Suck Away and Win

“Juvia mush win! Mush suck Gray-sama hawder!” She said while covered in his cum. “Don’t give up on me Laxus, I want you to give it to me good!, Mirajane said. Both Gray and Laxus couldn’t move from this. They wanted the girls to blow them as much as they wanted.


So when did all this begin?


While finishing up a mission both Gray and Juvia decided to take a break and rest for a bit. “Man, I’m worn out. That mission was tough but I didn’t knew it’d be that hard”, he said while resting. Juvia decided this be a good time to finally get her chance to have some time alone with him. They been dating for a while and never had time for themselves.


Soon as she had the chance… “Yo!”. Both turned and saw Mira and Laxus coming back from a mission of their own. “You guys just came back?” Gray said, while Mira Replied, “Yeah, we just got a huge reward from that mission”. “And judging by the sack I’m guessing that’s your reward? It’s not as big as ours though”, Laxus said. That made Gray mad, “you want to talk about something big?” He said. Before he was gonna to say something Juvia pointed out that he’s in his underwear again. Laxus laughed a bit, “judging by you? Looks like you don’t have much of a BIG package to please your woman” Mira knew they were gonna fight, and then she suggested something.


“You both want to prove you’re big?”, she said. “Then why not show me how?, as she teases Laxus. Both Gray and Juvia Knew she was up to something, but then it hit them. They were gonna have sex in front of them. Juvia didn’t want to see Gray mad but she certainly didn’t want to see him join Mira and Laxus when they did it. “Gray-sama!”, she said to him. He looked and she started to strip naked. Gray tried to cover her but she refused, “Juvia won’t let them beat us!”.


Once Mira knew they caught on, she began to strip in front of Laxus. When both guys saw their girls completely naked, they immediately got hard. “Alright ice boy, how about we make a deal? If you can pleasure your woman more than me with mine… I’ll give you half our loot and Mira joins you when you guys want.” Gray didn’t want to make that deal but he wanted to teach Laxus a lesson. “But if I beat you… I get your reward and your girl.” The minute Juvia heard that she told Gray, “Gray-sama! You must win for me!” Gray immediately accepted the bet.


Since both girl didn’t want to go crazy, they started off small. Mira began to suck Laxus cock. He started to moan as she sucked him good. Juvia didn’t want to lose, she began to do the same. Both Gray and Laxus we’re enjoying it but didn’t want to lose their reward and their girl. Mira then began to deepthroat Laxus and she gagged on it. Juvia tried to do the same but began to choke. “Hey! Take it easy Juvia, you don’t have to push yourself”, Gray said to her. She replied, “But Juvia must win! She can’t lose to Mira”.


Laxus knew he was gonna cum, Mira was sucking him off so good. Juvia tried again and she started to gag and suck Gray like crazy. Gray continued to moan, and once she played with his tip, he immediately cummed all over her face and tits. Laxus did the same. Both girls knew they weren’t done, they kept sucking harder.


And now we are back in the present.


Both girls were covered in cum. Mira face was dripping and so were her tits. Juvia though, she was a mess her face is almost entirely covered, her boobs were dripping with cum off her nipples and her pussy was so dripping wet, she left a small puddle of juices underneath her. Laxus wanted to end it. So he grabbed Mira and started to fuck her pussy. “Ah! Fuck! That’s the spot!”, she screamed while he was fucking her good. Gray knew he gonna lose, so he pinned Juvia down and began fucking her pussy. She screamed in pleasure but then started to move with Gray. Laxus started to go faster and Mira told him to go deeper.


Gray knew he needs to end it. Using all of his force he began to fuck Juvia as hard as he could. “Gray-sama! Fuck me harder! Make me cum on your hard cock!” She said while he was going faster. Both guys couldn’t help it and they immediately came inside their girls. Mirajane rolled her eyes back in pleasure but Juvia was being filled up to the womb while holding on to Gray. Hours later, both girls were still tired from getting screwed hard.


After getting back up from Fucking Juvia, Gray said to Laxus, “Well, you put up on hell of a fight but…. after that looks like I won”. Laxus replied, “I’ll admit I did better but you…. yeah, you won this battle for now.” Mira finally got back up and gave Gray half of their reward as promised.


When Juvia heard gray won she immediately go back to her feet and started to tackle Gray and kiss him like crazy. “So, now you got 2 girls to please” Mira said while she grabs grays arm naked. “Nuuuu! Gray-sama is mine!” Juvia hissed at her while she grabbed his other arm. Gray didn’t want to deal with it at the moment but he felt pretty lucky. “Just don’t go crazy on Mira, and don’t think about freezing her when you and Juvia do it with her”, Laxus said after he got dressed and head back to the guild. “Like that’ll ever happen” Gray said while mumbling. “So, Gray… Juvia”, Mira said to them, “Shall we head back to the guild or have some fun now?”. Gray looked at Juvia, “Wanna go or have another round?”. “Whatever my beloved Gray-sama wants” Juvia replied back sweetly.

(Short Story by User: Kingken1997)

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10 months ago

oye la historia quedo bien y todo
¿Pero podrian alguien pones los enlaces para la historia siguente y anterior es un poco molesto saliste de la historia para poner otra :v
En cuanto cap 100 de 10

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
3 years ago

Banging Juvia, getting money, AND getting Mira as a fuck buddy? Definitely the best bet!

3 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Let’s just say my imagination runs wild.