Submitting that Shinobi Ass

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Grinning as she walked naked through the crowd, Temari watched as Tenten bucked up and down on top of the table where she had taken on both Naruto AND the Raikage. The music pulsed in the air as high denomination ryo fluttered about like so much snow.


“WOW, this is unbelievable folks; I’ve lost count of how many girls have taken on Konoha’s own Naruto Uzumaki and the Hidden Clouds Raikage!” Hanabi yelled into the microphone. “Even now, our weapons expert Tenten is rapidly losing to the Weapons of Mass Destruction our top competitors are packing!”


Hanabi wasn’t kidding; Temari felt herself blushing as she watched those two giant dicks slamming the young brunette in both her ass and cunt at the same time! Just thinking about getting both of those inside her was making the blonde get all steamy between her legs. She idly moved her hands to grip her own ass, imagining how it would feel having Naruto stuffing her so full inside. She’d partnered with both him and the Raikage a couple times since coming to work here as a regular, but never both at once.


“HHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOHHH!!!!!” Tenten moaned at length, her eyes rolling back in her head as she panted for every breath.


“Ohh, OHHH!! is this it folks?!” Hanabi announced, “Will Tenten tap out, or pass out? The booths are still taking bets so be sure to place yours!”


Temari giggled, poor Shikamaru, she almost pitied him, barely lasting five minutes once she was on top. Still, while she loved him deeply, he had nothing on Naruto and the Raikage when it came to below the belt. She fought the urge to touch herself as she watch those two continue slamming into Tenten until the girl let out a scream that could only be described as ear splitting as she passed out completely between the two men.


“And that’s it folks! another one bites the dust!!” Hanabi announced as the music stopped only long enough for two girls Temari didn’t recognize to come and help extract the unconscious girl from between Naruto and the Raikage.


Naruto stood up on top of the table, raising both hands in a double “V” gesture, “Oh yeah, who’s next, come get some dattebayo!!!!” he yelled.


“Woah hooo, Naruto is feeling confident ladies and gentlemen. Can any of our remaining ladies bring down this bijuu?!” Hanabi asked.


“I’ll give it a go!” Temari yelled, holding her arms up over her head and shaking her tits from side to side, “You boys still got enough lead in those pencils to take me on?” she asked with a grin.


“Wooohoooo!!! And we have our next challenger!!! Temari of the Hidden Sands!!! Will she defend Busteez’s honor, or will she only be the next victim!? Place your bets now!”


Temari smiled as she sauntered up to the table, swaying her hips with every step. She reached up to grab her heavy tits, hefting them for the crowd and pinching her nipples. Every one cheered as she climbed onto the table.


“Don’t you two dare take it easy on me!” she told them as she mounted the Raikage. She let out a low groan on pleasure as she felt her pussy spread almost to the limit! “Fuuuck your long Raikage-sama…” she told him as he felt his length pushing into her womb. She chewed her lower lip as she savored the feel of his thick dick filling her. She hated admitting it, but Shikamaru was tiny by comparison!


The Raikage only chuckled as he reached up with his hand, grabbing her tit as Naruto climbed onto her back. She gulped as she felt his huge dick against her back. The young blonde man grabbed her other tit in one hand while pushing with wrapped fingers into her mouth where she sucked on them. Temari’s eyes went wide when she felt Naruto’s enormous cock spreading her ass painfully wide!


“Oh FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!” Temari moaned as both men stuffed her fuller than she’d ever been in her life!


“Mmmmmh, your ass feels great Temari-san…” Naruto groaned as he and the Raikage began piston fucking her immediately.


“Hmmm,” the Raikage grunted, “Great cunt too, that last girl was already pretty loose.”


“Yeah, sorry about that, I spent a couple weekends with her before now.” Naruto said with his distinct close-eyed grin.


“Will you two shut up and fuck me!?!” Temari moaned, already feeling herself about to cum as she bounced between the two men, she could feel the fat of her ass rippling with every thrust as she chewed her lower lip, savoring the pain and pleasure of two huge dicks plugging her holes.


“Ohhhhh FUUUUUCK YESSS!!! HARDERRR!!!!” she screamed, moving to grip the edges of the table, “FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!! PLUG BOTH OF MY HOLES!!!! OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!” Temari moaned loudly.


“Woooooo, hear that everyone, Temari is loving this!!!!” Hanabi yelled into her mic, “But how long can she last? So far the highest orgasm count has been fifteen before losing consciousness by Ms. Shizune! As always, the betting booths are open to all wagers!”


“Hooooh FUCK YES!!! POUND MY HOLES!!! STIR UP MY INSIDES MORE!!! AHHHAAHHHH!!!” Temari moaned, already feeling her body shaking in pleasure. Fuck she loved this, having both holes stuffed by such big dicks, it was pure ecstasy. The blonde woman didn’t even care if she lost as she rocked her body against the two men, able to hear the smack smack smack of their bodies colliding over and over and she howled for the crowd.


“MMMMMHHHH!!! YEAH!! RIGHT THERE!!! FUCK!!! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN!!!” Temari moaned as she bit her lower lip again, her eyes crossing as she just held on now.


“Mmmmmh, this feels so good…” Naruto groaned.


“Ha! Ready to give up Naruto?” the Raikage asked with a grin.


“Not a chance, I’m gonna take it all the way to the end dattebayo!!!” Naruto shot back as he began pounding into Temari harder.


“I won’t lose either, I’ll not shame the Hidden Cloud by losing to some pup barely out of puberty!” the Raikage retorted as he began moving faster as well.


Temari couldn’t hear Naruto’s retort as she began cumming with every thrust of their huge dicks. “AHHHHH!!! FUUUUUCK!!!!! TOO MUUUUUCH!!!! AHH!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! FFFFUUUUUUUCCCKK!!!!” she moaned at length as she panted for every breath, a rope of drool hanging off her lips as she looked up at the flashing lights of the strobes. Everything was getting blurry now as she rode the biggest orgasmic high of her life.


“YES!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MOOOOOORE!! POUND MY HOLES YOU FUCKING ANIMALS!!!” she screamed in orgasmic bliss before things went completely black. She could still hear the music and roaring crowd, but everything sounded far away. She heard Hanabi introducing the next girl, was it Hinata? She couldn’t be sure as the last of her consciousness slipped away completely.


Temari woke up later in the dressing room, tired and deliciously sore all over. She was sitting naked on a couch near the back, her body sweaty and flushing red all over. Lady Tsunade sat next to her, a fucked stupid expression on her face, her eyes open, but unseeing as she breathed softly through her mouth.


“Ugh, how long was I out?” she asked nobody.


“Not long, a few minutes or so.” answered Kaguya from another chair nearby. “The Raikage and Lord Naruto are with his betrothed now, been going for quite some time.” the ivory skinned woman explained.


“Damn, I didn’t expect to beat them, but passing out, fuck that’s embarrassing.” Temari grumbled.


“Worry not; nearly every woman who has taken them on has ended up thusly.” Kaguya said, “Myself included, so if even a goddess could not defeat them, what hope does any mere woman?”


“Anyone tell you you can be a real bitch sometimes?” Temari asked dryly.


“Frequently.” Kaguya said back with a smile.


“Wooooo, unbelieveable, un-be-lieve-able!!! After eight girls straight, our two finalists have reached their end with a double cream pie tie!!! Who would have thought it’d end like this!?” Hanabi’s voice came over the speakers.


Temari smirked, “Looks like Hinata brought them both down, what was that about any mere woman?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Hmmph, Lady Hinata is simply not any mere woman; she IS after all one of MY descendants.” Kaguya countered.


“Right.” Temari said with a shrug, “I need a shower.” she said as she got up and walked towards the dressing room shower stalls, her steps were more than a little shakey, her legs were bowed slightly from the pounding she’d taken, and aching in a good way when she tried to force them closed. The blonde woman smiled even though she knew she’d be sore come morning.


Before entering the showers, Temari heard one last thing: Hanabi’s closing announcement.


“And that concludes our first annual Busteez Fuckfest! Thank you all for coming! GOOD NIGHT!!”


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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