The Queen Gets What She Desires

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Mei sat at the edge of her bed giving a combination titjob/blowjob to her partner, a shadowy figure. Standing in front of her, the milf pressed her tits tightly against the giant shadow cock before her. She locked her lips tightly around the head and caressed its underside with her tongue. Mei slathered her partner’s dick with her saliva, using the excess as lube to help her slide up and down his pole with her mammoth flesh mounds. Mei looked up at the figure, his only identifying features were his spiked, blood red hair and his glowing blue eyes. The shadow figure returned her loving gaze while thrusting his hips forward slightly, pushing his dong to the back of her throat.




The goddess went all the way down on him inhaling his cock like she needed it to survive! She grabbed on to his buttocks and pulled him closer, making his thick member disappear in her mouth. The shadow figure flashed a wide grin while running his hand through her long wild hair. Mei throated him for several minutes. Afterward she leaned back on the bed and waved the man over.


“RRRRR! Come ‘mere Papi!!!” purred the blonde haired goddess while sticking her tongue out.


The shadow figure jumped onto the bed and got on top of Mei, plunging his powerful pole into her wet opening. He thrusted into her body deep and steady, prompting loud screams and moans from Mei.




The shadowy figure pumped with fury, ramming Mei like a wrecking ball demolishing building. He looked down into Mei’s green eye’s giving her a long, deep loving stare. Mei embraced him tight, squeezing his broad shoulders so hard that her nail pressed and scratched in to his skin.




Mei placed her hand on the back of his head and pulled him in so that they were face to face, yearning for the touch of the shadow’s lips. She wrapped her legs around him tightly, her toes curling as the shadow filled her with cock.




Mei then rolled the shadow figure on his back and sat up on his rod. She bounced on his cock energetically, her enormous melons bouncing and swinging around wildly. The shadow man ran his hands along Mei’s curves, rubbing her thighs and squeezing her tits as she rode his bull cock. Mei then held his hands, interlocking them with her own, uniting them as one.





Mei then woke up from her sexually charged dream. Beads of sweat ran down her face all night as she tossed and turned during her slumbler. The bronze milf sat up, noticing the sheets beneath her were wet.




“It’s been years since I had ‘THAT’ dream” Mei said with a sigh.


Unable to get back to sleep, she got ready to begin another busy day. Before departing for the gym, Mei went to the refrigerator and left a note on a plastic container of food. She then went to Xavier’s bedroom and kissed him on the cheek.


“It’s been a long road and you’ve come a long way. I know things have been tough for you and you’re still trying to make sense of everything. But I believe you will achieve. Don’t give up. I’m proud of you son.”


Mei then left to go to the gym.



After a 3 hour workout consisting of weights, jogging, and a yoga class with Matsunami the two had breakfast together. The two discussed all the various activities they done during SPLASH so far and how they been enjoying themselves. When they finished, the two parted ways as Matsunami had work related matters to attend to.


This happened to also be true for Mei. The owner of Empire Escort Services hit the beaches of Sapphire Shores once again to recruit more potential starlets for her organization. The light blue thong bikini she wore barely clung to her curves, looking like it belonged on a woman with much smaller assets. Her tiny top showed off most of her titanic tit, only covering up the nipples. She wore a matching straw hat with a light blue bow tied around it. For some reason, Mei had two designer purses draping from her shoulder instead of the usual one. She used her masterful gift of gab to entice several more women to join her organization but still had not found the woman she was seeking. With it being the last day of SPLASH time was running out and there was still a lot of ground to cover. She had already spent a few hours walking the beach with no luck. It is for this reason Mei rented a four wheeler. She cruised the beach for miles visually scanning the area, occasionally checking Instagram to see if her target posted any pictures or video with a location tag. On her 5th time checking, she finally saw something!


“The Thirsty Parrot! She’s there right now!” Mei yelled in excitement!



Elsewhere on the beach, Eiji stood at the edge of the shore looking to see what was going on. People hoarded around, standing in multiple lines across the shore because there was some kind of a sporting event about to begin. Eiji pushed his way though several men to get to the front so so he could actually see the action about to take place.


“What the hell is this?” Eiji asked while looking.


“Keijo maybe.” replied a familiar thick British accented voice. It was Candice. Eiji hadn’t noticed that she was now standing next to him, looking out towards the water.


“What’s that, Candice?” questioned the brown haired bartender.


“Oy, it has a more official name, I just like to call it that because the sport was based off of a fanservice anime.” Candice explained as she pointed out to a spot over the water. Eiji followed her finger’s direction to see the aforementioned event out over the clear blue sea. Someone has set up a large floating platform a couple hundred feet from the coast of Sapphire Shores, out where the water got deep enough to dive a bit.


On top of said platform were three women in skimpy looking swimsuits all facing one another. Then, one of the girls, a blonde with big tits who wore her hair in a sideways ponytail launched forward, mashing those big tits against a red haired girl wearing a silver bikini.




Eiji could almost HEAR her tits bouncing against the redhead as she was sent her flying off the floating platform and into the ocean water! Leaving her alone with the third girl, a brunette wearing a thong backed one piece with a bunch of beer logos all over it!


“The rules are simple, the girls using only their knockers or bums try and push one another off the platform, last girl standing wins. Use of mits or feet gets you disqualified.” explained Candice.


“It looks pretty fun to watch. You ever tried it? You have all the ‘tools’ to win” Eiji remarked while looking down at the tanned blonde’s chest.


“No, I just like to watch. Kagura plays though. That’s why I’m over here. She’s in the next match.”


“Aww… How sweet!” Eiji joked teasingly.


“Shut yur bloody mouth!!”


It was time for the next match which featured Kagura as one of the competitors. The busty purple haired girl stood across from from a black haired babe wearing a blue bikini. Her tits were massive in size, bigger than Kagura’s. The third competitor was neon yellow haired girl wearing an american flag style two-piece bikini. Her tits weren’t as big as Kagura and the black haired girl but her ass made up for it. She was packing in the back and no doubt that was going to be her weapon of choice. Standing on another platform was the referee. The sounding of her whistle commenced the action.




Kagura clashed with the black haired woman first. It was a titty brawl that was seemingly a stalemate. The neon haired girl then jumped into the fray striking Kagura with her ass knocking her off balance. Just as the neon haired girl was about to go for a finishing blow……




The black haired girl ambushed her, knocking her off the platform before she could strike. This left Kagura and the the black haired girl remaining on the platform. It was going to be a battle of the boobs to decide the winner.




The two lunged at each other tits first. They clashed 3 times with neither one having a clear advantage.


“COME ON KAGURA!” Eiji cheered.


“GO GET HER MATE!” Candice hollered while clapping her hands.


It was the final standoff. Both girls swung their tits with all their might, each causing the other to lose balance. Both girls struggled to keep their footing but Kagura managed to get her balance back first.




Kagura turned around and launched herself ass first at the black haired opponent, knocking her into the water.


“YEEEAAAH!!!” Candice screamed joyously. Half of the audience cheered with her while the other half booed, voicing their displeasure with the results of the match.


Kagura swam back victorious. Her swimming motion was more akin to a shark who swayed her body left to right thru the water. Despite it looking unusual, Eiji could not deny that she was an incredibly fast swimmer!


“Candi you should give it a try, its pretty fun.”


“I have a hard enough time keeping my balance with these just standing on the ground. I’d be a goner the minute I moved on one of those bloody platforms.” Candice joked while squeezing her tits together.


“Looks like the all the winners are gonna be staying to compete in the final round. Are you gonna keep playing?” Eiji questioned.


“I don’t think I have time. We have volleyball practice soon.”


“Damn it! I almost forgot! We better get movin’ then. Yew know how Shikijou is about being tardy!”


“Alright, take care you two.”


“Byeeeee!” the two said to Eiji, planting a kiss on each of his cheek as they walked off.



Mei made her way to the Thirsty Parrot a popular outdoor waterfront bar known for its stiff drinks, hedonistic customers and pirate cosplaying bar maids. The immediate area around the bar was crowded with inebriated young men and women parting in body shots, playing drinking games, and generally having a good time. Mei dismounted her vehicle and eagerly started searching for her target on foot. The businesswoman scoured the area wading through crowds of people.


After about 10 minutes of fruitless scavenging, she left the immediate area of the bar and ventured off to the side where there was a shaded pavilion for partygoers to chill and relax at… It was at that very moment Mei saw HER!


“Yes! Yes!” Mei said with a single fist pump.


The woman was quite the sight to behold. Her colorful two tone blue and purple blended hair was unmistakable. The colorful haired woman was sitting at table enjoying a cool alcohol filled beverage. Her voluptuous topless tits were exposed for the world to see and they were indeed magnificent. The woman’s breasts had to be at least as big as Mei’s own massive rack if not a bit bigger. She was an opulent beauty with distinctly cute rosy cheeks that would make even the stingiest of men surrender their entire bank accounts for just a few minutes of her time. However, she was not alone. Next to her was a young woman Mei hadn’t seen before. She had short brown hair and ocean blue eyes. She was dressed only in a sheer blue green sarong around her waist and a matching shrug over her shoulders. Like her target, she left her impressive tits open for everyone to enjoy, but she went a step further with leaving her crotch open and her cleanly waxed pussy open to the air. Mei then waved over one of the bar maids.


“Could you please send 3 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose to that table over there?” Mei requested. After the barmaid took her order, Mei approached the table.


“Buenas Tardes, Ms. Galactica. I’ve been awaiting the chance to speak to you for a while. Mind if I have a seat?”


“Sure I don’t mind.” replied the high priced escort.


The barmaid followed, delivering the champagne as Mei had asked along with glasses to sip them out of. She poured their drinks for them before departing. Galactica could tell that the caramel complexioned woman wasn’t a fan because of her approach and the quality of champagne she had delivered.


“My name is Melanie Rodriguez.” Mei said while offering a handshake.


“Nice to finally meet you Melanie.” Galactica responded while shaking her hand.


“My friends call me Mei.”


“And you can call me Tika. I know my name can be a mouthful.” chuckled the rosy cheeked woman.


“And you are?” asked Mei while turning her head toward the brown haired woman.


“I’m Leda Kino, a second year student at Busteez Slut University. It is a pleasure to meet you Mei.” greeted the busty aqua-eyed young lady.


As Leda shook hands with Mei, she felt an immensely powerful sexual presence, ferocious and wild even rivaling Tika’s own sexual “aura”. Leda felt a strong tingling between her legs as their hands made contact. The second year student gazed at the bronze beauty, completely allured by presence.


“The pleasure is mine Leda.”


“I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to your emails. Its been hectic with booking. The summer is always busy for me.” Tika admitted.


“That’s fine, I wanted to speak to you face to face anyway.” Mei said with a nod.


“Are you wanting to book me?” Tika asked while sipping her glass of champagne. Tika then glanced at Mei, sizing her up in a way.


“Well you could say that. I recently moved to World City and I just started my own business.” Mei explained while handing Tika a business card.


“Empire Escort Services huh? Hmmmm. I am happily independent. Why would I wanna give that up to work for you?” Tika asked skeptically.


“Because I’m going to make Empire Escorts the best and biggest prostitution agency in the world. The very first only escort conglomerate!” Mei declared.


“That sounds pretty farfetched.” Tika replied before taking another.


“I know it does, but didn’t people tell you it was farfetched to become the top escort in the world when you first got into the game?” Mei asked before taking a big gulp of her drink.


“Yes. Many times.” The woman responded sourly, as if she remembered all her doubters on the way to the top.


“I’m trying to create not just the best escort service in the world I’m creating a global brand; like Coca-Cola or McDonalds or Nike. However, we all must start somewhere. I’m not asking you to be my employee, I’m asking to join me as a partner.


“Hmmmm…” Tika hummed as she listened. Tika also felt Mei’s presence during their handshake. Although what she was saying sounded crazy there was a genuineness, legitimacy to her.


The area around the 3 of them began to shift from a beach to the entry of a downtown building. Mei’s attire changed from her bikini to a Black and white women’s business suit. Tika and Leda followed. The milf had completely immersed the duo into her imagination, allowing them to see, hear and touch everything in it.


“What in the world is this? What did you just do?” Tika asked with a dumbfounded look on her face.


“This is pretty trippy. Where are we?!” Leda inquired, shocked at what is happening.


“This is La Castillo (Spanish for “The Castle“) and you’re about to step into my throne.”


“Wow this is a nice place you got…” Tika stated as she looked around the interior of the first floor. It looked like a combination of an office building and a lavish hotel lobby. There were two well dressed men sitting at a desk, the first was a bald, bearded black man while the second was an Asian man with long black hair styled into a ponytail. The men waved at the trio of women as they approached.


“Good afternoon Big Mama!” said the two men at the desk. Tika eyed them both with a flirtatious gaze as they greeted her.


“This is my main office. I bought this building 6 months ago before I moved to World City. This is the nerve center of my entire operation.” Mei explained before stopping at the desk.


“These two handsome devils are Andre and Jin. They are two of my security specialists. These men are the best of the best at what they do. They will ensure your safety whenever you’re making an out-call.” Mei then led Tika and Leda to an elevator which transported them to second floor. She took them to a massive room, about the size of a strip club, with carpenters performing renovations and installing a stage area with stripper poles.


“This my friends is the blue room, private parties can be held here. It will be equipped with a DJ station, catering, and a full service bar. This will be available for clients to rent for Birthday parties, bachelor parties, business celebrations, pretty much any gathering to be held discreetly.”


“So clients pay to rent the room on top of the fee we charge.” Tika asked.


“Si, and there are plenty of businessmen out here that will to pay it. The blue room gives a feeling of comfort that can’t be provided by public strip clubs. No one will know they were here which allows them to relax without fear of wives or girlfriends finding out. Privacy comes at a premium.” Mei smirked.


“This is quite the set up you have here. I’m intrigued.” Tika admitted while stroking her chin.


Next the caramel toned woman took them few floors up to large floor with an assortment of state of the art exercise equipment.


“This is a full service gym available for employee use. It includes all of the amenities that an offsite gym offers including a pool and locker rooms.”


“You gotta keep your body tight in this business.” Tika pointed out to Leda.


“This incredible! We can work out together!” yelled the mildly buzzed student as she gave Tika a bear hug, burying her face into the escort’s monster pair of tits. The giddy young woman blushed at the possibility of being Tika’s workout partner.


“If you don’t mind me asking are you two a couple.” Mei inquired with her brow raised.


“No its not quite like that, we just met a couple of days ago.” answered the two tone haired woman.


“I am Tika’s biggest fan though!” Leda added.


Tika and Leda walked around, marveling at what they saw. This gym was loaded with everything one would need to stay in shape, weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines and even rooms for exercises classes.


“I will be offering yoga, dance and Zumba classes if you’re interested in that kind of stuff.”


“Oooh, I might want to try that! Let’s do it!” Leda replied with excitement while looking at Tika.


“IF I decide to join we can.” Tika remarked.


“That ‘IF’ will become ‘WHEN’ by the time we are finished!” the blonde retorted confidently.


“You are indeed sure of yourself.” Tika replied with a skeptical expression.


“You have to be in this line of work.” Mei responded with her signature smirk. There was something about Mei that drew Tika’s interest but she was unsure what it was. She was unlike any of the pimps and hustlers who had tried to employ her in the past. The milf possessed a certain charm, a magnetic charisma that oozed from her being every time she spoke.


[What is it about this woman?] Tika thought to herself.


The trio went up a few more stories, stopping at another floor set up like a hotel with a long circular hallway lined with several doors. Mei opened one of them revealing a 3 room apartment. They went inside and looked around, noticing the full service Kitchen/Dining room along with the bathroom equipped with a separate shower and bath tub that doubled as a Jacuzzi.


“WOW! This is nicer than my room at BSU!” Leda exclaimed.


“Ah That’s right. you are a student? I’m a BSU mom. My son is starting his first year.” Mei replied.


“So what is this?” Tika asked


“These rooms are the living quarters for Empire employees. These are primarily for the younger less experienced girls who may want or need a place to stay. However, if you want one you are welcomed. They are free of charge.”


“That is quite unique. Brothels with rooms like these take a cut of our earnings for rent.” Tika commented.


“That is what’s part of what makes me different. I want my staff to take home as much money as possible. After all they are my partners in this endeavor. Not having to pay rent is one less stress on the mind. A clear mind makes big money!” Mei explained with a head nod.


Next, Mei took them higher up into the building to another set of rooms, these already furnished. Tika and Leda looked around in amazement at the artwork on the walls and the expensive furniture. The room was festive and colorful with a red and pink color scheme much like the love hotels found in Japan. The master bedroom had a comfortable looking king-sized bed, big screen TV mounted on the wall and a massage table off to the side.


“This is where all the magic happens! these rooms are for servicing our clients. You will be able to make in-calls at the office or out-calls to see your clients, whatever is your preference. The choice is up to you! whichever is more preferable to you.”


“I really like the design you have going here.” Tika complimented


“Each room is different and unique. In-call clients will be able to select from an assortment of choices and themes.”


“Nice, I must admit, you do know what you’re doing.”


“The drawers have a number of toys to play with should you need them for a client. Whips paddles, dominatrix outfits. I can provide any accessories needed for your dates!” Mei elaborated.


“The next area I’m taking you to is the administrative floor.”


The group got on the elevator again going up to the very top floor. There were a number of offices, including a giant room that appeared to be a combination of a classroom and a board room. There was a massive white board at the front of the room along with TV.


“Is this some kind of a corporate office?” Tika inquired.


“No, this is the training room. Some of the girls here are unlicensed and require training. I want to create my own superstars so that Empire Escorts has something to offer that no one else has. We will produce the finest starlets in the business. This floor is where we will forge coal into diamonds.” expressed the Empire CEO.


“So you’re a licensed trainer huh?”


“Yes and I will be the best, but to be the best I need to have the best around me.” Mei said while looking at Tika when she spoke the last “best” in her statement.


“There are also bedrooms up here for live ‘practical’ training.” Mei explained as they walked down the hallway. En route to their destination, they encountered a buxom blonde haired woman wearing a business suit and glasses.


“Good afternoon, Big Mama.” the young woman said.


“Good afternoon!” Mei replied


“I’d like to introduce you to Clara, she is one of the people who will provide training for those who need it.”


“Galactica in the flesh… So this is who you were after this whole time. Welcome to the Empire!” Clara greeted before going to the classroom.


Mei then led them to a comfortable spacious office that was the size of a living room. There was a desk in the center of the office which was adorned with a golden name placard. It read….


Executive Vice President


“Vice President?”


“This is your office and that is your title. I need a strong, experienced veteran professional to bring gravitas and legitimacy to the organization.” expanded the CEO.


“But what about my actual job?” Tika questioned.


“You will still be able to take ALL of your bookings. I just need help overseeing the younger ones. Plus you will receive a cut of their earnings.


The office area dispelled, revealing that they were still sitting at the table back on the beach of Sapphire Shores.


“That’s cool little trick you have there.” Tika stated.


“I assure you everything I just showed you is real and you will see for yourself very soon.” Mei replied with a smug grin.


“I dunno, how do I know this will be successful?” asked the veteran pro.


“You don’t, it is a risk but big risks reap even bigger rewards. I’m asking you to invest in me and I will invest in you.” said the blonde while handing Tika the second purse she was carrying. Tika opened the purse to discover several bundles of $100 bills neatly held together by bank paper.


[I hope she goes for this!] Mei thought to herself.


“WHHHOOOOOA!” yelled the escort in total shock. Leda peaked into the purse and was stunned as well.


“I’ve never seen that much money in my life.”


“Consider that a down payment on your future with the Empire.” Mei confidently asserted.


“I will make this a success with or without you but I’d rather do it with you.” Mei said suggestively, implying a double meaning to her statement.


“Well I’m based in Hawaii so I will have to pack up and move to do this.” informed the rosy cheeked bombshell.


“I know. I threw in some extra to take care of your moving expenses.”


“Consider it a deal.”


Mei and Tika both stood up and embraced each other, the former initiating a juicy smooch. Tika reciprocated and reached into Mei’ bikini top, groping her tits. Mei then fondled Tika as well, squeezing her tits and playing with her nipples. Leda watched on with a combination of surprise and pure lust at Mei and Tika. Her jaw dropped, her eyes enlarged and steam shot out of her ears as she stared at the sexy closure of the deal. As they broke away, Mei commented on Tika’s boobs.


“So they are all natural.” Mei said while still playing with Tika’s tits.


“And yours are real too.” replied Tika while moving Mei’s tits up and down.


“Good eating will do that.” Mei joked.


“Leda, If you would like you can be a part time intern.”


“Do I get to work with Tika?” asked the brunette while grasping on tightly to her idol’s arm.


“Count me in!” Leda answered, ecstatic that she would get to spend more time with Galactica on a long term basis. However Leda’s phone beeped indicating she had a text message.


“Where are you? It’s time to practice!” -Shikijou. The message read.


“Well I gotta go, I’m late for volleyball practice. We’re going up against Harlot State in the finals this evening.”


Leda then hugged Tika and Mei before scurrying off to get changed.


“There’s a big party tonight to close out SPLASH. You wanna be my date?” inquired the chesty blonde.


“I would love to.” Tika answered with a suggestive smile.


“See ya tonight, I’ll show you how we party in World City.” Mei said while smacking her on the ass.


“And I’ll show you how we do it in Hawaii.” Tika retorted while grabbing a big handful of Mei’s supple ass.


As they parted ways. Mei thought to herself. [That’s it I’ve done it. I bagged me a SIREN! Phase 1 complete. This won’t be easy though, but having Galactica on my team allows me to start things off with a bang.]


It was a surreal feeling. A lot of work would have to be put in for her gamble to payoff. Training, promotion, and building a client base. Mei couldn’t help but a feel a little uneasy.


[What if this DOESN’T work?] she thought too herself while messaging Eve, Tasha, and Tian to rally with her.


(A few minutes later….)


“I got her! Galactica is now part of the Empire.” Mei informed her cohorts as they sat in a circle.


“So now we can get things rolling!” Tian said while rubbing her hands together.


“How did you get her on board?” asked Tasha.


“I gave her a purse full of money. It was my life savings.” explained the leader of Empire Escorts.


“You did WHAT?!” Eve questioned in shock.


“I had to bet everything on this to secure her.”


“If you gave Galactica all the money you had saved up how did you get the building then?” Tian inquired.


“I won it an auction. That building used to be a bank office. It was seized by the government because the CEO of the company was involved in some shady dealings. I got a good deal on it. I will have to pay on it like a mortgage until we completely own it.”


“And what about the renovations?” Tasha asked.


“There are a number of federal grants and loans available to people trying to startup businesses. They don’t advertise it but its there. I did the research to find it.”


“So we have everything we need to launch now?” Eve questioned.


“Almost, how did y’all fair in recruiting?” Mei asked while stroking her chin.


“I got 4.” said Tian.


“I found 5.” Eve replied.


“I hooked in 7.” informed Tasha.


“That’s great! So we have a total 33 plus 1 part time intern. We are ready to go.” Mei said before a pause.


“Everything is lined up. This is a big chance for you all but also a huge risk. I’ve given up my life savings and put myself in massive debt to try and pull this off. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for Javi’s schooling right now. If this doesn’t work I will lose everything.” Mei revealed in a low tone.


“This is do or die Chiquitas. I need you to have your heads in the game ladies. We can do this but it requires us all to be on point, including me. So we need to look out for each other. This business is cut throat. On top of establishing ourselves, we will have rival organizations to compete with, including BSU. In order to win, we have to be the best and to be the best I need your help.” Mei pleaded.


“You know I’m down Big Mama!” answered Tian.


“I got your back!” Tasha replied


“I’m with you, Queen.” Eve said.


“Well then, I would like to thank you all for believing in me. I appreciate your fine work the last few days as well as your loyalty. You are all dismissed for the day, go have some fun. Tomorrow we begin our conquest!


Mei’s subordinates dispersed and went to enjoy the days festivities while the queen herself pondered the future.


Although Mei had secured Galactica’s services she couldn’t help but feel uneasy about it. Having bet everything she had on Empire Escorts it was kill or be killed. Failure meant losing everything and costing her son his opportunity to get an education. The gravity of the move she had just made weighed heavy on her mind. Not to mention the weird dream she had earlier that morning. She tried to put on a front like nothing was wrong as she frolicked in the ocean with her friends, for it was a successful business day for the Empire team and she didn’t want the others worrying. She drifted along in her float watching her drunken cohorts.




“GOTCHA!” yelled Tian as she emerged from the water wearing a shark fin on her back. She grabbed Eve and pulled down into the water like it was a scene from the Jaws horror movies.


“HELP ME! HELP ME PLEEEASSSSE!!!” screamed Mei’s youngest protégé while struggling to get out of Tian’s grip. Tasha jumped in to help Eve resulting in a 3 way tussle. Tian playfully wrestled with Tasha and Eve resulting in all three of them going down. The trio lost their bikini tops during the horseplay. While Tian and Tasha didn’t care, Eve was embarrassed, covering her tits with her hands.


“My top! I don’t see it!”


“If you’re gonna be working with us you can’t be shy about your body!”


Meanwhile, a massive line of women was moving at Auron’s food cart. Multiple women had foodgasms after tasting his gourmet cuisine, many of them dropping to the floor, screaming his name in delight. Boyfriends and husbands of women in line looked on in annoyance.


“CUM ONE, CUM ALL! PUT MY COOKING TO THE TEST! JUST ONE BITE AND YOU WILL KNOW IT’S THE BEST! MADE WITH LOVE AND A HEART OF FIRE, IT WILL IGNITE YOUR EVERY DESIRE!” Auron waxed poetically to his customers. The blonde haired young man pushed out dish after dish gradually clearing out line. As he worked, he noticed a certain bronze skin Latina relaxing near the shore. After clearing out the line of customers, he promptly shut down his station. Mei walked back to a spot where he had a towel placed on the sand. She sat down and relaxed. Auron pushed his cart along the beach, flailing his arms his to get her attention. Mei tilted the brim on her hat up to see him approaching.


“Hello my dearest Lady Melanie!~” greeted bespectacled young man with enthusiasm.


“Que lo Que.” Mei responded with a smile and a head nod.


The blonde haired young man sat down next to Mei.


“It’s been pretty good. I got first place at the food fair yesterday. I won a couple of thousand bucks that I split with my teammate.


“You were sound asleep when I was leaving yesterday chico. Looked like you were gonna be sleeping for a while. How did you find out.” Mei chuckled.


“My partner Diana stopped by and woke me up. If she didn’t I would have still been knocked out.”


“I know.” Mei responded with a smirk.


“How you been today?”


“Muy bien!.. I recruited the chica I was looking for. Its been nearly 3 days but I got her!”


“Who would that be?” Auron asked


“Galactica…” Mei answered


“Oooooh! The famous, beautiful, vivacious escort!?”




“She is an angel sent from heaven to share her love with us all! Her cheeks so rosy and soft, her hair is so colorful and vibrant. Her voluptuous curves bring a tear to the eye!” Auron gushed while standing up and clinching his fist. Tears flowed from his eyes and hearts hovered above his head.


“I would love to prepare a wonderful meal for lady Galactica!!” Auron gushed. Mei bursts into laughter in response.


“Maybe it will happen. You’re quite the fan of her.” the busty blonde giggled


Mei’s thought was interrupted when her phone went off inside of her purse. She opened her purse and checked her phone seeing several social media notifications. She opened Instagram account to see Xavier’s picture along with message from Koko. Xavier himself was tagged in the post. Not only did Koko post to Linkum but every other major social media platform as well.


[¡Dios mío! Javi!] Mei thought to herself… Although Mei had been able to keep her mental worries from showing in her face prior to this, Auron had witnessed her shock as she looked at her phone. She composed herself as quickly as she could however.


“Are you alright?” the blonde haired young man.


“Si, but I think I will have to go soon.” Mei stated to him.


“Well at least allow me the honor of preparing lunch for you! I can tell its been a while since you had anything to eat.


“I guess. I did say I would pay you a visit yesterday…”


Auron stood back up and moved behind his cooking station.


“What would you like? You can choose any dish you want.” Auron said. Mei gave it some thought.


“Bistecca!” replied the sexy Dominican.


Bistecca is a dish consisting of braised beef and onions. It is a common staple food from Mei’s home country, the Dominican Republic. Often made from cheap or scrap cuts of meat, this provides an inexpensive yet satisfying meal. However, the young culinary prodigy had is own ideas of how to go about this.


The chef turned on one of the stove burners and a deep fryer. Auron unwrapped 2 A5 quality steaks and sliced them into strips. He seasoned the beef with salt, pepper, fresh chopped cilantro adobo and a mix of herbs and spices called Sofrito. He then sautéed the beef in a skillet. While the beef cooked, the young chef pulled out some plantains and sliced them up into thin round chips. An earthy, spicy scent took hold of the nearby area.


“Mmmmmmmm!” Mei said as she watched the chef prepare her dish. Auron turned burner on low to finish the steak with a slow simmer method. He then dropped the plantain chips into the deep fryer cook. Next Auron chopped some lettuce, tomatoes, onions, beet root, arranging them nicely on a salad plate. The young man added salt, pepper olive oil and vinegar to it. With the other tomatoes he quickly made some fresh ketchup just as he had done for Violette’s Hamburger. Auron then plated the chips and steak. Finally, he poured a big glass of Cerveza for Mei.




Auron quickly whipped out a portable table and chairs that he kept at his cooking station and set them up nearby. Mei sat down at the table eagerly awaiting the meal. Auron grabbed Mei two plates and delivered them to her.


“Alas! My humble offering to you, Lady Melanie. Bistecca Encebollado Dominicana con Tostones y Ensalada Verde! (Spanish for “Dominican Steak & Onions with Tostones and Green Salad“) A meal truly fit for La Reina!”


The fragrant aroma teased Mei’s nose as she waited for the chef to be seated. The thick bodied and thick haired blonde.


“This smells so fresh, so authentic! It reminds me of home…” thought Mei to herself. Auron then sat down with a plate of his own.


“You surprise me once again. I didn’t think you knew Dominican cooking.” Mei said.


“Every country has valuable techniques and dishes, no matter how large or small. I’ve studied some of everything during my travels.” Auron replied with a confident grin. He watched on as Mei took her first bite.


“This flavor!…..It takes me back!” Mei said while looking at the ocean. She demolished the steak, destroyed the plantain chips and killed the salad, licking her lips when she was finished.


“Enjoy?” Auron asked despite already knowing the answer to his own question.


Mei stood up and looked out toward the blue waters before her. Her surroundings changed yet again. The tropical beach setting gave way to a crowded city, full of old, dilapidated apartment buildings, worn down huts and makeshift homes for living. Copious amounts of trash lined the streets and polluted city’s waters. Police sirens rang out as officers responded to another gang related murder in the Favelas. This was not the beautiful Capital city of Santo Domingo featured in vacation brochures and on the internet. This was the other side of town.



(Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 27 years ago.)


A young Melanie played outside with her friends. The game was cops and robbers. She and her peers used empty water bottles, sticks, and broken wooden boards they found laying in the streets as pretend firearms. She didn’t know any better for the violent lifestyle of the favelas was all she knew.


“COME LAS BALAS MAMAR GUEVO!” (Spanish for “EAT BULLETS COCK SUCKERS!“) yelled the 9 year old while firing pantomime gunshots at the opposing group of children who were playing the role of cops. Mei ran behind the back of a nearby vacant building disappearing from sight. She came around and ambushed her foes from behind. She cut them down with simulated fire from an assault rifle.


“YO SOY LA REINA!” (Spanish for “I AM THE QUEEN!“) yelled the child holding a plank of wood in the air triumphantly while doing a salsa dance. However her victory was interrupted by a voice calling her name.


“MELANIE! DINNER TIME!” yelled Melanie’s mother.


“Coming mama!” replied the little girl.


Melanie dashed over to the small hut where she lived and sat down at the table. Her mother handed her a plate of Bistecca and Tostones.


“Melanie, what have I told you about hanging out with those wannabe thugs. It’s only playing right now but that progresses into being in a real gang!”


“But MAMMMAAAA! Those are the cool kids! I wanna be cool like them!” whined Melanie in a familiar high pitched tone very reminiscent of her son Xavier.


“Running the streets is a one way ticket to problems. That lifestyle leads to death, prison, or drug addiction Melanie. The cool kids will keep asking you to do more and more for them so you can stay cool until you’re in trouble. And when you need them they won’t be there. I have high hopes for you Melanie, you’re such a bright girl.” explained Mei’s mother. Mei listened intently as her mother spoke.


“Your father and I work hard to provide a life for you. I don’t want you to waste it on nonsense. I know you’re surrounded by all of this but you won’t be forever. Someday we are gonna leave here… Leave here forever and go to America!”


“Really?” asked young Mei.


“Yes, it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow but we will… Someday you will be an adult and have children of your own, I want to give you the best chance for success. One of these days when you’ve grown and lived to be my age you will remember this and understand……”



(Queens, New York, 22 years ago.)


It took several years but Mei finally made it to the United States of America. It had been a long and arduous struggle to this point, unfortunately Mei’s parents could only afford to pay the transporter to get Mei there. She travelled days on the Atlantic Ocean through pounding waves and unexpected thunderstorms, not everyone made it through the trip alive. Upon arriving in Florida, the 14 year old bought a one way ticket to New York City. This was said to be the City where one’s dreams come true, the Big Apple. Mei moved in with her aunt who was in her 20’s. This was a whole new world for the teen. It was time to start high school but she didn’t know any English. Mei sat in her crowded bedroom struggling with English to Spanish flash cards.


“I can’t do it! It’s too hard!” Mei complained while storming into the living room of her aunts apartment.


“Come on Mei, I know learning another language is tough but to be successful in this country you need to be fluent in the language.”


“Come sit right here Chiquita! I’ll help you.” Said the aunt while slapping the empty spot on the couch.”



(Queens, New York, 14 years ago.)


Over the years Mei became fluent in English and graduated from high school an honor roll student. At age 18, that family her mother prophesized came along as she and her partner at the time welcomed their first child, a baby boy into the world. The couple raised their son together happily for 4 years and were even set to be married until one day, the man Mei loved disappeared without warning or even a good bye. She had to not only raise him by herself but fill the void left in her son’s life left by “Him”……


“Mommy… What happened to daddy? He’s still not back.” asked young Xavier while the two played Street Fighter. Mei didn’t know anything about video games at the time as playing that had been a father/son activity.


“Yes, daddy is gonna come back Javi.” Mei answered. She didn’t really know how to answer this question.


“When?” asked the child. Mei was at a loss for words. She didn’t know how to address this for she didn’t have the answer. She did the only thing could do.


“I don’t know, but I hope soon.” Mei answered as she gave her little boy a big hug. The floodgates opened as Mei could no longer hold in her emotion. Tears flowed from her eyes as she embraced her son tightly. Though she was heartbroken over losing her lover she was completely crushed over how this affected Xavier. He was only 4 years old and couldn’t comprehend or make sense of what happened. The boy then looked at his mother.


“What’s wrong mommy?… Why are you crying?” young Xavier asked.


“It’s nothing… I got something in my eye.” Mei answered.


“It’s ok mommy. I’m here.” remarked the child. It was at that point Mei found renewed strength to keep going. He she had a goal and a plan



The area surrounding Mei slowly faded back into Sapphire Shores, still staring into the crystal blue waters in the distance.


“My life has been full of obstacles and challenges. From finding a way out of the hood to learning English and becoming a citizen to raising my son by myself. I’ve gotten this far and made it through so much. I can’t start worrying now! Scared money don’t make money! I WILL NOT LOSE!”


Unlike the previous dish he made for her, this one was more personal. It had taken her to a place within herself she hadn’t seen in a long time. It was a humble meal that had brought her to various times in her life, triggering a moment of reflection.


“YES! YES!” yelled Mei while jumping into the air and pumping her fist. He tits popped out of her bikini top. She looked back at Auron who was sitting mesmerized in awe of her for he had been watching this entire time.


“Something on your mind?” he asked.


“There was, but I have resolved it. Gracias for the meal.” Mei thanked with a nod and a smirk. She then walked over to where Auron was sitting.


“I would like to show you my gratitude.” Mei suggested as she stood in front of the young man.


Mei started to shimmy her body from side to side in step to the booty shaking rap music playing in the background. She was moving differently than the last time. Mei swung her hips around melodically to the beat of the music, holding her arms out to the side while wildly swinging her gigantic tits around. She then turned her back to him and stood still.




The magnificent milf clapped and bounced her ample rear around without using her legs or hips, it was all ass doing the work. Mei bounced her supple assets right in front of the young chef’s face. She lightly slapped his face with her booty cheeks sandwiching his face between them.


“OH MY GOD! YOUR ASS IS SO SOFT! Like the finest silk!” Auron complimented in a muffled voice while grabbing two big handfuls of ass.


“No plastic surgery or chemicals here! This all Bistecca! HECHO EN DOMINICA SI! (Spanish for “MADE IN DOMINICA!“) bragged the milf as she flaunted her all natural curves. The young cooking prodigy’s manhood started to swell as the buxom milf sat in his lap. She gyrated her hips with fire and intensity. Brushing up against his growing cock with her pussy. Slapping is inner thighs with her ass.




Mei grinded back and forth, teasing the teen for what’s inevitably going to happen. Her thick, meaty curves were more than he had dealt with before. The milf’s energetic movements nearly tipped the chair over during her lap dance. Auron squeezed her rear as she lap danced him prompting Mei to lean in closer.


“Can you handle all this culo?” asked Mei in a whispering tone.


“We shall see!” answered the freshman student before beginning to nibble on her succulent tits.


Auron sucked and fondled her tits like he was feasting on a 5-star dinner. He gently licked while biting her nipples with just enough pressure to get her going.


“Muy bien! Suck those big ol Tetas! Ooooh!”


Mei then tilted his head upward and leaned in, planting juicy French kiss. They pressed tongues while Auron laid multiple smacks on her backside.


The sexy businesswoman then slid down his body, landing on her knees in front of him.




Mei quickly slipped his shorts down with ease exposing his still hardening pole. She started off with a hand job. She slowly stroked this cock with both hands, rubbing deep into the tissue pressing and tugging with the precision of a master masseuse.


“This feels exquisite! Your hands are magical!!!” Auron said with a wide smile. Precum leaked from the head of his dick as Mei worked his shaft, tickling his balls in intervals along the way. She put her enormous titties to good use at that moment, massaging his cock with her pillowy flesh orbs. The precum served as lube for the titty cock sandwich, allowing her to traverse his dong swiftly, making a steady, slippery jerking sound.


She pecked his dong with light feathery kisses going up and down his shaft from its thick base to the head of his rod before going back down to his balls. She held them in her hands while laying, loud, wet smooches on them.




Auron then felt a sudden throbbing below his beltline that was more intense than usual hard on. It started to move uncontrollably.


“Ahhhh! What is this!?” Auron thought to himself as he experienced this abnormal sensation.




Auron’s penis became gargantuan in size as it fully erected. The chef’s dick had far surpassed its length and girth from the previous day, increasing in an instant like a shonen character’s biceps during a transformation or power up. The monster cock thumped Mei in her forehead with it’s greatly extended shaft.


“WHAT THE FUCK!?” yelled the wide milf as she marveled at this tremendous log in front of her face. She was completely bewildered by what had just occurred. Never before had she seen such a phenomenon.


“SWEET JESUS! He’s gigantic. How did he pull off a trick like that?


“YES! IT WORKED!” Auron rejoiced with glee.


“What do you mean” asked the Queen.


“I’ve been working on a cooking technique recipe for over a year now. I tried and failed for months on in, but now I finally found it. A WAY TO MAKE MY DICK BIGGER!” yelled the triumphant 1st year student.


“LET’S SEE HOW YOU WORK IT!” Mei declared.


This was no small task, quite literally for the milf. She moved her tongue around the inside of her mouth while examining Auron’s newly forged meat staff. The milf resumed the tit job, working his dick in between heavy boobs. Mei rubbed his dong up against her cheek as she paizuri’d him, playing with it like she had just got a new toy. She could feel his enlarged veins pulsating against her skin.


“Ooooh! So hard yet so smooth!”


She grabbed his giant phallus with both hands and opened her mouth as big and wide as she could. Mei pulled his cock into her mouth with both hands, filling her jaws to capacity with pipe. She started off slow, putting a sloppy slurping suck job on his head. The amazing milf bobbed her head lower taking in more of his cock.


SOO….MUUUCH….CAWK!!!!” Mei gurgled while gulping down more and more of his extensive length. Mei paused momentarily and took in a large breath of air before making her next move.




She took the chef’s monster dick into her throat inch by inch, spreading out her jaw so she could suck down more. Auron was astounded by this feat, his face reflecting a cross between pleasure and shock. His eyes enlarged as he watched Mei skillfully deepthroat him, his size making her neck bulge outward like a frog. She navigated it’s path like a true master, holding her breath to avoid gagging on it. She did this not once, not twice but a total of 5 times!




Auron struggled to maintain his composure as Mei picked up the intensity, throating him as far as she could go; making his log disappear in her mouth. Auron felt the strong flow of cum circulating.


[OH YES! SHE IS INCREDIBLE…..WAIT…NO!!! NOT YET!] the chef thought to himself. Mei then stopped and waved her finger at him jokingly while shaking her head slowly. She grasped his cock in a firm grip, prevent him from coming.


“No tan Rapido! (Spanish for “Not so fast!“) You haven’t served the main course yet.” Mei teased before standing. She maintained her grip of his shaft as the began to walk, causing Auron to rise to his feet.

“Ven aqui, let’s go chico! Give me that super chorizo!!!!!” Mei demanded while stopping at the table they were eating at. The voluptuous temptress bent over the table and nodded her head. The bespectacled youth rubbed the opening of Mei’s pussy.


“Ahhh!” moaned the caramel milf.


Auron labored to insert his pole into her, trying multiple times unsuccessfully due to his size. Mei lifted up one leg and put her knee on the table, spreading the folds of her pussy open with both hands to assist him. After about a minute of fiddling…..




Auron had made his way in. The chef pumped slowly at first, easing his way in as Mei watched him over her shoulder.


“Ow!” winced the blonde as Auron started to pump


He gradually went deeper with each successive pump. Mei progressively got used to the enormous girth of the young man as he stroked her snatch.


“Ooooh, agradable!” Mei whispered as Auron worked. The young man then thrusted harder with a consistent pace, each stroke becoming more slippery from Mei’s juices. Auron grabbed Mei around her hips to give himself something to firmly grip.




The blonde haired man put more muscle into his pumps and used his strong well built physique to his advantage. He plowed her into her like a tank, making her slide up and down the surface of the table.


“UGHHH! STRETCH THAT HOLE! OLÉ!” Mei yelled as he bombed her with dick.


Auron fucked her deep and powerfully causing the table to rock, making its legs wobble. The young man then climbed on top of the table and laid on top of Mei’s back, piercing her slit with gaping, force forward thrusts. Mei turned her head to one side and Auron lead his head forward to meet her. They shared a long juicy kiss while he delivered a massive helping of chorizo!




The muscular chef whomped the Queen’s willing hole, beating her pussy like he was tenderizing a steak. The table began to weaken under pressure of the schlacking Auron was giving her.






The table couldn’t take it anymore and buckled, collapsing on the sand below as the two fell on eachother.


“I guess you were too much for the table! All that heavy dick made it break.” chuckled the sexy business woman.


“Sometimes I don’t know my own strength!” Auron replied with a grin and chuckle as well.


“Let me show you what I can do” Mei gloated as she stood back up. She stepped off of the table and into sand. She bent over and put her hands in the sand pushing herself into a hand stand position. In an amazing feat of strength, Mei pointed at Auron with one hand and waved him over while maintaining the handstand with just one arm.


“Your talents go even further than I thought! Such beauty and strength!” Auron complimented as he walked up to her. Mei then did a full splits while still maintaining her handstand. The blonde haired freshman stood over her dripping cunt and pushed his way in once more. Auron bent his knees and lowered himself downward he was doing squat exercises.




“MY PLEASURE MADAM!” replied the chef.


Auron grabbed Mei’s inner thighs and rubbed them while fiercely gouging Mei’s twat. Her feminine juices flowed from her slit, running down her stomach and tits. He thumped her hard and fast, playing with the outer folds of her pussy while fucking her.




The bodacious dark skinned milf pulled out yet another of her many tricks, pushing herself upward with her palms. She fucked him back, pumping her hips back and forth while pushing herself into his strokes as if she was doing handstand pushups.


“WHO AM I!?” Mei yelled as the cock slammed into her.


“LA REINA!!!” (Spanish for “THE QUEEN!!!“) Auron answered.


After about five minutes of this, Mei then flipped back to her feet and faced the young man.


“Rendir!” (Spanish for “Lay down!“)


Placing her hand on his chest, Mei lightly pushed Auron down. The young man went along with it, falling backwards and landing on Mei’s float. The brown skinned milf then squatted over Auron and grabbed his dick, pushing it inside of her as she slowly moved her body. Still standing in squat posture Mei shook her ass to the music playing in the background. She placed her hands on her knees and whirled her hips around, shaking her ass around to the bass-filled beat. Such a position is impossible with most men because their cocks weren’t long enough to reach that high. Mei moaned loudly as she twerked, moving Auron’s ginormous dong in all directions






“AH YES! LOOK AT HOW YOU WORK THAT BIG DICK. YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND LADY MELANIE!!!” Auron complimented, a perverted grin on his face. He was enjoying the moment like he was in heaven.


Auron planted his feet firmly in the sand and propelled his hips upward, ramming her from the bottom position. He brought his waist all the way off of the ground like he was doing hip raising exercises. Auron’s mighty strokes lifted Mei off of the ground with each pump. Mei squeezed an licked on her nipples as she was raised up from the floor repeatedly.




The bronze goddess then sat all the way down on Auron’s telephone pole of a dick sliding down to its base like she was coming down a fire department pole. She felt an immense shock as she landed on top of the teen’s pelvis.




Mei bounced on Auron’s dick with a frenetic pace putting all of her weight into it. Auron felt some slight discomfort in his stomach and pelvic areas but it was nothing compared to the immense pleasure that came from Mei riding him. Beads of sweat ran down her body, dripping down onto him.




Mei ricocheted off of him riding him like a wild beast. Auron tried to hold in the coming explosion as best he could. Again, sensing he was on the edge, Mei shifted to riding him in a slow grinding fashion; leaning in close and giving him a French kiss.


“MMMMMMM…..OHHHHHHH!” cooed the blonde haired beauty while exchanging tongues with the young BSU recruit.


The young man then turned her over on her back, falling out of her slippery orifice while doing so. He parted her legs like the red sea, resting his cock on her the outer part of Mei’s moist slit. Auron thrusted his dick forward, massaging the opening of her pussy. His enormous length slid smoothly against the surface of her hole, going up her stomach and between her tits. Mei pushed her huge boobs up against his dick for paizuri. She moved her tits up and down against his weighty rod, licking and kissing the tip of his cock each time it approached her face.


“OHHH! RUB THAT PUSSY AND FUCK THEM TITS. LOOK AT THAT TITTY COCK SANDWICH! MMMMMWAAAHH!” Mei said as she planted kisses on the head of his cock.


Auron grabbed his hefty dong and gave Mei’s pussy some firm slaps, the end of his dick bouncing off her melons. The young man then shoved his cock into her pussy once more.




He ran his cock up Mei’s vagina with strength and vigor, holding on to her thighs to pull her in for a deeper ramming. Auron probed her long and deep, colliding his manhood into her uterus.


“IRREAL! (Spanish for “UNREAL!“) FANTISTICO! THAT’S HOW YOU SERVE A QUEEN! GIVE IT TO ME!!!” Mei screamed as she slid back and forth on the floaty she was laying on.


Auron went faster and faster, getting closer and closer to an eruption as he continued.




Auron couldn’t hold out any longer and released a powerful stream of cum into the bronze temptress. The force from the missile-like burst popped his dick out of her, resulting in a loud thump that echoed through the area. The young man fired a sustained flow jizz that rained down on his partner, covering Mei in his seed like a fire hydrant.


“AHHHH! HOLY SHIIIIIT!!!! IT’S LIKE A WATERFALL!!!!” hollered the milf while being drenched in sperm.


As Auron finished after a couple of minutes, he felt heavily drained, sleepy even, breathing hard and wiping the sweat from his face. Mei then sat up and started licking his dick clean, scooping the excess cum off of his dong with her tongue.


“MMMMMMMMM!!! Delicioso!”


The milf slowly sucked him off about a minute to help him relax from the rush.


“This is simply AMAZING!” Auron said while breathing hard.


After she finished, Mei got up and wiped herself off with a towel, before putting her bikini and hat back on.”


“I appreciate it Aurrrrron. You helped settle my mind. Mucho Gracias!” The bronze beauty said to the man, giving his name a Spanish accent by rolling the ‘R’ in the chef’s name.


“You are very welcomed La Reina. I wish you success with your business!” Auron replied.


“Good luck with your time at BSU. I hope you are able to establish that class.”


“Thank you. You have also helped me, I didn’t know that there were women of your skill level just walking around. I feel like I’m more prepared for the challenges that await.” Auron admitted.


“De nada.” Mei replied.


As Mei left, Auron thought about the upcoming big day. The day of orientation.


“It’s almost here. I made a breakthrough in my cooking just at the right time. This will help me along. Violette, princess Ashani…. All these talented women to feed! I will help you all become top stars.”


As Mei returned to her hotel room, she called her son but didn’t get an answer.


“That filthy fox cunt… I’m sorry that happened Javi. Hang on my son. We are both facing overwhelming odds. You’re like me, a hustler. Don’t give up Javi. You believed in me when I thought we couldn’t make it. I believe in you son. Use this rage as fuel to become great!” Mei said under her breath as she walked. Her expression changed to a smile confident that everything would work out for them both.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Let me just say, how glad I am that I get to see another Mei pic so soon after the other and let’s be honest, ALL Mei artworks are practically the best artworks overall. With this one and the first with her steadily compeating for second place in my heart while the third is undisputed on the first place. I would say that the first artwork is better in general since the pose used in it hadn’t been done before in the series, unlike this one here, and because it showed more from her partner. That being said, this artwork is still one hell of an experience and thats mainly due to her excellently drawn expressions. Be it the version where she is impaled on Auron’s giant spear or the one where she simply admires it, her lips puckered ever so cutely, both versions are really amazing. The version with the cock out of her has several things going for it however, such as the fact, that we get to see more of her beautiful lipstick marks on the massive rod and that her lips are much more prominent, than in the vaginal version, where I don’t really see that much of both. Second-ly, the cum version of that version has also the huge benefact, that we get to see this vul-cano spitting out some of it hot sauce out and covering the oh so lovely landscape that are Mei’s massive mammaries. On the other hand, I’m a much greater fan of Mei’s ahegao expression and that some spunk found it’s way in her open mouth in the cum version. I’m not really sure when it comes to the position, since it looks like Mei looks like she is sitting on his lap while he fucks her, which would only make sense if he is also sitting on some kind of chair or the such, because otherwise I imagine the position to be really stressful on his legs. He could be kneeling but than the position of his legs wouldn’t make that much sense. The background looks as good and detailed as everyone so far, what I really like.

Right out of the gate, this chapter is nothing like what I was expacting and just so amazing from start to finish. The only thing holding this chapter back in my eyes, is the somewhat random Eiji/Kagura/Candice stuff at the beginning, which doesn’t really contribute to the story in any way, shape or form and even than, it distracts from the actual stuff going on in the chapter. I guess, I know what you were going for, showing more of the events that are happening on the beach, which it kinda does. It’s nice to see that Kagura won her contest and Candice is always a delight to read. The actual story is a masterpiece from start to finish and makes this one of the best, if not THE BEST, chapters so far. Starting with Mei having dreams of her gone husband and her interaction with the sleeping Xavier just before his disaster of a day were really sweet and showed just what kind of woman Mei actually is. Teasing other men and her son but deep in her heart still missing her long gone husband and caring for Xavier. Her workout with Matsunami wasn’t that worth mentioning but it lead to the discovery of “her” and the subsequent reveal of “her”. The “Thristy Parrot” is a really interesting location and it is there, were we meet the woman, Mei was looking for the whole time: Galactica. It is also there, were we see more of the caramel milfs company “EMPIRE ESCORT SERVICES LLC.” and their building complex. On that note, the way it was shown, the buildings interior I mean, was really strange and I still don’t quite understand how she managed to make that room appear. Is it some kind of holographic device that creates this environment, which both Galactica and Leda, two girls who are really up to date with the stuff going on, I assume, know nothing about? Is it simply a trip because of the strong alcohol they were drinking or because of something in it? It just feels kinda strange and out of place. Mei’s gamble however was done amazingly well, with her putting everything on the line just so that Galactica joins her company. And at the end, she not only manages to succeed in getting the high class escort but also an intern. I love the fact that Mei and Tika both groped each other to learn more about the other and how Leda sensed the mothers “sexual presence”. The fun time afterwards with her employees, while not so much fun for the worried boss, was still fun to read through and lead to one of the best sequences in the story so far. Because Auron wants to help her out of her worried state, he serving her a plate native to her homeland, the Dominican Republic, which unlike other dishes he served so far didn’t end in a foodgasm, but instead brought her back to days long past. Days during her rough childhood in the Dominican Republic, her escape to New York in search for a better life, the hard time she had there at first, and her time with the love of her life who left her and her little child at the time all alone. I wasn’t expecting to feel anything when I started reading this story but this chapter was so emotional, that it indeed made me feel something for these characters. Great job there. The sex scene wasn’t that amazing, especially compared to her previous one with Auron but still very much enjoyable. If there is one negative about the whole thing, it would be that, at first, Auron’s cooking and the following sex was more important for the milf, than her sons experience with Koko. It felt strange and unnatural for the woman who cares so much about her son and loved ones, to prefer a meal served by this random man who she only met a day ago, to her son.

Still, this chapter made Mei really the best character of the series so far, easily outclassing my previous number one, Violette. What can I say? All artworks and chapters, featuring Melanie so far are a top notch masterpiece!

3 years ago

Are we gonna see Xavier and Mei having some fun together?

3 years ago

Great to see how determined Mei was to recruit Galactica, but a little confused as to how she made Leda and Galactica envision what she was thinking. Also great that Mei was able to conclude her deal in success and hot having the 2 sexually feel each other up, but very risky with what she was doing putting an awful lot of money on the line. Thought it was sweet of Auron to cook for Mei when she seemed troubled, and to even calm her senses with a cultural dish of hers. Strider, you do a really great job when describing about a characters backstory, was fascinating to have Mei get taken back, having us gain more of an insight of her story. Interesting having the food give a different effect this time instead of the usual foodgasm. The sexual interaction afterwards was very hot and steamy, really enjoyed the cock shock and Mei just going to town on the dick. The french kisses and kisses on the cock throughout were really erotic, the titfuck, fellatio, and very tight penetration was very steamy, lol on the table breaking, awesome to end in the pose from the pic with a pussy rub, titfuck/kisses then plunging into her tight pussy to fill her up and cover her in cum, very hot especially with how she cleaned his cock afterwards. Really enjoyed the interaction here, great job!