Size Matters

Isane sighed, staring up at the ceiling. What a disappointing day, and she’d had such high hopes for it too. An orgy with five guys at once? It sounded amazing, and it should have been; she even knew what the problem was:


She was spoiled now, spoiled from being fucked by massive dicks. Ordinary human sized cocks just didn’t do it for her anymore. All five of the guys had been six inches, max; which is big for human standards. They had done their best, poking her breasts and nipples, fucking her ass and pussy, and they loved the blowjobs she gave them.


But Isane herself? Bored, bored, BORED! even if she did her best not to show it. They were all so enthusiastic, she couldn’t quite bring herself to crush their egos. In the end, she had started fake yawning, telling them they had wore her out and she really needed to rest.


The group of strangers left in high spirits, high-fiving and clapping each other on the back, boasting of fucking Isane so hard, she had to take a break!


Leaving her alone, horny, and frustrated. Heaving another sigh, Isane closed her eyes, hoping that tomorrow would be a better day-




Isane growled. Grabbing her pillow, she jammed it over her ears, trying to drown out the screams of pleasure. All she wanted was to sleep; was that too much to ask?


Thankfully, the pillow worked; she could barely hear a thing. Letting her body relax, Isane started to drift off to dreamland-




Isane eyes jumped open and hopped out of bed, eyes blazing with annoyance, she stormed outside, ignoring the fact that she was still naked. All her focus was on getting people outside to shut up so she could sleep in peace.


As she got closer to the railing outside her borrowed apartment, she heard a woman giggle. “I think you’ve earned a reward!~ What do you think of these?”


“Will you two…BE QUIET!” Isane shouted, not caring how hypocritical she sounded as she leaned over the railing, her humongous breasts flying over the edge. From long experience, she braced herself to keep from being pulled over. “SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!”


She glared down at her friends. Rangiku was staring in disbelief at the sheer size of the breasts right above her head, seemingly unable to believe her eyes. Toshiro was even worse; he was shell-shocked, eyes wide white circles as he tried to comprehend the incredible sight of her massive boobs. Rangiku’s shirt was pulled up, exposing her own boobs, while Toshiro’s pants were down, showing off his-


Isane blinked. Blinked again. Rubbed her eyes, and then stared, eyes huge in her flushed face. Holy shit, that was what Captain Hitsugaya was packing?! His dick was…was…words failed her. ‘Enormous,’ ‘gigantic,’ ‘immense:’ they all came close, but none really portrayed the sheer size and girth of it!


No way was she going to let Rangiku keep all to herself, especially not today of all days.


“On second thought, why don’t you come on up, handsome? I’ll let you play with THESE!” Isane said sweetly, shaking her tits gently back and forth for emphasis. Her smile grew when Toshiro nodded rapidly, turning and running up the stairs.


“What the fuck?!” Rangiku shouted, glaring at first Toshiro’s back and then up at Isane. “What about me?! I just gave him a blowjob! Things were getting good!”


“Get lost, tiny tits; he wants to fuck a REAL WOMAN!” Isane snapped, too horny to be polite. With a swing of her gigantic breasts, she knocked Rangiku into some nearby garbage cans. Not giving her another thought, Isane ran back to her apartment, where Toshiro was already waiting for her.


“Now this is what I’m talking about,” she declared happily, dropping to her knees and wrapping her tits around his amazing cock. To Isane’s happy disbelief, even her massive cleavage couldn’t contain him entirely. She licked, kissed, and slobbered all over it, coating it with her spit before opening her mouth wide.


“Oh damn!” Toshiro gasped, leaning back against the wall as Isane started deepthroating his dick. She couldn’t take all of it, but she was taking more than anyone else ever had. “That feels fucking amazing!”


Jaw stretched as wide as it would go and her mouth and throat completely filled, Isane slowly worked her head back and forth, her tongue sliding over the length of his cock while her tits stayed wrapped around it. “MMMPH! MMMPH! MMMPH!” she groaned, rubbing her thighs together as she got hornier and hornier. The second Toshiro fucked her for real, she was going to cum, she just knew it.


“YEAH! YEAH! TAKE IT, YOU FAT-TITTED SLUT!” Toshiro roared, grabbing the sides of her head and pumping it even faster. “TAKE MY MONSTER COCK! ALL THE WAY DOWN YOUR WHORE MOUTH!”


Eyes bugging, Isane gasped and choked as she was face fucked by the biggest dick she had ever seen. It slammed its way down her throat, somehow getting even bigger and hotter with each moment. When Toshiro finally came, it was like someone opened a fire-hose in her mouth. His cum poured down her throat, filled her mouth, and leaked out the edges of her mouth, dripping down onto her tits.


After a few minutes, Toshiro pulled fully out, ignoring her coughs and sputters. He wanted more, right now! Pushing her down onto her back, he grabbed Isane’s long legs and pushed them out and down, until her ankles were next to her ears. Slamming his dick into her pussy, he grinned triumphantly at her shriek of pleasure as she immediately came. “You like that, bitch? Then you’ll love this!”


“UGH! UGH! OH MY GOD!!!!” Isane screamed, another orgasm hitting her like an explosion as Toshiro began slamming his hips into hers, fucking her like a jackhammer. Stuck in this bent over position, she could do nothing but take it, and she loved every second of it. “YES! YEEEEESSSS! FUCK ME! FUCK ME UNTIL I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! MORE! MOOOOORRRRREEEE!”


Now this is more like it! Was Isane’s only coherent thought as Toshiro gave her the fucking she had wanted all day.

(Story by User: S22132)

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2 years ago

This is fucking amazing I can’t believe how big you made her tits. You always make my favorite character even sexier oh, oops so big that she’s able to swallow up both Rangiku and Toshiro’s bodies with them. Like holy fuck. And the story is hot too with Isane being a spoiled, horny, needy slut. God I want to marry her.