Summoned to Bang

“You summoned me, Princess?” Virgo asked as she materialized in the human world. “Are you going to punish me?”


Lucy grimaced as she put away Virgo’s key; considering what she was going to ask of the masochistic Spirit, her usual question struck a little closer to home than the blonde mage would have liked. “Actually…yes, in a manner of speaking?”


Virgo blinked, her normally expressionless face changing first to surprise and then eagerness. “Really, Princess?!” she asked, her voice hungry in a way that made Lucy shiver.


“Yeah…see, the thing is, I’m kind of broke again-”


“Of course you are, Princess. This is not a surprise.”


Eye twitching in irritation, Lucy took a deep breath and went on. “When I was trying to think of ways to raise money, I did think of one, but…it might be embarrassing and demeaning. I’m going to ask you to do it, not order you.”


Virgo didn’t even hesitate. “Whatever you ask of me, I will be happy to do, Princess.”


“That really doesn’t make me feel any better,” Lucy muttered, before steeling herself. “First though: can you change your body into any kind of female?”


“Of course, Princess. Simply tell me what you desire me to be, and I shall become it.”


“…you know, this might work out really well after all,” Lucy mused, a smile slowly spreading across her face.




“Did ya hear there’s another new slut over in Love Alley?” Alex asked his friend as they walked out of the bar. Both of them were a bit unsteady on their feet, but neither of them were drunk. They didn’t want to miss or forget anything that was about to happen.


Jean laughed. “Really? Damn, where do they keep finding so many sexy bitches?” Not that he or Alex were complaining; they were getting laid more often than in their wildest fantasies.


“Dunno, but here’s the crazy part: rumors are saying that this new broad can change her body to look like any kind of woman you want.”


Jean gave him a sidelong look before scoffing. “I’m gonna call bullshit on that until I see it with my own eyes. Sounds way too damn good to be true.”


“Yeah,” Alex agreed, eyes gleaming. “But just imagine if it is…”


“Let’s find out,” his friend replied, stepping into the alley first, pausing automatically to let his eyes adjust to the dimness. And the first thing he noticed when he could see again was…a maid?


Yep, definitely a maid. A cutie too, with pink hair, bright blue eyes, and a tight little body. Her blank expression was a little weird, but he could get past it.


“So, you’re the new girl?” Alex asked eagerly, stepping past him. Behind him, unseen, Jean rolled his eyes.


“I am. My name is Virgo, and I’ve been instructed to pleasure any and all customers to the best of my ability.”


Okay, her voice definitely matched her face, but Jean was much more focused on what this Virgo had said. He liked the sound of it, but Alex wasn’t finished asking questions yet.


“I heard you can change your body?”


“Yes, I can.”


The two friends exchanged wide-eyed looks at the bland answer. “Really now?” Jean murmured, rubbing his chin as his cock hardened in his pants. “And you take requests?”


“Of course.”


“…I think I just found my new favorite fuck buddy,” Alex whispered in awe, and Jean found it hard to disagree with him.




“Holy fuck!” Alex gasped. “I can’t believe how tight this huge ass is! It’s crushing my dick!” He made no attempts to slow down his thrusting though; his hips slammed into Virgo’s enormously huge ass, sending ripples through the fleshy cheeks with each slap. His fingers dug into her hips and butt, pulling and pushing her in time with his fucking.


“Just wait until she blow you,” Jean moaned, tilting his head back and closing his eyes in bliss. “God damn, you whore, where did you learn to suck like this?! And use your tongue like that?!”


Virgo’s answer was muffled and totally intelligible, unsurprising considering she had about a third of Jean’s cock in her mouth and down her throat, and was slowly but steadily working the rest down as well. Her saliva dripped from her mouth; some of it splattered onto the ground, and the rest fell onto her tremendous tits.


“And don’t think we’ve forgotten about your new udders, bitch,” Alex panted, on the verge of cumming. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a set of tits that big, and you’re gonna be my guinea pig!”


“Hope you didn’t plan on leaving today!” Jean sneered; with one last shove forward, he succeeded in getting his entire dick down Virgo’s throat. “Because we’re gonna spend all day fucking you in ways you never imagined!”


Virgo choked and sputtered as cum poured down her throat; behind her, Alex groaned loudly as he came in her ass. There was so much seed, it dripped down out of her ass and onto her thighs.


It all felt good, amazing in fact, and Virgo was already taking lots and lots of mental notes for her Princess.


She was sure Lucy would enjoy sex like this even more than she did.

(Story by User: S22132)

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