Stretching Mina’s Curiousity

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Mina Ashido yawned as she stretched her arms out wide. It had been a long day of training exercises, worse still everyone was forbidden from using their quirks. Today’s training was to help everyone learn what to do in situation where their quirk might have made the problem worse instead of better. And while for some people that was simple, but as she looked down at herself, Mina could see the painfully obvious drawbacks when it came to her own quirk.


She hated when her breasts got like this! Whenever she went more than a day without using her powers, her tits swelled up like balloons. The doctors told her that her acid was produced in glands throughout her body, and were linked to her hands and feet through a series of vein-like tubules. The downside was that the acid was being constantly produced, and if she didn’t use it, then any excess went straight to her breasts! Once there she could secrete the acid from her nipples like breast milk, but she didn’t bring the suction device on this trip with her. And now her tits were each nearly as big as her entire torso! In the worst case, she could suck out the excess acid herself, as the PH didn’t reach dangerous levels until it flowed out to her extremities, when it came out of her tits it was about as dangerous as a glass of lemonade.


Tasted the same too.


Sighing softly, she walked out of her room and looked down at herself again. She was filthy, covered in dirt and grime from today’s training. This whole trip was supposed to be a class vacation, but still to make it official in the schools tax records, everyone had to train for at least one day. The plus side, they still had two more days on the island where everyone could just relax and enjoy themselves. Mina planned to get the most out of that before everyone went back aboard the cruise liner for the two day trip back to Japan.


The rooms at this resort all had a toilet and shower, but she wanted a full bath, and for that she needed to use the communal bathhouse at the far end of the hotel. ‘I hope it isn’t too crowded,‘ she thought to herself. She also hoped Mineta wasn’t there since the bathhouse was co-ed. She idly waved to other guests as she passed them in the hallway until she reached the entrance to the baths. She was pleasantly surprised to see almost no one there.


“Yo,” said Tsuyu as she emerged from the women’s changing area wearing only a bathrobe and slippers. “Good timing, almost everyone just finished gero.”


“Thanks, how are you doing today?” Mina asked her friend.


“Fine, just a little worn out, bath really helped with that though. I’m gonna go get dressed and go to the luau tonight, how about you?” she told her.


“Luau? there’s a Luau?!” Mina asked, perking up at the thought.


“Yeah, it was on the event schedule, you didn’t see it?”


“I guess not, how long do I have?” Mina asked.


“Umm, couple hours at least, won’t be until sunset at the earliest.” Tsuyu told her then leaned in close, “You know, Midoriya is still inside. It was too crowded before, but he’s the only one still there now gero.”


Mina caught her meaning instantly, “Hoh?” she asked, smiling.


“I’ll run interference out here, I feel kinda bad you didn’t get your turn the other day, so have fun.” Tsuyu told her.


“Thanks Tsu, you’re the best!” said Mina as she ran passed the green haired girl and into the changing area. She quickly found an empty locker and stripped down, happy to be out of her sweaty clothes as she stuffed them into the locker. She then grabbed herself a bottle of liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner from the shelf. Thankfully the resort provided everything they needed; she even liked the brands offered.


The inside of the bath was everything she expected, bluish purple tiled walls and floors. The air smelled of soap and water and had a humid feel. As Tsuyu had told her, the place was pretty much empty, there was only one other person over by the wash area. Izuku sat on a small plastic stool, washing his shoulders with a soapy sponge. He’d already taken care of most of the dirt from today’s training, so she had to move quickly as she walked up behind him and knelt down. Grinning, she pressed her heavy tits against his back as she draped her arms over his shoulders.


“Hihi!” she said cheerfully.


She giggled as the naked youth went completely rigid as she leaned her head over one shoulder and smiled. “H… H… Hi…!” Izuku stammered, looking over at her wide-eyed.


“Aww, what’s with the I-can’t-talk-to-girls act?” she asked, “You seemed to be getting it on with us just fine the other day. Well, getting it on with Tsu, but still…”


“We… Well, that was, I mean, that is to say…” the way he stumbled over his words looking for an explanation was like something right out of a manga. Honestly she found it cute as she kissed his cheek.


“You need to relax, I might call myself Alien Queen, but I’m not gonna actually eat ya!” she said, making sure to rub her swollen tits against his naked back as she spoke. “Well, I might wanna eat that…” she giggled as she watched his dick begin to swell up between his legs. Mina licked her lips, loving the sight of him as she reached one hand down to stroke his length, loving the way it felt against her palm. “You know, I never did get my turn that day, you conked out on me and left me all hot and bothered on the beach with no relief, how rude.” she said teasingly before sliding around his body, making sure to keep her naked tits pressing against him the entire time.


“I… Uh… Um… Ah…” he couldn’t form a complete sentence as he looked down at her naked body, his cock becoming fully erect at the sight of her.


“Hmmm, now this is quite the compliment.” she told him as she leaned in close, petting his erection neatly between her enlarged tits. “Tell you what, I’ll forgive you, if you let me wash you.” she told him with a cheeky grin. She then reached over to a bucket sitting next to him, already filled with warm water. She upended it over them both, enjoying the feel of at least some of the sweat rinsing off. She didn’t wait for his response as she mashed her tits around his dick, loving the way she could feel his heart beating through it. She grabbed a bottle of the liquid soap from her basket and poured it all over her tits and his dick. It was cool and a little slimy to the touch, but that faded quickly as she began rubbing her tits up and down.


“Ahhh, Ashido-san…”


“Hey, none of that now,” she said as a thick lather began building up between them, “I told you to call me Mina now.” she told him as she let out a soft moan, his cock was just soooo hard. She wondered if it had anything to do with his quirk or if he was just really, really, lucky. In the end the pink skinned girl didn’t really care as she continued sliding her body up and down as Izuku leaned back, bracing himself with his hands behind him. Mina appreciated the added room his angel gave her and began moving her body faster. The soap made all kinds of wet squishy noises as her heavy tits slipped and slided along his cock. She licked her lips as she looked down at the wide head and managed to use her foot to slide the bucket back over to the nearby faucet. Izuku then used his left had to turn the knob, refilling it with warm water.


Nodding her thanks, Mina poured the bucket over his cock and her tits, rinsing away most of the soap before she opened her mouth wide and took the top six inches into her mouth. “Mmmmmmmph, sho phiiiick…” she slurred as she kept her tits around the majority of his dick and began bobbing her head up and down the top half of his length. Another bonus of her quirk she never bothered mentioning, she had no gag reflex! Mina could feel her throat stretching from his thick dick as she took more than half of it into her mouth. Her jaw ached pleasurably as she let herself enjoy the feeling for a long moment before slowly pulling her head back up. She let her lips drag along his cock, making wet slurping noises as she moaned again, making her throat vibrate around his cock.


“Ahhn, Mina-san…” Izuku groaned.


“Mmmmh, say my name again, without the honorific…” she said after pulling her mouth free. “Please…” she pleaded sweetly as she brushed her tongue along the underside of his cock.


“M… Mina…” he said softly.


“Again.” she told him.




“AHHHHMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH!!!” she moaned, opening her mouth wide and deepthroating his entire cock! “MMMMPH!!! MMMMPH!!! MMMMPH!!! MMMMPH!!! MMMMPH!!!” Mina moaned as her head bobbed up and down, her lips slurping wetly along his cock as she kept her tits firmly mashed around his girth. She’d gotten so turned on hearing him say her name; her pussy was dripping everywhere as she took his length down her throat again and again.


“Ahhhaah, Mina, that feels… So good…” Izuku groaned, “I’m gonna… Cum soon…”


“Mmmmmmph… yesh, cum Dheku… Cum in muh mouph!” Mina moaned, wanting to taste his cum so badly now. “MMMMPH!!! MMMMPH!!! MMMMPH!!! MMMMPH!!! GUUUUMMMMPH!!!!” she moaned as she felt her cheeks bulging as hot, thick, and sticky cum filled her mouth and burst passed her lips. Her eyes rolled back as the flavor made her feel dizzy and she began reflexively swallowing. Her gulps echoed off the walls of the bathhouse as she slowly lifted her head free and gasped for breath.


“Hahhh, mmmmmh, yummy…” Mina cooed as she sat up on her knees and made a show of scooping the remaining cum on her face into her mouth. She then leaned over and wrapped her arms around Izuku’s neck, pressing her tits against his chest. “Now don’t go to sleep on me again.” she said with a grin.


He nodded and Mina rinsed the remaining soap off them both before getting up and helping pull him to his feet. She smiled when she noticed his eyes on her tits. “Yeah, they’re bigger,” she told him, “Quick version, my boobs store my unused acid, if it goes on too long they get like this.” she explained as she led him over to the massive bath at the far end of the room. The water was clear and steaming and felt wonderful as she slipped her naked body inside. Izuku followed and she pulled him close, pressing her lips to his. She smiled as he kissed her back, his hands moving to grab her tits, squeezing them softly.


“Mmmmmh,” she purred into his mouth as she slipped her tongue passed his lips. The two of them waded over to a wall where he pushed her back against the cool surface as he began kneading her tits like dough. “Nnnmmmh, harder…” she moaned into his mouth. He nodded slightly and squeezed harder, his fingers sinking deeper into the soft pink flesh. She then moved her own hands down to grab his still throbbing hard erection.


Had she not seen it herself, she wouldn’t have believed Tsuyu could have taken such a thing inside her. ‘Mmmmmm, I want it…‘ she thought to herself, “Deku…” she whispered, “Take me!”


“Mina…” Izuku breathed, hearing him say her name like that almost made her cum then and there as she lifting her right leg and wrapped it around his slender waist.


The green haired youth took the hint and hooked his elbow under her other leg, lifting her by the knees and pressing the wide tip of his cock against the hot folds of her pussy. She braced her hands against the wall, lifting herself slightly to give him a better angle. Mina let out a low moan as she felt him pushing inside.


“My pussy…!! AHHHHHNNN!!!! MY PUSSY!!!! IT’S BEING STRETCHED OPEN!!!!! YOU’RE DESTROYING MY PUSSY!!!!” she howled as the first seven inches slid inside.


“Mina, ahhhnnn, you’re so hot inside…” Izuku moaned, pushing in deeper.


“AHHHH!!! DON’T MOVE!!!” she panted, and he stopped. Her pussy was in pain but it felt so good, so full, and she’d only taken just a few inches! When she was ready, she nodded to him and he pushed in farther. Mina could see and feel her stomach stretching around his length, her vision doubled as her eyes crossed for a moment, “MORE!!” she moaned, then screamed in pleasure and pain as he pushed in more, until she felt his balls pressing the cheeks of her ass!


Izuku held still for a moment, letting Mina grow more accustomed to his length. She panted, barely able to stay conscious against the sheer pleasure. She then nodded to him again and moaned as he pulled back, then thrusted back in!


“AHHHHHHHAAAAANN!!!!!!!!” she screamed, cumming instantly, “MY PUSSY!!! MY PUUUUSSSSSSYYYY!!!! YOU ARE STRETCHING IT APART!!!! OH FUCK IT IS SO FAT!!!!” she moaned as she let go of the wall and wrapped her arms around his shoulders for support.


“FUCK!!!” she moaned, “FUUUUCK!!! I CAN FEEL YOU IN MY WOMB!!!!” she panted, then whimpered as he began to slow, “OH FUCK YOU ARE DESTROYING MY PUSSY!!!! FUCK ME!!! FUCK MEEEEEE!!!” she howled, her voice echoing in the bath, but she didn’t care if anyone heard her or not. She moaned in ecstasy as she heard the sound of water sloshing around them as Izuku pumped his hips, driving that giant cock into her again and again!


“AAHHHHH MY PUSSY IS SO WIDE RIGHT NOW!!!! ONLY YOUR DICK CAN FIT IT!!! OH FUUUUCK YOU’RE STILL STRETCHING MY HOOOOLE!!! IT’LL NEVER BE THE SAME AFTER THIS!!” she moaned, panting harder now, her tongue hanging from her lips like a dogs.


“Ahhgnnn, Mina, so tight!” Izuku groaned, still holding her up by her knees as he slammed into her now, his hips making a repeating splash, splash, splash as they churned the water around them.


“YESSSS!!!! MOLD MY PUSSY!!!! MOLD IT TO THE SHAPE OF YOUR FAT COCK!!! MAKE IT YOURS!!! ONLY YOUR COCK CAN SATISFY IT!!!” she screamed, half mad with pleasure as her eyes turned almost completely black, her gold iris’ barely visible as they rolled up in their sockets. Every breath was a panting gasp, Mina couldn’t think anymore, all she could do was moan and hang onto him as she felt her sanity beginning to wane.


“Mmmmmmnnn… Mina, I can’t… Hold out… Much longer… Your pussy, so good…” he groaned.


“YESSS!!! CUM!!! CUM INSIDE MEEEEEEE!!!! BATHE MY SLUT PUSSY WITH YOUR CUM DEKUUUUU!!!!!!” Mina screamed, her entire body shaking in pleasure. She heard him grunt just an instant before she felt liquid warmth flooding her insides, “AAAHHHHHNNNN!!!! I FEEL IT!!! I FEEL YOUR CUM INSIDE MEEEEE!!!!!!! IT’S FILLING MY PUSSY SO FULL!!!!! AHHH FUUUUCK!!! I’M CUMMING TOO!!!! I’M CUMMING FROM THE FEEL OF YOUR CUM INSIDE MEEEEEEE!!!!!”


Izuku held her up like that for several long moments before he released her legs and slipped down into the water. Mina let out a shuddery moan as she felt his cock slip out of her. A profound feeling of emptiness followed as the water immediately around her body turned cloudy like skim milk. She panted hard for several moments as her mind and body slowly recovered.


“Hey, everything okay in here?” asked Tsuyu as she popped her head in from the women’s changing room door. “It got really quiet all of a sudden gero.” Mina weakly lifted her hand out of the water and gave a thumbs-up to the green haired girl.


“Okay, just wanted to make sure,” Tsuyu said, then smiled, “I didn’t know you were such a screamer Mina, it’s cute.”


Mina would have blushed if she had the strength, but she only nodded as she leaned back against the side of the tub. She stayed like that for almost fifteen minutes before she had the strength to stand up again. Izuku helped her out of the tub, then over and into the ladies changing room.


“Huh, never been on this side before, not really any different.” he said as he helped her towel down.


“What did you expect?” Mina asked with a giggle, “Some kind of temple?”


“Not sure, more, ‘girly’ maybe?”


Mina laughed and sat down on the bench in front of the locker she picked out. “Yeah, and I’m sure the boys side is all cold steel with swords and guns hanging all over the walls.” said Tsuyu as she walked up to them. “Okay, shoo, I’ll help with the rest.” she said as she ushered him back out.


Tsuyu smiled at her as Mina got dressed in one of the hotel bathrobes. “So…?” she pressed.


“My knees are still shaking and I’m still seeing double a bit, how’s that?” Mina said with a smile.


“Sounds about right, I’m amazed you were able to fit him though,” Tsuyu said. “I mean, my quirk helped me but…”


“The human body is a lot more elastic than people think, though it did feel like he was pushing up into my organs for a second there, until I started cumming myself stupid.” Mina admitted.


“Yeah, I heard.” Tsuyu said, giggling, “Some of the stuff you said, hilarious!”


Mina laughed and tossed a towel at her, “This coming from the girl who started sucking his dick right in front of everyone!”


Both of them laughed and Tsuyu helped Mina back to her feet again and to her room.



Mina was feeling a lot steadier on her feet by the time the luau started. Tsuyu was right, the event was on the pamphlet that she got, but it was tucked away among so many other things to choose from that she missed it entirely. Leaving her room, Mina headed out toward the large courtyard in front of the hotel. She could hear the Hawaiian music already and smiled.


Along the way, she spotted a grass skirt and coconut bikini top floating in the air. “Hey Toru! Where’d you get that get-up!” she asked while running over to her invisible friend.


“Oh! Hey Mina! They’re giving them away at the luau, I just got back from changing into mine.” she replied.


Mina nodded, and then reached out to grab the air above Toru’s top. She felt her hands grip something warm, soft, and squishy as Toru let out a soft moan. “Honestly, why don’t you let people know about these, they’re fantastic!” Mina said, still groping the girl gigantic invisible tits. “Also, how do you make it look like you’re average?”


“Mmmmmh, ahhh, stop that, they’re so sensitive…” Toru moaned, and not in pain. She then turned slightly, “And it’s not hard, I just wear a little wireframe to hold my clothes in position with my breasts over them. Though with this top, the coconut halves are just tucked under them.”


“Um, isn’t that like, really uncomfortable?” Mina asked as the two of them began walking together.


“Sometimes, but I’m used to it.” Toru admitted.


Mina nodded as the two of them continued on to the luau. The music got louder once they stepped outside. Mina inhaled deeply, smelling the buffet before she even saw the long table loaded up with all kinds of food. She spotted Momo and Ochaco drinking punch together and laughing about something or other. Bakugo sat by one of the tables picking at his teeth with a toothpick. Mina still felt a little embarrassed by how he turned her down flat out and then tossed her into the ocean. Her mind flashed back to that moment…



“Bakugo-san!!!” Mina yelled to him as she skipped up to him.


“What do you want?” he asked flatly.


“What’s with that scowl, come with me, let’s go have some fun together, and not the kid friendly kind!” she said to him with a wink.


His eyebrows twitched as he gave her a look somewhere between disgust and annoyance, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING ON ABOUT?!?!?! GET LOST!!!!!!” he screamed at her.


“Awww, don’t be like that, I bet you’re amazing in the sack.” Mina said sweetly as she jumped up, wrapping her arms around his shoulder and pressing her tits against his bare chest. Bakugo’s face then turned red and Mina gulped before everything went white and she suddenly found herself falling into the water, her ears ringing from the sudden huge explosion.



“Yeah, not gonna try that again…” Mina muttered.


“Hmm, try what?” Toru asked.


“I’ll tell you later, let’s grab something to eat.” Mina said, “I just had a big workout and could use a meal.”


“M’kay!” Toru said as she and Mina walked towards the buffet, passing the bar where Mina spotted Midnight and Recovery Girl, the school nurse, chatting over drinks.


“…Really, how big are we talking?” Mina heard Midnight saying as she walked by.


“Oh, just about any size really, but I’m seriously out of practice, haven’t done it in years…” the nurse said as she sipped at her drink.


“Still, this is worth exploring, it’d be invaluable to my agency. Let’s discuss it more after the trip, maybe we can find a volunteer or two.” said Midnight as she looked out over the crowd of students.


Huh, wonder what that’s all about?‘ thought Mina as she continued on towards the buffet with Toru.


She spotted Tenya Iida by THE table now, empty plate in hand as he spoke to one of the attendants, “Is there any more of that crab soup available?” he asked politely.


“They’ll be bringing more out in a while sir,” answered the attendant, “For now, might I recommend the crab cakes, they are quite tasty, and caught right here on the island.”


“Thank you very much, I will!” he replied with a bow as he placed to of the said cakes onto his plate.


He really needs to loosen up,‘ Mina thought as she grabbed her own plate at the beginning of the table. She piled a couple of rolls onto her plate along with some of the grilled fish she spotted and a baked potato.


“So, still no luck?” she heard Ochaco’s voice as they reached the punch bowl.


“No, sadly I still can’t produce organic matter with my quirk,” answered Momo, “Though I’ve learned it’s easier for me to make things like rare metals if I eat higher carb and protein foods. Beef and bread and the like.”


“What, you mean like gold?” Ochaco asked.


Momo nodded, “Yeah, but I’ve been officially banned from doing that by the government. They don’t want me adversely affecting the economy and such.”


“Well that sucks!” Mina said, “But personally, if I were a government paper pusher I’d be more worried about things like… Um, what’s that metal they put in bombs?”


“Uranium?” Momo asked, “Yeah, that’s on the list too, but I’m not radiation proof, I’d never even try and make that stuff.”


“What kind of organic matter you try making?” Toru asked.


“I tried making a cactus after eating some edible variants, but all I managed was a dead thorn. It’ll take something potent to allow me to finally do it.” Momo explained.


Mina nodded as she filled a cup with some of the punch, “So you’re sure it’s possible? I think you mentioned during our first year that you can’t do living things.”


“I thought so too, but some of the scientists at the school think I probably can if I ingest the right base materials.” Momo told them.


“Cool,” Mina said, “Let’s grab a table.”


“Hey, over there, there’s Tsu and Midoriya-san!” Toru said.


“Um, Toru, you’re not wearing anything on your hands…” Momo said.


“So we can’t see where you’re pointing.” Ochaco added quietly.


“Oh! Ooops, third row, second from the right.” Toru explained. Mina quickly found it and smiled as they all headed in that direction.


“So, are we okay gero?” she heard Tsuyu saying to Izuku as they came inside earshot.


“Yeah, it’s alright…” Izuku said quietly.


“Hey, don’t sound like that,” Tsuyu said with a smile, “‘Friend with benefits’, it’ll be a lot more fun than boyfriend and girlfriend.”


“What did we just walk in on?!” Momo asked as they came up to the table.


“Midoriya and I are just settling as friends with benefits!” Tsuyu said with a smile.


“Akaaff…” Ochaco choked on her punch and coughed several times. “What…?! boyfriend and girlfriend… FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS?!” she said, louder than intended.


“Oh, that means…” Mina began.


“I know what it means!!!” Ochaco yelled, then blushed, “Um, Deku, so you and Tsu had…?”


“Me too!” Mina said with a laugh as she slapped the brown haired girl on the back and moved to take a seat.


“Mina too!?” Ochaco said, her eyes wide.


“Um, me three…” said Toru.


The brown haired girl stood stiff for several long moments, her skin looking pale as she opened and closed her mouth like a fish. She then turned a dead eyed stare towards Izuku and Mina suddenly felt very sorry for him.


“You,” she said quietly.


“Me…?” Izuku said with a panic.


“Are,” Ochaco continued, “UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!” she screamed and tossed her drink in his face before dropping her tray and storming off.


“U… Uraraka-san!” Izuku said as he got up to follow.


“I wouldn’t do that!” Tsuyu said, her tongue shooting out and grabbing his waist, forcing him back into his seat.


“Yeeeah, let her cool off a bit first.” Momo said as she moved to sit down next to Tsuyu.


“But I…” Izuku began and Mina sat next to him, patting his shoulder.


“It’ll be fine, trust us.” she told him as the others all found a seat.


“Oh, um, okay…” Izuku said, though he didn’t sound convinced. He then looked up at Mina with a concerned expression.


The pink skinned girl blinked twice at his gaze, “What?”


“Um, are you okay Ashido-san?” he asked.


“Hey, I said you can call me Mina now, and I’m fine, why?” Mina replied with a smile.


“Well, you said my… And your… Um, did everything…?” he whispered.


“I think he wants to know if your pussy is still gaping.” Tsuyu said as she popped an entire roll into her mouth and chewed.


Mina blinked again and burst out laughed, “Oh that! Yeah, I’m fine; all’s nice and tight again. For someone who knows a lot about quirks, you don’t know anatomy very well.”


“Um, am I missing something here?” Momo asked.


Mina draped her arm around Izuku, “Deku and I just did it hard-fucking -core in the bath. Had me cumming my brains out and everything.” she told her.


“Yeah, you should have heard her, Mina’s a serious screamer.” Tsuyu said as she took a bite of fish off her plate.


“Yep! This guy has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, for a minute I thought he was gonna fuck my guts!” Mina said. She then turned to Izuku, finding him blushing deep red and looking as if he wanted to shrink in on himself. “What? It’s a compliment!”


“It certainly is!” said a voice from behind them. Everyone turned to see Midnight standing a few feet away with a drink in her hand, her cheeks mildly flushed, “So you two are the ones that made the mess in the bath.”


“GHEEP!” Mina gulped.


Midnight sighed, “Honestly, I’m not one to get in front of the passions of youth, but the hotel is upset. So you two are gonna spend tomorrow cleaning up your mess.”


“But, Sensei, we only have another couple days…” Mina began, but Midnight was already walking off.


“Next time do it in your room, that’s why I arranged for everyone to have their own rooms after all. Enjoy the luau!” she said, raising her glass to them as she walked away.

(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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