Stacked but Still Short

“Erza-chan, stop cheating!” Levy scolded her friend, pushing back against the redhead and straining towards her goal.


Erza gave her a smug looking smile, easily holding her ground. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Levy-chan.” She licked the head of the cock slowly, just to rub it in. Mmm…


Levy gaped at her in outrage. Oooh, how dare Erza tease her like this!? “You’re using your bigger tits to make sure I can’t suck his dick!” And she was so horny too; she wanted to suck and lick on it, not just rub her breasts against it.


And it wasn’t fair! She finally had the big breasts she always wanted, but Erza still had the bigger ones; now she was using them against her directly. The redhead’s boobs were so big they were wrapped around their client’s cock and one of Levy’s own breasts. It felt really good, having her tits rubbing up against Erza’s, but she wanted more!


Watching the show, the man chuckled. His cock was getting harder by the second, and having two incredibly sexy women argue over it was a huge boost to his ego. Not to mention how amusing the whole thing was. But he thought he had an idea that would satisfy them all.


“How about this?” he said, getting their attention. “Erza, you suck my dick, and Levy, you do your best to ‘distract’ her; I’ll decide who did a better job at the end.”


Erza gave him a bright smile and promptly wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock. Levy frowned, wondering what he meant by distracting Erza. Turning to look at her friend, she found Erza’s huge nipple almost right by her mouth. Her eyes widened, and then a devious smirk appeared on her face. She latched onto the sensitive nub; it barely fit in her mouth, but she sucked and chewed on it with all her might.


Erza’s brown eyes widened in surprise as she moaned and gasped in arousal, which made for some very nice vibrations and increased sucking. “Aww yeah,” the man groaned in pleasure. Reaching down, he grabbed onto their asses, squeezing hard and making them squeak and jump. “Great job, ladies. Keep it up; the winner will get first dibs on getting fucked by me.”


Erza and Levy locked eyes, determination sparking in the air between them, and the man grinned.


Oh yeah. This was going to be great.

(Short Story by User: S22132)