Busteez the Movie: Students Sexprising Senseis

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Not half bad girl, not at all.” Kurotsuchi said as Wasabi did a pirouette in a jet black bikini with a thong back that showed off her entire ass! Most noticably, She had attached her cat tail accessory to a little ring at the top of the t-back.


“I know right!?” she asked with a wide grin, “This is the style I got fitted with, the official one with my name on it will arrive next week. Then I get started at the bar.”


“It sucks that they’ll only let you serve drinks right now. I’m at least allowed to dance on stage.” said Sarada as she sat at one table, a half-finished cup on tea sitting in front of her.


“Yeah, well, it’s still a start at the least.” Wasabi said, “Maybe I can do the whole topless bartender bit or something?”


“Oh, you know how to mix drinks?” Kurotsuchi asked.


“No, but Hanabi-sensei showed me around the other day after my fitting, there’s a cheat sheet under the bar with instructions, so it can’t be that hard. What’ll really let me shine is my presentation!” the brown haired girl said as she struck a flirty cat pose.


“I’m sure you’ll do very well,” Mitsuki said as he walked in from outside.


“Mitsuki, you’re late dattebasa!” said Boruto as he sat between Sarada and Sumire. The latter of the two was also dressed in a black bikini, her face still beet red from when she showed it off for him. Kurotsuchi wondered if the blonde had any idea how the purple haired girl felt for him. She doubted it; Boruto seemed too dense when it came to romance.


“Apologies, I was helping Iwabe, Metal Lee, and Denki at the school. The last of the equipment we ordered has arrived and I lost track of time while helping them unpack everything.” Mitsuki explained with an emotionless expression.


“Makes sense.” Kurotsuchi said. “Wasabi and Sumire here were just showing off their new uniforms for us. I gotta say, they both fill them out really well.”


“You know it!” Wasabi said, flashing a V sign.


“Th… Thank you, Ku… Kuro-chan…” Sumire said nervously.


Kurotsuchi smiled back at both of them, “You’re welcome, and Sumire, you need to relax, if you’re this tense all the time, it won’t play well on camera.”


“Eep! Y… Yes, you’re right, Kuro-chan.” Sumire said, looking up and giving a nervous, but genuine smile. She had spoken with her at length after the tryouts the other day. She really was serious about being in the movie and working at the club, but her timid streak gave the Tsuchikage pause. She really needed to get over that if she was gonna be anything other than background dressing.


Before Sumire and Wasabi arrived however, Kurotsuchi had spoken with Boruto and Sarada about today’s auditions, together they found a scene in the script that’d be perfect to see not only of today’s auditions’ were any good, but also if Sumire could show her stuff without freaking out! The dark haired woman had no reservations with Wasabi, the girl was energetic as they came, and as hot as her namesake.


Mitsuki came to sit at the table with them, “Boruto was telling me about the other tryouts before I got involved.” she said to the pale skinned youth.


Sarada nodded, “We already agreed not to cast Temari-san, she’s just terrible at acting.” she said.


“Not that she really wanted a part anyway…dattebasa” Boruto added.


“I was really impressed by Ku-chan and Tenten-san though,” Wasabi said, moving to sit next to Mitsuki and leaning forward so that her breasts were mashed together to show off her cleavage. “They both stayed in character really well, even with Temari’s bad acting.”


“What about Lady Tsunade?” Sarada asked, “Wasn’t her tryout the other day?”


“Yeah, about that…” Boruto began with haggard look on his face.


“Actually, I think she, Anko, and Miss Shizune all did quite well.” Mitsuki said.


“Seriously!?” Boruto asked, “All they did was bicker like a bunch of old ladies– OWWWW!!!!” Boruto began to say until Sarada brought her fist down on his head leaving a giant comical knot.


“You shouldn’t say things like that!!!” she chided him, “Especially since you’ve screwed all three of them at least once, for FREE I might add, show a little more respect, idiot.”


Kurotsuchi giggled, ‘Ah to be young…‘ she thought, and then said, “Please explain, Mitsuki.”


“The three of them are quite passionate; if they can channel that into their roles I believe they will be a great asset to the movie.”


“Well, we should put them at the top of the list of possibilities then, but we really shouldn’t make any final calls until we’ve seen everyone.” Kurotsuchi said.


“Agreed,” said Sarada.


“Um,” Sumire said as she raised her hand nervously. She blushed again as everyone turned to look at her. “What about Wasabi-san and me? We don’t have a third for our audition.”


Sarada answered before Kurotsuchi could, “Funny you should bring that up, you two will be playing out a scene today with Karui, Mei, Samui, and I.”


“Hahwawah, to… Today!?” Sumiere squealed with white eyed silliness.


“Awesome! what’re our parts?” Wasabi asked nonchalantly but with intrigue.


“Remember in school when they did those dumb physicals?” Sarada asked. Sumire and Wasabi both nodded, “They keep going all through middle, junior, and high school. The scene itself is set as one with a school nurse, gym teacher, and volleyball coach. Wasabi, you, Sumire, and I will be the students getting our measurements taken, and things turn erotic when the nurse starts getting a little more ‘hands on’ with the physical.” she explained before grabbing a tablet from the table and tapping away on the screen, “Here’s the script itself, lines aren’t really a big issue, but be sure to try and follow the flow of events.”


Wasabi took the offered tablet and her eyes skimmed over the display. Kurotsuchi had looked over the scene earlier; it was simple enough as far as the “plot” went. Overly horny educators seducing their young students. She’d seen and read it before in various erotic movies and literature.


Kurotsuchi then looked over to Sumire, and stifled a laugh at how much the girl was blushing as she read the script. She had already figured out why the girl was here, it was her own roundabout way of giving her virginity to Boruto. Honestly, Sumire should just be straight with him, it’d be a lot easier on her nerves. She chanced a look back at Boruto; the youth was looking over a list of supplies and checking them off with a pencil. Kurotsuchi was kind of impressed with how serious he was about all this; she’d heard that he was a bit of problem child much like his father. Sarada had warned her to never openly compare him to his father; it was a bit of a sore subject.


“Well, this looks like it’ll be fun,” Wasabi said with her wide grin, “Ready when you guys are.”


Smiling, Kurotsuchi called out, “Okay!!! We’re all set out here ladies!”


“About time!” called a voice, “We’ve been sitting back here for over an hour now!” Kurotsuchi smiled and looked up to the stage as three women walked out. First was Karui, the woman who yelled. Her giant tits bouncing up and down with her every step. Behind her came the former Mizukage Mei Terumi. Kurotsuchi smirked; she was borrowing a page from Tsunade’s book, using a jutsu to make herself look younger. Last was Samui, her massive tits barely held in by her black bikini top.


Kurotsuchi licked her lips as the women walked the length of the stage, giving them all a good look at their curvy bodies. “Very nice ladies, did you have time to read the script section we gave you?” said Sarada.


They nodded and Sarada looked to Sumire and Wasabi, “Let’s go.” she said to the two of them. She, Sumire, and Wasabi all stood up and moved towards the stage. Sarada shedding her red dress as she walked, leaving her clad only in a pair of lacey black panties with a thong back, chest wrappings, and her high heeled sandals. Kurotsuchi watched with interest as Sarada used her fingernail to rip the side of her wrapping. The bands of fabric fell away, her tits spilling out unleashing her true tit size. An interesting trick, to hide such impressive tits with just some simple bandages and seals.


Wasabi shed her own top as well, as did Sumire, the latter of them blushing a bright pink as she hid her nipples with her forearm. The trio of younger women joined their seniors on stage. Mitsuki handed Karui a folding chair and clipboard with a blank sheet of paper and pen attached to it. The red haired woman unfolded the chair and handed the clipboard to Mei as she sat down. Sarada, Sumire, and Wasabi lined up in front of the former Mizukage, Sumire continued covering her tits with one arm while Sarada stood with her arms at her sides, looking annoyed and impatient. At the back of the line, Wasabi hefted her own breasts, squeezing them softly.


“Okay, next.” said Mei as she scribbled meaninglessly on her clipboard. Sarada walked up to Mei, holding her arms out at her sides as Karui grabbed a length of tape measure and wrapped it around the younger girls chest.


“Honestly Nurse Mei, why do we have to do these stupid physicals? All it does is make the boys try and peep.” Sarada said, sounding genuinely irritated.


“Hmm, well, keeping records of your development, looking for any abnormalities, that sort of thing.” Mei said absentmindedly, still looking at her blank chart. When she finally did look up she blinked her green eyes several times. “Oh my…”


“Yeah, they’ve gotten pretty big over the last year.” Sarada said, puffing out her tits proudly.


Kurotsuchi suppressed a laugh, she wasn’t acting just then, she was genuinely proud of her impressive tits. This was odd since she hid them with those bindings. Most likely at the behest of her mother in order to avoid any unwanted attention.


“It’s one of the reasons I asked to move up the physicals,” Samui finally spoke up from behind Sumire, “These three have all gone up quite a bit.” she said as she leaned down and reached around Sumire to grab the purple haired girls tits, pushing her hands aside and making her squeak like a little mouse.


“Ahh, M… Miss Coach, wha… what… ahhaaaa…” she moaned as Samui began kneading her breasts softly, her index fingers tracing around her nipples.


“I mean, is this kind of growth normal?” she asked with a smile as she began squeezing the girls breasts some more, leaning her blonde head down and sniffing her softly.


Mei smirked, waving Karui away and reaching up to grope Sarada herself, “Mmmh, I’m not sure, but I do think it merits further examination, mmmhmmm…” she cooed, leaning forward to flick her tongue over the younger girls nipple.


Karui then moved over to Wasabi with a grin, pulling the smiling girl closer and burying her face in her deep cleavage.


“Mmmmmh, Nurse Mei… Ahhh…” Sarada moaned as Mei took her entire nipple between her lips, sucking it gently as she moved one hand down between the younger girl’s legs, slipping her fingers into her panties to play with the folds of her pussy.


Kurotsuchi licked her lips as she watched the crotch of Sarada’s black panties turn just slightly darker and begin to glisten with moisture as Mei’s fingers went to work. Meanwhile Sumire surprised the dark haired woman as she leaned back into Samui’s huge tits, reaching her hands up to grab them and squeeze, her fingers sinking deep into the giant mounds of pliant flesh. Samui grinned and wasted no time squeezing the lavender haired girls tits herself, tugging on her nipples until they were glasscutter hard.


Sumire made a soft moan before saying, “Ahhwah, C… Coach…”


“Shhhh… Just relax and let me handle everything,” Samui said the exact lines of the script, “We need to make sure the exam is VERY thorough.”


“Yes…” Sumire breathed softly.


Wasabi meanwhile had already relieved Karui of her top and was sucking noisily on her chocolate colored nipples as her hands moved to push down the other womans panties. Kurotsuchi was impressed, she’d already read the entire script and knew Wasabi’s character was already in a lesbian relationship with the nurse’s assistant, theres already a one on one yuri scene that would take place before this one audition scene. It was why she had almost no dialogue other than any moaning.


Licking her lips again, Kurotsuchi crossed her legs as she felt her pussy getting hot as she watched Mei slip off Sarada’s panties now, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy before slipping her middle and ring fingers inside her. Sarada moaned and leaned forward, Burying Mei’s face in her tits as she let out another louder moan.


Behind them, Wasabi and Karui were all over one another, lips locked in a lewd kiss as they fondled one another. Karui pulled aside the crotch of Wasabi’s bottoms, exposing her pussy and quickly pushed her middle finger inside. Kurotsuchi wasn’t surprised to see Wasabi wasn’t a virgin. Though she did wonder about Sumire, but stopped worrying when she looked and saw the purple haired girl already suckling on Samui’s giant tit, working to get her huge nipple into her little mouth. The blonde had stripped Sumire bare and had one hand over her cute little ass, her fingers dipping in and out of her dripping pussy.


“Wow, Sumire’s doing really well dattebasa.” said Boruto as he sat next to Kurotsuchi.


“I know,” the dark haired woman whispered back to him. She glanced over and blinked twice at the swell she saw in his pants, she been told about it from Sarada and her mother but, wow… She felt her own pussy getting hotter now as she imagined just what was under the fabric covering the youth’s legs.


“She’s usually so quiet and gets all nervous. It’s nice to see her enjoying herself dattebasa.” Boruto said.


“I must say I am impressed as well by Sumire’s acting ability, but then again, she did have everyone fooled during the ‘Ghost Incident’.” said Mitsuki.


“Yeah, try not to mention that to her face Mitsuki…” Boruto said quietly.


Ghost Incident? It took Kurotsuchi a few moments to recall the reports about Sumire’s past. She only read a short briefing on the issue and since the Leaf had taken care of the matter internally, she didn’t really think much of it.


Looking back to the stage, Kurotsuchi smiled as she watched Wasabi and Karui move to a scissor position, grinding their sopping wet cunts together as they both moaned. Sarada and Mei had changed positions as well, Mei leaning back in her chair, panting and moaning as the younger girl kneeled in front of her, her head between her thighs.


“Haahhaa… Yes! RIGHT there! RIGHT THEEEEEEEEERE!!!1” Mei moaned, her eyes rolling back slightly as she bucked her hips against Sarada’s face.


Sumire and Samui then moved to kneeling front of one another, the lavender haired girl moving from one huge nipple to the next as she rocked her hips back and forth on the older womans fingers.


Kurotsuchi then stood and clapped her hands together loudly; “Okay ladies, I think that’s enough.” she called out.


“Karui, Samui, Mei, wonderful job. Sumire, Wasabi, I’m very impressed I should say.”


“Th… Thank you…” Sumire said, grabbing her bikini from the floor, her entire body turning a bright shade of red as she dashed back stage.


“Really?” Sarada asked, tilting her head in confusion, “Sumire-san will eventually get used to everyone’s perverted gazes I suppose.” she said before taking off her glasses and holding them up to the light, “Can someone hand me a towel please?” she asked then turned to look at Mei, “With all due respect Mizukage-sama, do you have to squirt so much when you cum, I’m soaked over here.” Kurotsuchi laughed out loud when she saw that Sarada’s mouth and tits were indeed covered in Mei’s juices.


“Wow… Just, wow… You’re amazing Sarada…” Mei panted with a look of satisfaction on her face.


“Thanks, mom taught me a lot.” Sarada said proudly. She then looked over to Kurotsuchi, Boruto, and Mitsuki, “So, who’s left?” she asked.


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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