Ten out of Ten Ride

Tenten had always been driven. She wanted to be the best she could possibly be at whatever she tried. It had been that drive that had lead her to mastering every shinobi weapon in existence.


So while she still wasn’t sure how she felt about the new business in Konoha, she tackled her job with that same zeal and enthusiasm.


It helped that it was a really, really fun job.


“Yes! Right there! Come on, Naruto, fuck me harder!” she panted, tightening her hold on the blonde’s shoulders while bouncing up and down with her legs. Naruto had a tight grip on her ass, helping to move her and thrusting his hips into her.


Tightening her ass, Tenten gripped the huge cock even harder. It still boggled her mind that runty little Naruto had grown up to have such a monster dick. It filled her so completely; if she hadn’t been a trained kunoichi, she doubted she would have been able to take it at all.


Those poor civilian girls had no idea what they were missing.


The ripples of pleasure from having her ass fucked so hard were building into waves of orgasm. Tenten could feel it coming…


It slammed into her, making her mouth go slack as she closed her eyes, focusing only on the pleasure. “OH GOD YES!”


Hearing any of his fuck buddies say that always made Naruto smirk and want to give them the time of their lives. Gripping Tenten’s toned ass harder, he increased his pace, slamming his dick into her like a jackhammer.


The bun haired girl squealed as multiple orgasms rocked her, hot sweat running down her body. It was all she could do to hang on to Naruto; her legs were getting weak as the pleasure ravaged her body.


It looked like even she couldn’t handle this weapon.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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Iku Constant
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