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Working the ice cream shack on the beach wasn’t Apacci’s preferred pastime, but it wasn’t all that bad either. The scenery was gorgeous, both of nature and the hot guys walking by, and the weather was perfect. Plus, any money she made during her shift was hers to spend however she wanted.


Also, it was a good way to help her and the others adapt to the human world. Things were different now; against all odds, there was a peace, of sorts. She and the other Arrancar could travel to the human world and, as long they didn’t do anything too stupid or destructive, they would be left alone, free to do what they want.


And damn if humans hadn’t become really interesting since she was last here.


Idly scanning the beach for potential customers, Apacci blinked before smirking when she saw two of the most interesting humans (well, mostly human) walking down the beach towards the shack. “Oi, Strawberry, Four-Eyes! The hell are you two doing here?!”


“Yo Appaci,” Ichigo greeted her, giving her a casual wave. The Quincy, Uryu, actually unbent enough to give her a nod. “Just taking a walk; didn’t know you would be down this way.”


“Yeah, it’s my shift right now,” Apacci replied distractedly. There was something about Ichigo she was trying to remember… ah! Snapping her fingers, she pointed at him. “You’re getting married soon, to Orihime! Congrats and all that; I still can’t figure out how the hell a brute like you landed a nice girl like her,” she needled him in a teasing way. She actually liked both of them a lot, not that she would ever admit to either of them.


Far from being offended, Ichigo laughed, nodding. “Heh, yeah. I’m not sure why she wants me either-“


Uryu coughed as he adjusted his glasses but remained silent when Ichigo turned a brief glare his way. From the glint in the Quincy’s eyes though, he was more amused then he was letting on.


“But I’m glad she does,” Ichigo finished. “She’s really busy getting ready for wedding, so I decided to take off to give her some space.”


“And I came along to keep him out of trouble,” Uryu commented, rolling his eyes when Ichigo flipped him the bird. “As you can see, it’s a trying job.”


Tempted as she was to make a sarcastic comment about their friendship, Apacci considered her own relationships with her fellow Fraccion.


…Yeah, she didn’t really have a leg to stand on. So, she changed the subject. “Guess that means you’ll be off the market then,” she commented to Ichigo, leering at him. “Too bad.” Those board shorts he was wearing meant a lot of his body was on display, and hot damn, what a sight it was. Even the Quincy was looking good. Hmm, maybe she needed to get laid soon.


Ichigo flushed a little before smirking back at her. “Well, I’m not married yet, and Orihime and I have a pretty open relationship, even if we are engaged. So…” He raised a suggestive eyebrow.


Apacci stared at him for a moment before slowly grinning. Strawberrry had changed a lot since the first she met him; she liked it. “As it happens, I’m due for a break right about now; if you’ve got the time and energy, let’s see what you got. You can join in too, Four Eyes,” she added impulsively. Hey, why not? How many Arrancars could say they got fucked in a fun way by a Quincy?


Looking surprised, Uryu looked as if he was about to refuse, before abruptly smiling. “I suppose someone should at least try to keep you both out of trouble.” The bulge in his shorts suggested an ulterior motive, not that Apacci cared.


A threesome hadn’t been in her plans for today, but she wasn’t about to let this opportunity get away.




‘Holy fuck! Orihime is one damn lucky girl!’ Apacci thought, doing her best to avoid choking as Ichigo’s enormous cock slid slowly into her mouth and down her throat. Not only was he long, but his girth was incredible; her jaw was already stretched out, and she still had a long ways to go.


And from behind, Four Eyes was pounding her ass, and damn, it felt so good! He wasn’t as big as Ichigo, but he was plenty large even so, stretching her ass as he squeezed and fondled her ass. She was being impaled from both ends, and it was amazing. Her tits swung back and forth as she got fucked; her hard nipples were aching from someone to touch them.


As if he had read her mind, Ichigo’s free hand slipped down to play with them, making her moan and him smirk. Narrowing her eyes at his satisfaction, Apacci started using her tongue more on his dick. It wasn’t easy to move it, given how full her mouth was, but it was worth the effort to see Ichigo stiffen. Of course, that meant his cock got even bigger, but she could handle it.


“My compliments, Apacci: you’re extremely tight,” Uryu told her, voice rougher than normal as he continued reaming her. She could feel his erection starting to twitch; it wouldn’t be long now.


“You’ve got a really talented mouth too,” Ichigo informed her, sweat starting to appear on his forehead even as he grinned down at her. “But then, you’ve always been good at using that, haven’t you?”


Apacci snorted, then her eyes bulged as Ichigo began steadily pushing his cock down her throat. With her nose buried in his orange pubic hair and his balls on her chin, she rolled her eyes up to stare at him. From his expression, he was close to cumming as well; she did her best to hurry him up, using her tongue and throat muscles as best she could.


It worked, real damn well at that. They both came at almost the same time, and Apacci’s eyes rolled back as cum filled her ass and her throat. Her own orgasm ripped through her, causing her to let a stifled scream around Ichigo’s dick. The three of them were locked like that for several moments before the men pulled out, gasping.


Apacci wasn’t much better; it was all she could do to stay on her feet. Her pleasure addled mind recalled a nature documentary she had watched the other day, about deer. She felt like one those newborns, all wobbly and about to fall.


But she wasn’t about to let them know that. Putting on a confident smile, she looked over at Strawberry and Four Eyes. “Hey, you two had better not be one-shot wonders! I’m still horny as all hell, and at least one of you is going to fuck my pussy raw.” Her lips curled further upwards. “And I definitely wouldn’t turn down another double penetration.”


When she saw their cocks hardening again, Apacci licked her lips. She would close up the ice cream shack early today; she had a feeling she was going to be very busy the rest of the day, and hopefully all night as well.

(Story by User: S22132)

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