This Time it’ll be Different

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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“Robin!” Wide, innocent smile firmly in place, Nami bounded towards her crewmate, who was currently reading yet another thick, ancient looking book. “Can I-“


A slender but strong hand materialized on her cheek and slammed down across her mouth, gagging her. Nami shivered; Robin was one of her best friends, and her closest female friend, but the sensation of foreign body parts appearing on her own body never stopped being just a little creepy and disturbing.




The navigator’s eyes shot up to meet Robin’s unamused ones, as the archeologist smoothly rose from the deck chair. “If you are coming to ask me to do you yet another favor, which will, based on recent past events, result in me having sex with someone,” her eyes narrowed. “Then let me save you time and trouble: no.”


Her own eyes widening, Nami desperately shook her head, silently begging to be allowed to talk. Robin sighed but allowed the hand to fade into flower petals. Folding her arms under her breasts, the dark-haired beauty raised an eyebrow.


“Okay, first of all,” Nami pointed at her mouth. “Rude.”


Robin considered that, before nodding. “I suppose it was a little presumptuous of me; my apologies.”


Accepting that, Nami went on. “Second, not all of my favors end up with us having sex-“


“Yes, they do.” Robin’s expression was flat again. “Literally all of them within the last three months; either you, myself, or both of us end up in some kind of sexual intercourse.”


“…really? You’re sure?”


“I’m leaving,” Robin stated, beginning to turn.


“Waitwaitwaitwait!” Nami darted forward, grabbing Robin’s hand. “This time is different, I swear!”


“You have ten seconds to convince me.”


“My plan is foolproof, it won’t just be the two of us, and we could get our hands on some very rare books!” Nami rattled off as fast as she could, sucking in a deep breath when she was done.


Robin had been on the verge of shaking Nami off and retreating, but that last bit gave her pause. “Are you serious?” She gave Nami a suspicious look. “You swear you aren’t saying that just to get me on board with yet another insane plan?”


Raising her hand, her face as serious as can be, Nami nodded strongly. “I swear, no lie and no trick. Even if my plans haven’t always worked out, you have to admit, my information is always good.”


Nodding slowly, Robin conceded the point. “True. All right; I suppose I will, once again and against my better judgement, help you. But!” She held up a warning finger as Nami’s face lit up. “If I end up in yet another compromising situation, then I get first pick of any treasure or loot we get, plus an extra 5% share.”


Nami flinched, biting and worrying her lower lip for a long moment. Then her expression firmed. “Deal. And don’t worry, Robin; this time, I have it all planned out!”




Robin will never let me hear the end of this!’ It was distant thought, as most of Nami’s attention was focused on the cock in front of her. She was licking and kissing it all over, leaving lipstick prints along its length. From the corner of her eye, she saw Robin doing the same thing to the other guard, distracting the pair from the robbery going on behind them.


Robin was also giving her the occasional glare, and Nami knew that if her mouth wasn’t occupied with a hard dick, her friend would be giving her an earful right now. ‘A foolproof plan, was it?!’ She could almost hear Robin’s cool, sarcastic drawl; yeah, that wasn’t going to be fun.


This kind of was, though. Sure, it was embarrassing, but the sex itself was really enjoyable. Hopefully her blowjob would impress the guy enough to really give her a good fucking.


As if hearing her thoughts, the guard moaned, “Oh man, I can’t take it anymore. I gotta fuck her!”


“Me too, man!” The other guard was already helping Robin to her feet before spinning her around, crouching, and pulling her up into his arms, her legs spread wide and exposing everything. “Spread those cheeks, honey! The best thing for cool, stoic looking babes like you-“


He thrust his cock into Robin’s ass, making her shriek in mingled pain and pleasure. “Is a good hard dick in the ass, to loosen you up!”


Nami had been staring, but was abruptly brought back to reality when she was picked up and spread as well. “You’re right about that. With feisty redheads like this babe, though,” his erection slammed into her pussy, filling her in an instant, “you have to fuck their hot pussies as hard as you can!”


The wave of pleasure swept through Nami; she squealed and moaned, her eyes threatening to roll back into her head. Then she and Robin were both being bounced up and down, tits jiggling and bouncing as they were fucked, one in the ass and the other in the pussy.


And though they wouldn’t need to distract these two for long, Nami planned on stretching it out. After all, if she was going to be forced to give Robin extra loot, she was going to make sure she got her money’s worth of sex.


She was sure Robin would understand her logic, once she explained it.

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5 months ago

Just why would nami even do that

7 months ago

Esta vez sera diferente
La expresion de dolor y placer estuvo estupenda