The Final Fuckdown

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Weaving through the crowd, Kushina Uzumaki made her way over to the competition area. Loud music pulsed in the air as high denomination bills fluttered about like snow. Over the loudspeaker, Hanabi’s voice blared, “Wow, this is unexpected folks! Who would have thought that our first year finalists would be the battle of the Kages!”


Kushina stepped up her pace, ignoring the slaps to her naked ass and passing gropes at her heavy tits. Hinata was filling her spot in the line-up because she was late. She’d only been back a couple months, but it had been great getting to know her son and his girlfriend between her shifts at the club. Squeezing her naked body between two more patrons, Kushina gasped as she reached her destination. Hinata lay sandwiched between HER SON and the Raikage, her round ass jiggling as the two men pounded their gigantic cocks into her ass and pussy!


“Hmmmmmmm!” Hinata moaned, chewing on her lower lips as she rocked her hips against both men, “NARUTO-KUN!! RAIKAGE-SAMA, that feels goood!!!” she moaned as she mashed her huge tits around the Raikage’s face, ” MORE, STUFF MY HOLES MOOOORE!!” she howled.


“Woooo, hear that folks, my big sister isn’t gonna go down so easy this time!!! She’s not the shy little girl I knew growing up! She’s a full blown nympho slut!” Hanabi yelled as the crowd cheered even louder, “But how long will she last against the two biggest dicks in the land!?”


Kushina gritted her teeth as she clutched the pair of condoms she’d grabbed from the dressing room bowl as she rushed out. There was a large “M” for medium printed on the sides of the packaging, but one glance as the meat rockets slamming balls deep inside Hinata told the redhead they were both woefully undersized. But more than that, there was NO WAY she was having sex with her own son, no matter how good the pay.


“Give it up Naruto!” the Raikage groaned as he pumped his hips faster, his balls smacking wetly against the creamy mounds of Hinata’s ass, “That prize money is going to my village!”


“No chance!” said Naruto as he began matching the Raikage’s pace, Hinata howling in pleasure between them, “You’re at a disadvantage now, I know exactly what my girl here likes, and together there’s no way we’ll lose, BELIEVE IT!”


“Wow, Naruto and the Raikage throwing down the gauntlet folks! Can my sister hold out long enough to pull out a victory against our finalists?” Hanabi asked, “Or will the second annual Busteez FuckFest Competition end in a tie? Bets will still be accepted at the bar for another sixty seconds, or until we have a winner!”


“HAHH… AHHH… HAAAHHH!! SOO GOOD! MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!” Hinata panted, her moans audible even over the thrumming music and cheering crowd.


Kushina made her way over to the DJ booth where Hanabi stood dressed in a thong Bikini bottom and tank top. The young girl was only just starting at Busteez, and one look at her body told Kushina she was going to be very popular when she went into the rotation. After her “meeting” with Tsunade, the former Hokage gave Hanabi a glowing recommendation and got Kakashi to hire her on the spot. However, since she recently turned eighteen, she was given a spot in a management position, mainly due to her charismatic personality, something her older sister lacked. Tonight was her last shift before she joined the rest of the ladies working the stage and V.I.P. rooms.


The redhead blinked when she saw Hanabi’s face, her expression a mix of awe and adoration as she watched her older sister getting DP’ed not ten feet away. She waved a hand to get the girls attention, “Hanabi-chan, Hanabi-chan!” she yelled as quietly as she could.


Hanabi turned towards Kushina, covering the mic of her headset, “Doesn’t my sister look amazing!?” she asked.


“What? Oh yeah, she looks really sex– WAIT!! I can’t do this!” Kushina hissed.


“What, why?” Hanabi asked with a blink, “Naruto-kun and the Raikage are really hung, why wouldn’t…” Hanabi stopped mid-sentence when Kushina fixed her with a dour look. “Oh, right, I totally forgot!” She then tapped a finger to her chin, “Hmmm, well…this is a tricky one… You signed up for the competition, so you have to participate. I mean, after Samui passed out after less than three minutes I had to think fast you know. I had to offer a free round of drinks to buy me a few minutes to gather all the girls in the back and see if anyone had the strength left for another round… or three or five. Most of them were too exhausted and sore but thankfully my sister was willing to go another round at the last minute. I guess there’s always the chance Naruto losses next…”


Kushina just looked at the young girl.


“Right…” said Hanabi, “Oh, I know!” she said, snapping her fingers, “Run back to the dressing room and grab one of the wigs, Naruto won’t know it’s you, so no performance anxiety and he can compete with all his heart, and the audience gets everything they paid for.”


“You’re serious?!” Kushina said, looking back at the threesome on the table as they continued pounding into Hinata’s holes. The dark haired girl’s huge tits wobbling about like giant jello molds as she bucked up for a moment, her face lacking any sign of sanity amid an orgasmic hurricane.


“AHHAAAA….!!!” the dark haired girl screamed in ecstasy just as her ass and pussy both erupted with thick white fluids as both the Raikage and Naruto came inside her. Hinata’s pearl colored eyes rolled back in her head as she shuddered in pleasure.


“Hey, look at that. Doesn’t matter now.” said Hanabi as she put the mic back against her face, “Wooooo, unbelieveable, un-be-lieve-able!!! After eight girls straight, our two finalists have reached their end with a double cream pie tie!!! Who would have thought it’d end like this!?” she called into the mic, her voice booming over the loudspeakers. Everyone in the audience cheered and jeered as the trio lay in a naked heap of tangled limbs atop the table.


As the music was turned down to a less deafening level, people began to disperse through the rest of the club. What few winnings there were were dispensed to their victors while others tore up their betting slips. Kushina just sighed in relief at having avoided making a difficult choice, have sex with her son, or potentially lose her VERY well paying job.


Shaking her head, Kushina tossed the pair of condoms she carried onto a nearby table as she began making her way back to the dressing room. She stopped at the table itself and smirked at the sight of her son’s huge dick. Easily as big as his father, if not a little bigger. She couldn’t be more proud, and maybe a little jealous of Hinata’s luck.

Story by Sailor Io

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