Spiritual and Physical Nursing


“Are you feeling any better, Captain Hitsugaya?” Isane asked as she walked into the room, her nurse outfit clinging to her incredible curves. Her Reigai was right behind her, looking and dressed just like her, with only the differences in hairstyles and the glow in her eyes to distinguish them from each other. It was clearly modeled after Isane before she became a captain.


Lying comfortably on the bed, Toshiro made himself frown and sigh, when he really wanted to grin like a fool. “I’m mostly better, but I do have an ongoing problem.” It was his first time seeing her since she was promoted to captain and he was rock hard excited.


“Oh? What is it? We nurses are here to help,” the Reigai said, a blush already forming on her face. She knew what the scenario was going to be; it was both embarrassing and a huge turn on.


“Well… every time I see the two of you and your slutty bodies, my cock gets so hard and aching.” With a dramatic sweep of his arm, Toshiro threw the sheet to the side, revealing his dick standing straight up erect from his body.


Both women were now blushing heavily, even as Isane cleared her throat, her eyes locked on to the long, thick penis just waiting for her. “I can see what you mean. What can we do to help?” she inquired, rubbing her thighs together.


“Let’s start by stripping out of those uniforms; not like anything could hide those huge tits and asses anyway.”


Nodding, both women began removing their uniforms. There wasn’t any music to dance to, but they did their best to make it as sexy as possible, shaking their breasts and buns, teasing Toshiro and making him even hornier. That done, they stood waiting for their next orders, which came almost immediately.


“You,” he pointed at the artificial Isane, “straddle me and put that fat ass to good use: I want you to grind my huge cock between your massive buns and get my it good and ready.”


Isane wasn’t sure that Toshiro’s cock could get any harder, and she was disappointed that she wasn’t going to be immediately fucked, but she wasn’t about to argue. Getting on the bed, she pushed her enormous ass against his cock, biting her lower lip as it rubbed against her sensitive cheeks.


“You,” it was the real one’s turn to snap to attention, “start fondling your Reigai, and Isane, you grope her back. I want to see those tits rubbing together and your hands all over each other’s whore bodies.”


Just to give them motivation, Toshiro smirked and added casually, “Whoever I think is doing the best job is the one that gets their pussy fucked first. The other one will have to watch and wait.”


Both women froze for a moment. Then the real one surged forward, her breasts slamming into Isane as she grabbed for her doppelgangers right breast. Not to be outdone, Isane seized her Regai’s thick thigh and left nipple, twisting and pulling on it as her double gasped and panted.


Toshiro watched it all with a huge grin. Damn, this was going to be a tougher decision than he had thought. Oh well; no matter what, he was still going to be the big winner.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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