Three’s a Pleasure Crowd

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Yushiro was in a great mood as he walked down the covered walk-way, humming softly to himself. It was a beautiful day, there was nothing urgent for him to do, and Sui-Feng was visiting.


His smile widened at the thought of her. While he hasn’t as close to her as they both were with his older sister, he could now say with confidence that he was now very close with her, and now counted her as a good friend and great fuck buddy. Sui-Feng’s enthusiasm and devotion to him in turn never failed to turn him on.


Yes, it was a great day…






Even with his impressive speed, Yushiro couldn’t avoid getting tackled to the ground by a missile of boobs and butt. When his eyes stopped spinning, he looked up to see Isane straddling his body, panting and red-faced. “Isane-chan? What-”


I MISSED YOU!” Isane hugged Yushiro while swallowing him up in the canyon that was her cleavage. “I haven’t seen you for so long, and I need your monster dick inside of me NOW!”


It only took a few seconds for Isane to strip both of them, and while he was confused, the sight of Isane’s naked body was making his cock swell. Her eyes lit up when it popped up. “Yesss…” she hissed, reaching out for it-




Yushiro blinked again. ‘This day is full of surprises,’ he thought to himself, taking in the very irritated form of Sui-Feng, who had just kicked Isane away from him.


“HEY!” Isane mumbled, getting woozily to her feet. “Captain Sui-Feng?! What are you…”


“You listen here. Yushiro-sama’s big, fat, monster dick…” Sui-Feng wrapped her right arm around his massive member, making him shiver. “Belongs to me!” She was blushing, but there was no doubt she was very serious.


Isane gaped before narrowing her eyes and striding forward, fists clenched at her sides. “It does not! And why would Yushiro-sama choose you over someone like me?” She preened, showing off her body, with its enormous tits and ass.


Sui-Feng snorting, walking forward to meet her. “You mean a cow over a real woman?” she taunted. “As gigantic and fat as your ass and tits are, I bet you just lie there while Yushiro-sama does all the work!”


Growling, Isane swung an accusing finger up to point at Sui-Feng. “At least I actually have curves! You call those mosquito bites your tits and ass? Ha! Don’t make me laugh!”


By now, both women were in each other’s faces; Yushiro was pretty sure he could see actual lightning sparking between their eyes as they glared at each other. Something had to be done. Taking a deep breath, he shouted, “HEY!”


Sui-Feng and Isane both jumped and turned to look at him, and Yushiro gave them his best authoritative look back, even folding his arms across his chest. “Both of you, calm down before either of you say something you’ll really regret. Now is this how two high ranking members of the Gotei 13 should act? What would the scary old man say if he was still around?”


Both women slumped forward and looked at the ground, shame-faced. Yushiro let the mood linger for a moment before grinning. “Now lets be adults about this… why don’t the three of us have fun together?”


He was honestly surprised Sui-Feng and Isane didn’t give themselves whiplash, so quickly did their heads pop up to stare at him. Isane opened her mouth, closed it, and gave Sui-Feng a pleading look.


The short captain struggled with herself for a moment before sighing and nodding. With a squeal of delight, Isane shot back over to Yushiro, lowering herself onto his cock with such a lustful moan, it made both him and Sui-Feng blush. “Ooooohhhhh fuck yes! This is what I’ve needed! This king of cocks in my burning hot pussy! No one compares!”


Not wasting any time, she started pumping herself up and down, biting her lower lip hard, almost to the point of drawing blood. Yushiro wasn’t idle either, grabbing her thick, hard nipples with both hands and twisting them, while thrusting his hip to match her bounces.


As fast as she was going and how horny she had been when she had gotten here, it didn’t surprise Yushiro at all that she quickly came with a loud scream.




Behind Isane, Sui-Feng, who had been watching with bemusement, suddenly got a thoughtful look on her face. It cycled to doubtful, before settling on evil. She Shunpoed away; by the time Yushiro blinked again, she was back… and it was very clear what she had planned next.


Shaking her head, her short silver hair was standing up from all the times she had ran her hands through it, Isane had her eyes closed, lost in her lust. So it was no surprise that the first indication she had of Sui-Feng’s plan was the thick strap-on plunging into her ass! “AAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!


“You know what, Isane?” Sui-Feng whispered into her ear, grabbing the vice-captain’s round ass cheeks with both hands. “You’ve changed my mind: a body like yours is a lot of fun to play with!” She punctuated her statement by delivering a double spank, making Isane squeal as her pussy and ass were pounded simultaneously.


“I could have told you that,” Yushiro chuckled, planting a deep kiss on Isane’s talented mouth, which he would put to work later. “But you’re great as well, Sui-chan! And now all three of can have an even better time!”


The sight of Sui-Feng blushing with pleasure and embarrassment while fucking and spanking Isane in the ass as the silver-haired beauty moaned and shrieked was one Yushiro would never forget.


And hopefully, he would see many more times in the future.

(Story by User: S22132)

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11 months ago

Goodness, Yushiro’s cock is gargantuan, and I have a feeling it’s only gonna get bigger. Given how quickly the girls have become insatiable by anything smaller, I wouldn’t be surprised if they built up a tolerance for its current size and started demanding Yushiro start using expansion supplements. Poor guy could get buried under his own cock.

11 months ago

You keep providing awesomeness RT! These interactions are hilarious to read.

11 months ago
Reply to  Kino

Thank you Kino 👌👍

11 months ago

Sometimes, three can be a crowd, though in this case, not so much.

This was a fun little chapter featuring Sui-Feng, Isane and Yushiro. Especially the quips and jabs the ladies made towards each other, forcing Yushiro to take on a serious demeanor for a second.

The sex itself was also interesting, including the strap-on use. Nice touch. Same thing applies with the picture itself.

Overall, not bad at all. I can only wonder what’s up next. 😀

11 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thank you for the feedback Hiryu, always a pleasure reading your thoughts