Sui-Feng’s Triple Treat Trick

It was strange, Soifon reflected as she got on her knees in the just the right position, how blind people could be about themselves.


Take herself, for instance. She had lived for hundreds of years as a Shinigami, experiencing events both wonderful and terrible. One would have thought that she would know everything there was to know about herself.


Then she had joined Busteez, very reluctantly, and only because Yoruichi-sama had persuaded her to do so. Once there, she had found out that not only did she enjoy sex, she loved it, and she was very, very good at it too.


After all, she thought with a smirk, taking a cock in each hand and lowering her head to start giving her third client a blowjob, it wasn’t every Busteez girl that was requested by three clients at the same time.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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4 years ago

We need more of these. Pics and Stories.