Showtime Shinobi Stripdown

Sakura was feeling very conflicted.


She had been both nervous and excited about the show; nervous because there would be so many people staring at her naked tits and ass, and excited because she finally had tits and ass to show off. Busteez had opened their first club in the town; to celebrate, they were holding multiple shows on the lake’s shores. They would start in the early evening and finish inside the club, enticing customers into the building.


She had been the first one there, smiling and waving at the crowd…


And then Tsunade had arrived, and had immediately stolen the show.


Sakura wasn’t even sure how her teacher was able to stand up. Maybe her enormous breasts and huge butt balanced each other out? She was still thinking about when Tsunade pressed their bodies together and linked their hands, making Sakura blush as she felt their nipples rubbing together.


“Excited, Sakura?” Tsunade asking knowingly, smiling confidently at the crowd and more slyly at her former apprentice. “In more ways than one, it feels like?”


The pinkette blushed harder, a sweatdrop hanging off her head as she took in just how ridiculously big Tsunade’s assets were now. As if the blonde hadn’t made other women feel insecure enough before…


Well, at least she would have a lot of fun with the strap-on later on. Fucking Tsunade’s tight pussy while spanking her huge fat bubble ass and groping those massive tits would more than make up for being shown up now.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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