Spreading the Power of Love

“Love,” PePe Waccabrada proclaimed with a wide grin, “is truly great. Don’t you agree, ladies?”


“Oh yes, it really is!” Meninas McAllon agreed eagerly, fidgeting in place, her eyes fixed on his cock. Her bare tits jiggled and wobbled with each movement. She was almost drooling, she was so eager for a taste.


Liltotto Lamperd wasn’t giving her a chance just yet. The diminutive blonde was living up to the name of her power, all but devouring his rock hard cock as she planted kisses and licks all over it.


Tempting as it was to let her continue, he couldn’t be selfish; his love needed to be shared! “Thank you, my love, but why don’t you let Meninas have a turn now?” Despite how it sounded, it wasn’t a request; after a brief pout, Liltotto moved aside as the eager pinkette plopped down onto her knees. She wasted no time in wrapping her warm, soft tits around his big dick.


As she began rubbing her tits up down the length of his pole, kissing the tip of it in the process, PePe let his head fall back with a satisfied moan. The weather, the scenery, the company… he loved all of it, but he loved his power most of all.


It was a shame he couldn’t do this more often, but alas, things were so busy nowadays, what with war preparations starting up in earnest. It appeared the Wandenreich was actually going to attack Soul Society soon, after so many years of waiting.


And perhaps he could use the war to increase his own power and prestige, the better to spread his love even more.


Ah, but he was getting ahead of himself. There were much more pleasant things to focus on, in the here and now.


“Excellent work, my lovely.” The compliments weren’t necessary, of course; under the spell of his schrift ‘The Love’, Meninas and Liltotto would do whatever he asked. But it was all part of the game, and made it more enjoyable for him.


“Liltotto, are you ready to truly receive my love?” he asked, chuckling as the blonde’s eyes lit up. He couldn’t wait to fuck her tight pussy and ass. “And don’t worry, Meninas, you won’t be left out: I think I’ll show you just how talented my tongue can be.”


Menina’s face, which had been locked in a disappointed pout, lit up with a brilliant smile as PePe laid back in the sand, his erection sticking up like a flag on a mountain. It was one Liltotto was happy to climb; she jumped into the air, spread her legs, and, with a loud squeal of happiness, let herself be impaled by his cock. “OH FUCK YEAH! I LOVE HUGE COCKS!”


And while she was doing that, Meninas swung her left leg out and sat down on his face, gasping with pleasure as he immediately began licking and sucking her hot, wet pussy. “SOO GOOD!” she yelled, grabbing onto her tits to grope and fondle them. “EAT ME OUT, YOU SEXY BASTARD!”


Since that was what he planned on doing anyway, PePe graciously let her get away with ordering him around. It took a lot of concentration to pump his hips to fuck Liltotto while also using his tongue, lips, and teeth to bring Meninas ever closer to orgasm. Fortunately for them all, he had a lot of experience in doing both at the same, and even more.


After all, he wanted to spread his love to as many people as possible.


And good lord, he had been right about how tight Liltotto would be; her pussy was squeezing his dick so tightly, it was almost painful. Instead, it felt wonderful, among the best pussies he had ever fucked. It was better than Bambietta and Candice for sure. And if her pussy was this great, he could only imagine what her ass would feel like.


The thought drove him over the edge, a little sooner than he would have liked, but that was all right. With a loud bellow, which went straight into Meninas’ pussy, PePe came like a volcano.


Naturally, he wasn’t the only one.


“FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK!!!” Liltotto screamed, spasming on his cock as it filled her pussy full to overfilling. Her own orgasm slammed into mind and body, almost causing her to pass out.


“YES! OH GOD, YES!” Meninas wasn’t left out either; her love juices gushed from her pussy like a waterfall, one that PePe was satisfied with. His tongue lashed her pussy again and again, sending smaller shockwaves of pleasure through her.


It was a scene that PePe had played out so many times before, but it was one he never got tired of. Yes, truly Love was the most powerful force in the universe, if it could make him and so many others feel this good!


All good things had to come to end, however. The two ladies rolled off of him, panting as they laid on the sand, dreamy smiles on his face. Pepe himself needed a moment to recover and catch his breath. As soon as that was done…


“Ladies: what do you think of switching places?”


And just like that, Liltotto and Meninas were back on their feet, giggling and smiling, ready for even more loving.

(Story by User: S22132)

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