Sluts Navigating Nuts

“FUCCCCCCCK! YES RIGHT THERE!” The sexy and slutty Navigator said while her pussy was getting filled and screwed hard. “Nami… you OWE! Me double!” Robin said as her ass was getting a good filling. “Fuck this bitch know how to do her job right!” As the guy who was fucking Robin, started to switch with his friend. “2 sluts with great tits and tight pussies, I must be dreaming” his friend replied as he got ready to fuck Robin’s hole.


Moment before, at a bar….


“Are you crazy?!” Nami said to Robin while slamming her drink. “Come on it will be fun, plus we can meet some cute guys.” She replied to her. Nico suggested to her an escort job that paid 200,000 beli per hour plus 10,000 extra. Nami couldn’t resist the money at first however the details states they might have to have sex if requested.


“Forget it! I’m not gonna have sex with a stranger and get paid for it, I’m not a whore!” She kept refusing while drinking. Robin tried to convince her over and over until she agreed on one condition, “20,000,000 beli each for the both of us. No excuses, deal?” “Deal!” As she shook her hand and left to start. As they went in town, doing their job 2 men who approached the girls offered them 40,000,000 Beli for some pleasurable services. Nami and Robin accepted and headed to a location where they could be more comfortable.


“Okay ladies, let’s have some fun” as one of the men said getting himself ready by stripping. Robin started to strip too and when she lifted her shirt, her tits bounced out and his partner groped her. “Damn your tits are amazing, how big are they and can they last with my cock” he said while rubbing it on her pussy. “Let find out stud. Hope that cock is good as fucking.” Nami was already naked and started to lick her client’s dick like a lollipop. “So big and hard… hope you got something good for me” as she begins to suck the head.


At this moment both girls were having a good time with the 2 men. Robin was screaming when her tits got sucked good and Nami moaned as her wet pussy was getting rubbed by the client pole. “I can’t wait… please fuck me!” She said while being horny and wet. “I think it’s time we go for the kill” he said to his partner and both men layed down grabbing Nami and Robin by the legs.


Nami screamed and moaned when her pussy was fucked and pounded on. “Fuck! Your slut of a pussy is getting tighter!” The client said while moving harder. “Ah! Fuck your cock is wonderful! Fuck me!!!” She said going crazy. Robin was getting more pleasure when her tits were squeezed with her ass drilled hard.


“My friend maybe getting that Pussy but shit! This hole is the best place to fuck!” He said while his cock went deeper into her ass. “Please fuck my ass more! Pound it harder and go deeper!” As Robin screams louder. Both men knew they were gonna cum but still wanted to keep going. Once they reached their limits, they can and showered the girls first before fucking their holes again.


Both girl were covered and losing their minds. Robin was feeling numb from her ass and Nami was getting soaked from her pussy and dripping on her clients cock. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck!!!! MEEEEEE!” As the orange hair beauty said while being slutty. “When I’m done with your ass! I want to fuck those tits of yours!” The client friend said while going faster in Robins ass. “Please cum! I want my ass filled already! Hurry!!!!” She screamed at him.


Moment later…


“Nami…. you owe me double the reward for this…” Robin said laying on her stomach with her ass and pussy gushing cum. “Make that triple…. I’m so out of it…” she said while laying in a pool of spunk and every part of her body covered. Both girls were a wreck and they could barely move. Doubt they’ll ever do this again but overall, they had some fun.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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