Titanic Fuckers

Deep in the woods on an early afternoon, Naruto was doing some training when he stumbled across Kurotsuchi, the fourth Tsuchikage. They were talking about the usual stuff about their village and trying to maintain peace, until she said something to the Blonde Ninja. “Let me ask you a question? Is it true that your dick is so big, Hinata can’t stop getting fucked by it?” Immediately he spit up his water from the bottle he was drinking from. “Um well… that’s kind of a personal and embarrassing thing to ask…” Naruto replied.


“Well is it?” She said teasingly. He nodded yes and she then said. “Well I’ve never had a chance to play with a cock like yours. Maybe we can have some fun while we’re here.” Kurotsuchi said stripping and exposing her mega melons. Naruto couldn’t believe how big they were, her tit were much bigger then Hinatas by 2 sizes. “So… shall we see what 2 monster sizes can do?” She said with a grin.


Moment later…


“How are you holding up?” He said as he tittyfuck her fast. “I’m doing good but god, I can feel this huge cock about to cum.” She said while sucking the tip and pinching her hard nipples. Naruto felt like the more he moved, the bigger his cock got. The busty one was acting so slutty, her pussy was leaking a lot of juices down to the ground. She was surprised to feel his dick grow bigger and bigger until it was a monster size as her tits.


“Oh fuck it’s huge! Please fuck my pussy with it after your done with my tit” She said moaning. Naruto had to end it but still have some energy left and using his last of his speed on her tits, he released the biggest load on her face and mostly on her mega melons. Kurotsuchi couldn’t believe how much he came from his huge pole. She was so attracted to his cock, she sucked his head again hoping to get another load. The blonde one couldn’t resist her sucking but surprised her with a load that made her mouth drowned in cum.


Kurotsuchi cheeks were puffed up with cum and tired to swallow most of it. Naruto was getting harder just by looking how much cum she was showered in. She finished swallowing his load and spilled some on her tits and rubbed his cum on them. “Mhmm. God your cum taste wonderful! Fuck my tight pussy now.” The busty one said. He wanted to wreck her like a beast. He grabbed her legs and with one slam, Kurotsuchi screamed and squirted in both pain and pleasure. She lost her mind from his huge cock in her wet and tight pussy. “GOD FUCK ME TILL IM DEAD! FUCK MY PUSSY TO DEATH! MAKE ME YOUR SLUT SLAVE!” She screamed as Naruto buried his cock deep in her pussy.


For the next hour, both were going crazy to make the other cum. Kurotsuchi kept squirting on his meat pole and Naruto sucked on her hard nipples while wrecking her pussy. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum so hard!” He said going faster. “CUM! Cum in my tight pussy! Fill it up with gallons of thick cum! Fuck me to death!” She said gropping herself. Naruto gave it his all and with his final speed, he give her the largest load she could have. Kurotsuchi rolled her eyes and screamed so loud, she passed out briefly and was in a daze with her face in a satisfied expression. “My pussy… my mind…” as she couldn’t even make a full sentence.


Naruto came so much her belly blew up and she passed out on the ground. Naruto took his cock out and gallons of his spunk gushed out from her hole. Kurotsuchi was thinking she was lucky to have a monster cock fuck her to death and give her a satisfaction she never had before. She thought it was over until Naruto poked her nipple with his cock. “Wanna go for round 2?” He said. She replied, “Okay but drown me in your loads.” She said to him.


The trees and grass were going to be covered in cum by the time they were done. Maybe Hinata could join the fun next time and get in on the fucking she could enjoy.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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1 year ago

100% Grade A material Kingken1997