Soft Routines and Hard Daydreams

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Sitting inside the Busteez main service floor, Kakashi sat back in one of the sectioned off dancing booths as Mei and Tsunade showed off the newest dance routine they had developed. They both wore tiny alluring black bikini’s that barely clung to their curvaceous figures. Though, Tsunade had gone with a pair of black pumps and fishnet stockings while Mei wore a pair of black stiletto boots. That was the first thing he would tell them to fix.


There wasn’t any music playing, but he doubted it would have helped. They weren’t doing anything he hadn’t seen a thousand times before. Watching as they both squatted down and rolled their fat asses against one another, Kakashi thought it might be more erotic if they used the stripper pole for that, making it like a big dick between their asses.


He raised an eyebrow when the two began taking off one another’s clothes, but sighed inwardly when they did simply that. Once naked, they began repeating the dance all over again; shaking their hips and making their tits bounce to a non-existent beat.


Kakashi openly sighed, glancing down at his still very comfortable slacks, not feeling the slightest twinge in his loins. It had been a couple of years since he opened this club. And in that time he found himself less and less enticed by the abundantly available naked female flesh. As he watched Mei and Tsunade move together, he found his thoughts drifting back to just after opening…



“Mmmmmmmh…” Kakashi groaned softly as he watched the two girls mash their heavy tits around his thick cock. Their breasts felt so warm and soft, and they both smelled so delicious as they rubbed their bodies up and down his shaft.


“You’re both doing great,” he said to them, “Keep at it.”


“Ahhh, th… Thank you sensei…” said Sakura as she pulled his cock between her creamy tits more. She was trying to hide it, but the white haired man could tell she was incredibly turned on right now. Her face was flushed with arousal and her nipples looked almost painfully stiff. She then looked to Hinata across from her. The dark haired girl was much more shy about all this, but was equally turned on as she pressed her heavier tits around Sakura’s.


Before he could speak, Sakura said, “Ah, Hinata, not like that, try and cover more of the cock peeking out from the top of my tits!”


Hinata flinched ever so slightly, “So…Sorry!” she squeaked, moving the reposition her breasts.


“Don’t apologize! Sheeesh, are you sure you’ve already done this with Naruto before?!” Sakura said with a sigh.


“Yes, just not with another girl….” Hinata answered defensively.


“Well, get used to it already! We’re dancing for the Raikage and his entourage tomorrow!” said Sakura.


Hinata only nodded and Kakashi groaned again, holding back his climax as she watched the girls sift their bodies, rubbing their huge tits all over his thick erection. “Speaking of that, thank you both for agreeing on such short notice.”


“It’s alright Kakashi-sama,” Hinata said, “The Raikage is an important guest, he deserves some special treatment….”


Kakashi waved a hand dismissively, “Please, lose the ‘sama’.” he said, then smiled beneath his mask as he saw how close their faces were. “Try kissing each other, lots of tongue.” he told them. The girls hesitated only for the space of a heartbeat before locking lips. Hinata blushed deeper, her cheek moving as Sakura explored the inside of her mouth with her tongue.


The white haired man shook his head, “No, no, you’re mouths are too close together, you’re supposed to be entertaining me, think more like one of the pornstars in his novels. I want to ‘see’ your tongues mingling.”


Both girls nodded, pulling apart just a bit, their tongues slipping and sliding against one another’s with a soft wet sound. Hinata let out a soft moan, pressing her face back against Sakura’s several times, her lips glistening as she swapped spit with the pink haired girl. Sakura caught on quickly as well, kissing Hinata back even harder, breaking apart at regular intervals so he could see their tongues rolling around in each other’s mouth.


“Mmmmmmh, Hinata-shan…” Sakura moaned, her words slurred by Hinata’s tongue, “You tashte nishe…”


“Ahhh, don’t shay shtrange things Shakura-shan, it’s embarasshing…” Hinata moaned back, blushing even harder. Sakura let out a soft giggle and began kissing the other girl more intently. Hinata made a soft sound as the two of them began openly making out as they kept his cock neatly between their tits. Hinata moaned into Sakura’s lips as she began pressing her tits against his cock harder, almost fighting Sakura for his length as they dueled tongues.


“Yes, that’s it girls, juuust like… Thaaaaat…” Kakashi groaned as he began cumming all over their faces and breasts. The girls continued to moan as they kept his cock between them, their mouths fully locked together as they began feeling each other up. Both girls seemed to not even notice the layer of cum covering beautiful faces. They both seemed more interested in who could be a better kisser now. It was such a delicious sight, straight out of Make-out Paradise; Kakashi felt his cock getting hard again instantly.



“Well Lord Sixth?” Mei asked, “What do you think?” She and Tsunade sat on either side of him, rubbing their bare tits against his shoulders as their hands rested on his thighs.


Tsunade giggled, “I think it’s obvious he likes it Mei, look at that.” she said as she rubbed the thick lump down one pant leg.


Kakashi blinked, snapping back to the present so suddenly he thought it might give him whiplash. He stood up abruptly, startling both women as they began closing in further. The white haired man cleared his throat.


“Actually ladies and I mean no offense by this. But that was terrible, so completely generic that I was nearly bored to tears!” he told them, and then held up a hand at the dangerous look in Mei’s bright green eyes. “There was nothing there I haven’t seen done a thousand times before. And your outfits should match, stockings or boots, pick one.” he told them, counting off the fingers on his hand. “Next, if you’re at a booth with a pole, use it, and I mean really use it, you need to act like you’re so horny that you’ll take anything, even cold steel. Maybe during the twerking sequence, mash the pole between your asses and move in synch.” he told them.


“Also, if you’re working with a partner, you need to really WORK with her. I can’t believe I forgot about this. Think like pornstars ladies. What happens when two women are together, they don’t just help one another out of their clothes, they STRIP each other, and then ravish each other. I want to see groping, open mouth kissing, show me your tongues fighting to see who is better, like your trying to devour one another. I don’t just want sex, I need to be ENTERTAINED!” he said, pumping his fist in the air.


He looked back to the shocked expressions on both women and relaxed his stance, “Um, that’s my two cents anyway.”

Story by Sailor Io