Tending the Bee Job

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Wearing thick make-up and hefting her heavy tits, Anko Mitarashi smiled as she and Lady Tsunade walked out onto the private porch in the back of the Busteez club building. It was midafternoon, and the air was stuffy with late summer heat. Neither of them had bothered wearing any clothes as they approached their client of the evening.


“My Bee-san,” Tsunade said, “This is the fourth time this month!” she said with a giggle, “The S-Rank mission list must be nearly empty by now.”


Sitting naked in a plush chair that looked out over the village, Killer Bee grinned, “Yo, time with you hot mama’s is worth the work and the scars.”


Anko felt her eyebrow twitch as she forced a smile at the awful attempt at rap-speak. But Tsunade was right; booking not one, but two women for private services was so expensive it was almost ridiculous. An “S” class mission would however be enough to cover the costs easy; and if Tsunade was right, this was Bee’s fourth visit. She smirked, ‘Well,’ she thought, ‘A few less dangerous criminals running around then.’


She and Tsunade walked over to Bee, each taking one side. She watched as Tsunade leaned down, rubbing her massive tits against his shoulder as her fingers traced the muscles of his arm. The older blonde then gasped as Bee grabbed one huge tit, pulling the nipple to his mouth and wrapping his lips around the date-sized nub.


“Ahhhaaaa, Bee-sama…!” Tsunade moaned, hugging his head against her tit as she moved to straddle his arm. Immediately the dark skinned man’s fingers slipped inside her pussy which was already soaking wet! Anko watched in awe as the older woman grinded her cunt on the man’s fingers, moaning like a cheap whore the whole time.


Licking her gold painted lips, Anko set to work herself, kneeling in front of Bee, gulping at the sight of the gigantic dick waiting for her! ‘Holy hell!’ she thought as she watched Bee’s cock swell, and swell, and swell! The fucking rod was nearly as long as her forearm and easily as thick!


The dark haired woman couldn’t stop herself from imagining this huge thing stuffing her cunt so full. The last time she’d seen anything like it was during the Fuckfest event a while back. The Raikage and Naruto had double stuffed her to the point where she passed out in less than four minutes. It still bothered her, but not nearly as much as the pictures of herself she’d seen covered in cum with a full ahegao face while she was out.


Smiling up at Bee, Anko made a show of running her tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock. Much as she hated admitting it, the smell of his dick turned her on, she could already feel her own juices running down her legs as she kissed her way back down his length, leaving golden lip marks on the dark skin.


“Ooohh, yeah, you Konoha bitches sure know how to treat a man…” Bee groaned.


“Mmmmmh, thank you very much Bee-sama…” Tsunade moaned, pressing his head between her fat tits. Anko busied herself with licking his apple sized balls as Bee grabbed both the blondes’ tits, sucking on one roughly, as if trying to fit the entire thing in his mouth.


“Ahhhaaa, my nipple…!! Ahh, my nipple feels so good in your mouth Bee-samaaaaa….” Tsunade moaned.


‘Jeez, dial it back Lady Tsunade, I doubt he’s THAT good.’ Anko thought as she moved to press his dick between her huge tits, only the tip peeking out the top of her cleavage. She smirked as she rubbed his length up and down several times, loving the way it made him shudder before she opened her mouth wide, taking the entire head between her lips, then letting her tits fall away from his rod as she slowly took him down her throat inch by inch.


“Ahhh, oooooohhh…” Bee groaned, looking down at her through his dark glasses. She winked up at him and took his length entirely down her throat, gagging slightly as the tip moved passed her gag reflex point.


“Mmmmmmhmmm, Anko is our best deepthroat girl; her snake skills are really paying off now.” Tsunade said with a chuckle.


“Mmmmph! mmmph! mmmph…” Anko moaned, making lewd slurping noises with her lips every time she raised her head. She glanced up at Tsunade again, blinking when she saw the look of open lust on her face as she slipped away from Bee and knelt down next to her.


“Anko, stop hogging Bee-sama’s big dick all to yourself!” she said in a sweet tone.


The dark haired woman slowly lifted her head up, smiling as she gave his cock one last long lick before the two of them mashed the huge thing between their tits. “Mmmmhmmmhmmm, Bee-sama, your cock feels so good between my tits.” Tsunade said as she leaned her head down to give the tip of it a kiss, making a prefect red stain there.


“Where are you getting this crap?” Anko asked as quietly as she could as the two of them began moving together, sliding Bee’s cock up and down between their mashed together tits.


“Didn’t you read the book Kakashi handed out?” Tsunade asked in an equally quiet tone, though Anko figured they might not need to be so quiet, since Bee looked like he was completely lost in pleasure.


“That trashy porn novel? No, I haven’t even taken it out of the wrapping yet.” Anko answered back.


Tsunade grinned at her, “You should, a lot of fun little ideas in there,” she whispered, “Like this…” she said a bit more loudly, leaning forward to press her lips to Anko’s. The dark haired woman’s eyes went wide as Tsunade forced her tongue into her mouth and used it to pull her tongue back into her own.


“Ahhhnnn… Wady Shunade-shamaaaa…!” Anko moaned as they continued moving their bodies up and down.


“Awwww yeah, that’s what I like to see!!!!” Bee said, thrusting his cock between their breasts in rhythm with them as the shock passed and Anko kissed back. She pressed her tits harder against Tsunade’s, enjoying the feel of them against her own as Bee’s cock slipped and slided between them.


“Awww, a-yeah, two hot momma’s making out over my dick like trampy bitches in heat, ain’t no thing hotter in the world!” Bee groaned. Anko suppressed a groan at that as she moaned into Tsunade’s mouth, moving her body faster now. Tsunade broke the kiss after a long moment, looking back up at Bee with a smile.


“Mmmmmh, Bee-sama, hurry, give us your cum, we want it so bhaaad…!” she moaned.


No sooner than the words left her ruby painted lips did a fountain of hot cum erupt from the tip of his cock, raining down over the two of them, soaking Anko’s hair, face, and tits. Bee panted and went slightly slack in his seat, Tsunade grinning triumphantly.


“And THAT, is why you should read it.” she told her.


“Uh-huh…” was all she could think of as a reply, stunned from amazement.

Later, when the two had finished with Bee, Anko emerged from a refreshing shower and went to her locker and pulled out the vacuum sealed copy of Jiraiya’s novel. She pulled off the plastic wrapping as Tsunade walked up behind her.


“Lady Tsunade?” she asked when she saw the serious expression on the blondes face. “What’s wrong?”


“Some bad news,” Tsunade said, “You know that Bath House Kakashi had renovated?” Anko nodded, “Well, Tenten, Karui, Samui, and Ino have all just come down with a cold. Seems Samui decided to come in sick and just work the greeting counter, all the whole staff there this week is sick.”


Anko groaned, “And you want me to help fill in?” she asked, knowing what was coming already.


Tsunade nodded, “I’ve already got Sakura and Shizune on board, we just need one more.” she said, clasping her hands in front of her face pleadingly.


Anko sighed, “Fine, but I’m sticking to showers only! I hate fucking in the tub, the water gets all contaminated and I feel like I smell like sex for days after.”


Tsunade smiled, “Deal, thanks Anko.” she said as she walked off. Anko just shook her head as she opened up to chapter one and began reading as she stood naked in front of her locker.

(Short Story by User: SailorIO)