her blowjob.


And sure enough, the blonde pirate raised one of his eyebrows in silent approval of her skills. There was also a tiny bit of worry about her well being from what she could tell, but the thing that stood out to her the most from her perspective was just how right Luffy and Robin were.


His head really does look like a pineapple!


As she came to the gurgling conclusion that she couldn’t get more than half of his cock down her throat, Nami began bobbing her head back and forth. Slow at first, she picked up speed, once she was somewhat used to his sheer girth and size.


Impressive! The girl manages to swallow more and more of my cock every time, without even noticing. If this goes on, she might actually able to make me cum.


Nami, who sensed the sudden change in the older pirates demeanor by how his cock was now twitching more and more, felt pretty confident that she was actually able to pull it off.


This was no random guy from a random island. This was one of Whitebeard’s “sons”. If she manages to make him cum, then she could handle any man out there and show that bitch Hancock not to underestimate her!


With even more enthusiasm she sped up even more, getting more of his cock down her throat with each bobbing


MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH!!!” she moaned around his member, her eyes crossed.


Just as Nami sensed that he was about to cum, Marco placed his hands on her shoulder and gently pulled his cock out. With a loud ‘PLOP’ his erection sprung free from the navigators now dislocated looking mouth.


“Are you all right? You’re looking pretty pale there-yoi.” Marco asked her as he felt for her pulse.


“Hahh, hahhh, hahh,…” all Nami could do was breath in the fresh forest air around them. She hadn’t even noticed that she was practically choking on his giant cock. And yet… At the same time, she craved for more!


“Lean back! Let me take care of the rest from here on!”


As Nami was leaning back against the rock, Marco kneeled down before her, shoving his cock between the two massive amounts of tits of the young girl. Nami immediately wanted to get back to that wonderful sensation she felt a few moments ago and prepared to open her aching mouth.


Marco gave her a stern look before shaking his head. “No! Relax! I will be doing the work from here on out.”


Nami gave him a disappointed look before trying to argue but felt that she couldn’t exactly move her mouth or tongue really. ‘His cock must have been bigger than I thought.


She placed her hands behind her head and tried to relax after that steamy blowjob. The seasoned pirate began thrusting his cock between the two giant orbs of flesh, using his own hands to press them tighter together, as well as continuing his massage from earlier.


Her arousal rose to new heights once again as the ship doctor used his powers to heat his hands up even more. He pulled and twisted on her nipples and kneaded and slapped her breasts, all while those strange blue flames danced in the palms of his hands.


With each thrust Nami was brought closer to paradise. By now she had completely forgotten about her dripping cunt. All she cared about were her tits and his cock buried in them.


Fuck! He fucked her tits like there was no tomorrow. And the blue flames, that made her tits oh so sensitve, helped even more in that regard.


“Oooh, Fuuck…”


Both of them came at the same time. Nami helplessly tried to catch some of his erupting cum but in the end only a little amount of the pineapple flavored liquid shot down her sore throat, the rest of it plastering her face and tits in a white color.



Nami just put her bikini top back on. She was washed, with no traces left of her cum bath, only a faint smell of pineapple remained. ‘Was it something with his diet?


Marco sat next to her on the shore of the lake, his feet dangling into the warm water and watched as some weird, giant cat took a bath on the other side of the lake. Unlike the orange haired Strawhat, he wasn’t completely groggy, the only indication of them just having sex was the light sweat on his forehead.


“You’re good.” Nami looked at him as he began to talk. “You have real potential but don’t really have the experience. You’re not one who springs into action very often, aren’t you-yoi?” he asked her with a little smile on his face.


The navigator blushed. “No, not really…”


He rose up to his feet. “Well, you should. I-“” as he was about to continue, he turned around. “Oh, looks like we finished right on time.”


Nami turned around as well to see a huge man walk towards them. He was easily five meters high and had Carrot sitting on his shoulders. His right arm was missing but he had a friendly smile on his face.


“H- hi Nami. I- I’m back.” Carrot weakly greeted her with a giant smile on her face. The young girl was covered in sperm and sweat.


“Ca- Carrot, what happened to you?” Nami asked in shock.


The giant man, he must be Jozu, put the white rabbit Mink to the ground, where she stood bow-legged and trembling. “Hahaha, I guess I was too much for her. But don’t worry, she will be all right.”


Carrot moved slowly closer towards Nami and whispered in a mumbling tone loud enough for the two man to hear: “You should see his cock Na- hic Nami! He is soooooooo big.”


She stretched her arms out in an attempt to show the Strawhat Pirate, how big her partner was.


“And how did it- hic How was it with him?” she asked, still loud enough for all of them to hear her. Both former Whitebeard Pirate members had to hold back laughter at the young Minks cock drunken dizziness.



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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4 months ago

Another very good story. Nami is making progress; will it be enough for Hancock?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  s22132

Not quite yet I think. But I can think of a few trickeries that she can use to overcome that gap. Xd

4 months ago

Loving the back to back OP chapters Marco using his devil fruit power to bring Nami to the brink of orgasm without going over was a nice touch it’ll be great she starts getting addicted to it

The ending with cock drunk Carrot was pretty funny as well Jozu must have showed her a real good time.

Keep up the great work as always 👍

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  souljamantwn

In my eyes One Piece has the highest potential of any series here, when it comes to abilities used during sex. I hope I can continue to impress.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
4 months ago

Let Hancock get wrecked!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Eventually. Good things take time after all. Xd

4 months ago

Wonder who’s next…. Smoker and Tashigi? Robin and Trafalgar Law?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Oh, Law might be fun to work into a future story. I don’t really have anything with Tashigi just yet, but who knows? Xd

4 months ago

Your stories get better and better Mr.Akrononym. Art is also great 👌

Last edited 4 months ago by Dart008
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  Dart008

Thanks, I give it my best.

4 months ago

Another great story Mr. Akrononym. keep it up!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  Bakayaro

Glad you like it. It makes a lot of fun writing, so it’s great to hear your thoughts, be thay criticism or positive.