Staffing Her Deeply


The door crashed open as Gray and Juvia, still wrapped in each other’s arms, managed to get it open without stopping their make-out session. Luckily for them, no one else was in the room, not that they would have cared. All they were thinking about was the feel of their partner’s body pressed against their own and fighting their growing need for oxygen.


Neither of them wanted to stop kissing.


Gray growled lustfully as Juvia’s hard nipples rubbed against his bare chest. Her bikini had barely covered her body to begin with; after a long make-out session, it was now all in disarray. His hands were clamped onto her incredible ass, gripping and squeezing it hard. It was soft yet firm, and Gray couldn’t get enough of it.


Having Gray play with her body and being able to feel his erection rubbing against her pussy was almost enough to make Juvia cum right then and there. Her hands buried in Gray’s thick, dark hair, she pulled him even closer against her, moaning into his mouth as their tongues danced and wrestled.


Eventually, the demands of their lungs couldn’t be ignored, and they reluctantly separated, just enough so that they could stare into each other’s’ eyes. The love and lust they were both feeling was reflected in the eyes of their partner, and both of them knew what they wanted to do next.


Though it pained her to step out of Gray’s arms, Juvia did so. Stripping off her swimsuit took just a few seconds, and she took an extra moment to savor the excitement Gray clearly felt at seeing her naked body. Then she turned, lying down on the floor, shivering as her nipples rubbed the rough surface. Turning, she smiled shyly at Gray, lifting her ass invitingly.


Though his body ached to take her right then and there, Gray held himself back, asking Juvia, “Are you sure? We’ve never done anal before…”


Her heart swelling at his consideration for her feelings, Juvia blushed harder as she nodded. “I’m sure, Gray-sama. I know you’ve been wanting to for a long time now; I’m ready, and we’ll have time for a lot more sex after that.”


The promise burning in her eyes wiped out any doubt Gray had. Thanks to his constant stripping, it took him less than a second to get naked. Positioning his dick, he took a deep breath and slowly pushed into Juvia’s ass, her tight hole squeezing him hard.


“AHH!” Juvia softly gasped, arching her back. It hurt, just a little, but it felt so good too! Gray’s cock was stretching her in the best way possible; she might end up enjoying this more than she had thought she would!


Gray paused when Juvia gasped, but seeing how she was still okay with it, he kept pushing. When his dick was all the way in, he let it rest there for a moment, savoring the experience. Then…


“OH GOD!” the blue-haired mage squealed when her lover began pumping his hard pole in and out of her ass. He went slowly at first, but soon he was banging her hard, his balls slapping against her fat ass cheeks. Her pussy and tits rubbing against the floor, Juvia was getting hotter and hornier with each second. When Gray leaned forward to grab her breasts with both hands, she was in heaven. “YES! YES!”


Gray felt even hotter than normal, sweat streaming down his body and dripping onto Juvia as he fucked her incredible ass. Even though this was his first time taking her anally, he managed to keep it going for several minutes, which Juvia certainly didn’t mind. When he felt his legs start to ache along with his cock, he decided to finish it. Speeding up even more, he came hard in her ass.


Squeals filled the room as Juvia came herself. For a long moment, the two of them writhed and squirmed together as the pleasure rushed through their bodies. Then they collapsed into a sweaty heap, limbs entwined and bodies rubbing together.


It was a good thing they both had such high energy and stamina, because neither of them was content at leaving it at that. No, they both wanted much, much more…


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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