Slutty Shopping

“So, what are we doing today, Yoruichi-sama?” Sui-feng asked as they walked down the crowded sidewalk. Any time spent with mentor/crush was fine by her, but Sui-feng liked knowing the details, so she could plan ahead.


She was heavily tempted to suggest they return to their room for more sex, but she couldn’t quite work up the nerve to do so around so many people. Plus, Yoruichi would tease her relentlessly about being so horny, not that she was any better.


“For starters, you,” the purple-haired beauty added a playful hip bump for emphasis, snickering when Sui-feng glared a little at her, “are not going to call me Yoruichi-sama all day; just plain Yoruichi is fine. Unless,” she added, seeing her adorable protégé about to protest, “you want me to call you Little Bee all day. Loudly. Around as many people as possible.”


“…fine,” Sui-feng muttered, a familiar blush climbing up her cheeks. It was something she had long gotten used to, being around a massive tease like Yoruichi. It still bothered her though, how easily the older woman could get under her skin like that. “But you still haven’t answered my question… Yoruichi.” It took a real effort of will to leave off the honorific, but the smile she got made it worth it.


“Nothing too special, just some shopping at the mall,” Yoruichi told her, pointing to a massive building just down the road. “This place is a very popular tourist destination, so they have one of the biggest malls in the country. You can buy almost anything here, and I have plenty of money. Might as well splurge while we’re all on vacation.” Ah, the wonders of living for centuries combined with smart investments and compound interest.


“Sounds like fun, I guess,” Sui-feng replied, a bit dubious. She wasn’t much of a shopping person, but she had never seen any kind of market or store this big. And if they really did sell almost anything… her mind started to wander, mostly towards the gutter.


“Uh oh, are you thinking naughty thoughts, Sui-feng?” Yoruichi asked wickedly, clearly expecting to fluster her again. The dark-skinned beauty looked surprised when Sui-feng just smirked back at her, a rare reaction that Sui-feng savored.


“Worried, Yoruichi? As I recall, you were the first one to call it quits last night; was I too much for you?” Sui-feng inwardly cheered as a very faint blush appeared on her mentor’s face, an even rarer occasion. It had been a long time since she was able to get that kind of reaction from Yoruichi.


Naturally, it didn’t last long, and the smirk that appeared on her mentor’s face sent a shiver of equal parts nerves and excitement down Sui-feng’s back. “Oh? Feeling confident today, are we? This will be even more fun than I thought.” By now, they were entering the mall proper, and Yoruichi made a beeline for a second-hand clothing store, towing Sui-feng with her.


“What are you planning?” Sui-feng asked warily, knowing better than to try and struggle; that would only encourage Yoruichi to pick her up and carry her. No thank you.


“I just had a great idea: we’ll each pick an outfit for each other to wear all day, and we’ll see how long we can go without getting kicked out.”


If they had been moving any slower, Sui-feng would have face-palmed. “And why would we be kicked out?”


Flashing her a fanged grin over her shoulder, Yoruichi replied, entirely too cheerfully, “Oh, indecent exposure, starting fights, dress code violation: I’m sure there are lots of different ways it could happen.”


“…it’s a good thing you’re so beautiful,” Sui-feng muttered under her breath as she was pulled into the store, already resigned to what was about to happen. She very carefully didn’t wonder if things could get worse; from long experience with Yoruichi, she knew the answer was always ‘yes.’ At the very least, it could always get more embarrassing.




“You got kicked out of the mall?” Unohana repeated, blinking at the sight of the two very scantily clad women in front of her. “I can’t say that I’m surprised; if anything, I’m shocked it took as long as it did.


Sui-feng at least looked sheepish, even with her ass jutting out of the very tight pants she was wearing. Yoruichi looked as unrepentant as ever, proudly displaying her body in the impossibly small shorts and tube top she was barely wearing.


Unohana briefly considered scolding them but knew it wouldn’t do any good. Sui-feng was following Yoruichi’s lead and trying to change Yoruichi’s nature was an exercise in futility, as many had learned.


“Did you at least get your shopping done?” she asked instead, looking at the small piles of bags around the pair’s feet.


“A surprising amount of it, though Sui-feng bought some things in secret, and wouldn’t let me peek.” Yoruichi pouted at the smaller woman; somewhat to Unohana’s surprise, Sui-feng stood firm.


“I’ll let you see them later, I promise. Believe me,” a wicked grin appeared on the normally stoic woman’s face, “you’ll enjoy them just as much, if not more, than I will.”


Yoruichi’s eyes brightened, and Unohana decided she didn’t want to know anymore. She had plans of her own for this evening and didn’t want to get caught up in whatever they were planning. No, she would leave them to it; no doubt she would hear all about it later.


That Night…


“SUI-FENG! OH, SUI-FENG! AAHHH, YES!” Yoruichi screamed, naked and on her hands and knees. Her head was pulled back by her long ponytail, forcing her to look up at the ceiling, a blissful expression on her face. The pain of having her hair pulled was drowned by the incredible pleasure of being fucked from behind.


“Louder, slut!” Sui-feng commanded, tugging on the purple locks again, increasing her speed as she shouted. The strap-on, with the biggest dildo she could buy, buried itself in Yoruichi’s pussy, filling it completely; something her lover certainly appreciated.


“SUI-FENG!!” The loudest scream yet burst from Yoruichi’s throat as a huge orgasm hit her; eyes rolling back in her head, the dusky beauty’s mouth fell open, tongue lolling out, completely hammered by how amazingly good it felt.


“That’s right! I’m your mistress now! And after I get finished fucking this hot pussy of yours, you’re going to put that smart tongue to work on my pussy!” Sui-feng leaned down to whisper in Yoruichi’s ear. “And if you do a good enough job, I’ll ream out your fantastic ass later.”


The answering moan was music to Sui-feng’s ears.

(Story by User: S22132)